18 DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

diy valentine's day cards
Melanie Defazio / Stocksy United

Whether you need a card for your significant other, galentine, or family member, these DIY Valentine's Day card ideas range from funny to flirty, so there's one fit for everybody in your life.

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    Happy Valentine's Day Love

    Happy Valentine's Day Love Card
    Coco And Mingo

    Elegant and simple, these free printable Valentine's cards are a great gift for your S.O. Package them up with pretty twine like this crafter did for a unique finishing touch.

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    You're a Gem Watercolor

    You're A Gem Watercolor Card
    Persia Lou

    Print a copy of this super cute red and black 4x6" watercolor card with a painted heart gem. 

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    Heart Shaker

    Heart Shaker Card
    Crafting Confessions

    This heart shaker card is so much fun, as you can shake the card and see the confetti hearts flutter around on the front of the card. To Make your own heart shaker card you will need to use a mini heart punch to create heart confetti and create a clear pocket on the front of the card using acetate. 

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    Mad Libs Card

    Mad Libs Card
    Made Vibrant

    Be playful with this fun mad libs Valentine's Day card that you can print out in either dark pink, light pink or teal and fill out the cards blanks to make a card that is sure to make anyone who receives it smile. 

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    You're My Person

    You're My Person Card
    Almost Makes Perfect

    Give your sweetie a photograph card of tropical leaves that says "you're my person", or if you prefer there are also photograph cards that say "I like you, no like a lot" and "you're a real cutie" with a floral background which all can be printed onto white cardstock.

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    Diagram of "My Heart"

    My Heart (A Diagram) Card
    The Dating Divas

    Go nerdy this Valentine's Day by making a heart pie chart card using the design from The Dating Divas that you can print out and fill out the blanks with fun options of what you love.

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    I Think You're Awesome

    I Think You're Awesome Card
    That's Pretty Ace

    If you are looking for a modern and stylish card this Valentine's Day the "I think you're awesome" card from That's Pretty Ace is available in black or white for you to print and mail.

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    You're So Freakin' Awesome

    You're So Freakin' Awesome
    Maiko Nagao

    The pink and orange script on Maiko Nagao's "you're so freakin' awesome" printable card is sure to make your boyfriend or girlfriend's​ heart melt. 

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    You'll Do

    You'll Do Card

    Unwilling to commit to anything serious? If so perhaps the "you'll do, where is the chocolate" card by Mmmcrafts might be exactly the card you need to express your Valentine's Day expectations this year.

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    Love Card

    Love Card
    Creative Chicago

    Go classic by sending someone this printable red Valentine's Day card by Creative Chicago and a dozen red roses to show them your love.

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    True Love Never Having to Say a Word

    True Love Never Having To Say A Word Card

    Make your husband or wife laugh with a DIY card that says "true love never having to say a word because we are both staring at our phones".

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    Yet It Is Only Love Which Sets Us Free

    Yet It Is Only Love Which Sets Us Free Card
    Coco And Mingo

    This beautiful calligraphy printable card by Coco And Mingo with a quote from Maya Angelou is sure to warm anyone's heart this Valentine's Day. 

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    Hearts Stitched Together

    Hearts Stitched Together Card
    Dandee Designs

    Give cross-stitch a try with this easy to make stitched hearts card. To make your own print the template from Dandee Designs and stitch thread through all the marked dots to create a bunch of Xs using thread that forms two hearts.

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    You're a Gem

    You're A Gem Card
    Lovely Indeed

    Grab a copy of this modern free printable mini "you're a gem" card from Lovely Indeed to send to your friends this Valentine's Day.

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    DIY Washi Tape Card

    Washi Tape Heart Card

    This heart card is super easy to make just strips of decorative washi tape on the front of a blank card to form a heard as demonstrated by Northstory.

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    3D Hearts Card

    3D Hearts
    The Creative Place

    Get crafty this Valentine's Day by making a card covered in 3D paper hearts on the cover that is suitable to give to anyone from the love of your life, your mother, or even that hot barista at the coffee shop. Learn how to make your own 3D heart card by reading the full DIY guide by The Creative Place.

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    A Pizza My Heart

    You've Stolen A Piece Of My Heart Card
    The Dating Divas

    Is he or she a huge pizza fan? If so they should get a kick out of the "you've stolen a piece of my heart" printable card by The Dating Divas.

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    You're Pretty Much My Favorite Husband

    You’re Pretty Much My Favorite Husband Card

    Does your husband hate overly romantic cards? If so perhaps he might like this cheeky "you're pretty much my favorite husband" printable card by Landeelu.