Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft for Kids

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    Celebrate Summertime With a Sunflower Craft

    Sunflowers are a classic symbol of summer and sunflower-themed crafts are such fun to make. Kids love doing crafts that replicate things they see in the world, especially something as beautiful and bold as a sunflower. This bright and cheery craft is simple to make–you only need a few basic craft supplies. The results are adorable and something your kids can be really proud of.

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    Gather Your Materials

    First, you'll need to gather some basic craft supplies. Anything on this list that you don't have can easily be found at a craft store.

    Supplies Needed

    • Construction paper
    • Tissue paper
    • Craft stick
    • Glue
    • Green marker
    • Black marker
    • Scissors
    • Pipe cleaner (optional)
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    Cut Out the Flower Petals

    • First, color your craft stick green.
    • Then, use your scissors to cut out sunflower petals in various sizes from yellow tissue paper. You will want a bunch of them, as each child will layer several onto their craft. We used 20 to 30 petals per sunflower. Let your preschoolers cut them out themselves–using scissors is a great fine motor activity for kids.
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    Glue the Flower Stem

    • Glue the colored craft stick onto your construction paper. This will be your stem.
    • Use the black marker to draw a circle, which will be the center of your flower. This point can be used by your kids as a guide for laying their petals.
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    Glue the Flower Petals

    • Put glue around your flower center (the black circle). You can use regular white glue–have the kids squeeze out a small circle around the flower center–or you can use a glue stick or white glue and a paintbrush if your kids have a hard time squeezing the bottle.
    • Layer your flower petals around the flower center, adding more glue as needed.
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    Add the Finishing Touch

    • Curl a pipe cleaner and glue it to the center of your sunflower. A sparkly gold one is a perfect choice. If you don't have a pipe cleaner don't fret, this sunflower craft looks great even without the pipe cleaner.
    • Display your completed craft on your art wall or fridge. Either way, these sunflowers look so cute.