DIY: Toilet Roll Black Cat Craft

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    DIY: Toilet Roll Black Cat Craft

    Need a quick and simple craft for Halloween? Want some thing that's not too spooky but super cute? This fun black cat toilet roll craft is a perfect Halloween craft for kids that don't like things too scary.  Skip the creepy crawler crafts and make this easy craft with your kids today! Plus they can even be turned into fun finger puppets for imaginative play and fingerplays when completed! 

    Don't throw away all those toilet paper rolls! You'll need them for this black cat toilet...MORE roll craft! It's so simple and fun that you can do with kindergartners or preschoolers. 

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    Supplies for Toilet Roll Black Cat Craft

     Supplies needed:

    • Toilet Paper Roll
    • Black Paint
    • Paint Brush
    • Googly Eyes
    • Pipe Cleaner
    • White Chalk
    • Construction Paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue
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    Step 1 for Toilet Roll Black Cat Craft

    The first step in this super cute toilet roll cat craft is to paint your toilet roll with black paint.  Depending on your paint you may need to do a second coat. Set aside and let dry.

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    Step 2 for Toilet Roll Black Cat Craft

    To make your cat ears, fold down the top middle of your toilet paper roll. You don't even need the glue for this part! Just fold down and you are ready to move on.

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    Step 3 for Toilet Roll Black Cat Craft

    Glue the eyes onto your cat craft. Next cut your pipe cleaner into pieces, making whiskers and a small tail, and then glue them onto your toilet roll as well.

    While your glue dries cut a nose from red or pink construction paper and get out some white chalk. Attach the nose to your cat over the whiskers with glue. The last step is to draw a mouth with your chalk. That's it! You're done!

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    Step 4 for Toilet Roll Black Cat Craft

    Meow! Aren't these toilet toll cats so cute? They are the perfect (and not so scary!) holiday decoration for your house or classroom. Or use them in pretend play! My kiddos had a great time using ours as finger puppets before we decorated the fireplace with them.