Valentine's Day Crafts: How to Make a Spinner

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids and Parents

Bond with your kids on Valentine's Day over crafting time. One option is to make some DIY valentines that your kids can pass out to their friends. You also can have your kids create a coupon book where the recipient can redeem vouchers for helpful or enjoyable activities. For instance, if your kids are gifting you with this book, they might include a coupon that requires them to cook your favorite meal for dinner. To add some fun, you can even turn this concept into a game by making a spinner wheel full of activities you can do as a family.

Gather Your Spinner Supplies

Valentine's Day spinner supplies
Megan Cooley

To make a Valentine's Day spinner, you will need a piece of cardboard that's at least 9 square inches, a small piece of chipboard (such as from an empty cereal box), a drill, scissors, writing utensils, and glue. You also will need the following hardware: a small rubber grommet, a 3/4-inch machine screw, and a hex nut that fits the screw. Note: Machine screws have a flat tip, not a pointy one. This is important, so kids don't hurt themselves.

Print the Spinner Template

Valentine's Day spinner template
Megan Cooley

Print out this template of the spinner and arrow, preferably on a piece of 8.5-by-11-inch cardstock. Cardstock is thicker and more durable than typical printing paper, so it will hold up better for this craft. After printing, cut out the spinner wheel and the arrow to prepare for the next step.

Cut the Cardboard and Chipboard

a piece of cardboard with the spinner template traced on it
Megan Cooley

Trace the spinner wheel template onto your piece of cardboard. Next, cut out the circle with a box cutter or sharp scissors. (Adults should probably handle any sharp tools, depending on the age of your kids.) Then, trace the arrow template onto your piece of chipboard, and cut out the arrow. The chipboard will allow the arrow to spin more smoothly than cardboard.

Glue the Arrow

Cardstock arrow with glue next to the chipboard arrow
Megan Cooley

Make sure the cardstock arrow matches with the size and shape of the chipboard arrow. Then, glue the cardstock arrow to the chipboard arrow. Do not glue the spinner wheel pieces yet.

Fill in the Spinner Sections

Valentine's Day spinner wheel with writing in each section
Megan Cooley

Have your children fill in the pie pieces of the spinner wheel by writing activities they would like to do as a family. Some examples include making dinner together, having a movie night, or taking a family walk. There should be one activity in each slice of the pie when they're done. In addition, have them get creative by decorating each section with drawings, stickers, or whatever you have on hand. However, keep in mind if they decorate with glitter or other raised materials, the arrow likely won't spin smoothly.

Glue the Wheel to the Cardboard

gluing together the cardstock and cardboard circles for the spinner wheel
Megan Cooley

Make sure the cardstock circle and the cardboard circle are the same size. Then, glue them together to create your spinner wheel. Press the pieces firmly together and allow them a few minutes to dry.

Drill a Hole in the Spinner

drilling a hole in the spinner wheel
Megan Cooley

Have an adult drill a hole in the center of the spinner. The hole needs to be almost the size of the rubber grommet. Go slowly so you don't accidentally create a hole that's too big. If that happens, the grommet and the rest of the hardware will fall out.

Tip: If you're doing this as a classroom activity or with several kids, have an adult sit in one place with the drill. Then, the children can bring their wheels to the drilling station when they're ready, rather than having someone walk around with the drill.

Insert the Grommet

the Valentine's Day spinner wheel with the center grommet
Megan Cooley

Insert the rubber grommet into the hole you've just created.

Attach the Hardware and Arrow

the arrow attached to the spinner wheel
Megan Cooley

Insert the screw into the grommet through the back of the spinner wheel. Then, punch or drill a hole through the circle on the arrow, and thread the arrow onto the screw on the front side of the spinner wheel. Finally, cap it off with the nut. Tighten the nut only about halfway down the screw, so the arrow can spin freely.

Start Spinning!

spinning a Valentine's Day spinner wheel
Megan Cooley

Now you're ready to spin! Pull out the spinner any time you feel the need for some quality family time.