Thumbprint Love Bug Cards

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    Love Bugs

    Thumbprint Love Bug Cards DIY

    The kids will love to stamp up these cute Love Bug cards! They are perfect for Valentine's day to make for loved ones. Even a classroom party craft or for your classmates as a Valentine.

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    Supplies Needed

    Thumbprint Love Bug Cards Supplies

    You will need:

    • Paper - 2 pieces, one for the front and one for the folded card
    • Stamping ink - in red and purple
    • Crayons or markers - felt tip markers in black work great
    • Glue - I prefer a glue stick
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    Make Thumbprints

    Thumbprint Love Bug Cards Printing

    With your paper and stamps, press your thumb onto the stamp ink and press it onto the paper. 

    Make thumbprint marks anywhere you'd like your bugs to be on the paper. 

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    Draw on Details

    Thumbprint Cards

    Use a marker or crayon to draw your thumbprints into a bug shape.

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    Add a Message

    Cute Thumbprint Love Bug Cards

    We made our bugs into butterflies! We even gave them faces as well. 

    In a different color of marker, we also added the words "Love Bugs". You can write anything you'd like for Valentine's Day! Here are a few saying to write on your cards:

    - Will you be my Love Bug?
    - Happy Valentine's Day Love Bug
    - I'm Your Love Bug, Valentine!
    - Bugs and Kisses!

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    Fold Card


    Fold your card paper in half. You'll want to make sure it's slightly larger than the white paper so the pink paper gives the white paper a border.

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    Glue Paper Together

    Thumbprint Love Bug Cards Gluing

    With glue, a glue stick preferred, glue your white thumbprint paper onto the folded card.

    TIP: You could glue this onto the front or onto the inside of the card. 

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    Your Card Is Ready to Give

    Thumbprint Love Bug Cards Craft

    Now you're done and it's ready to give to your Valentine!