12 DIY Pendant Light Fixtures From Upcycled Items

diy cardboard pendant light

Lovely Indeed from Poppytalk

Builder-grade ceiling lights can be boring. These flush-mount light fixtures are chosen because they are usually the cheapest option and are simple to install. As luck would have it, however, they’re also really easy to transform into something unique with just a little imagination.

If you like the thought of saving money on light fixtures by upcycling something you may already have, take a look at these ingenious ideas below for creating overhead lighting.

Lots of different things can be turned into light fixtures. Pendant lights, in particular, are probably the easiest type of ceiling light to DIY using items you may already have around the house. Each of the unexpected items below was turned into a ceiling light fixture with the help of, in most cases, just a simple pendant light kit and some ingenuity.