How to Make a Thanksgiving Garland

DIY Thanksgiving garland

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Is there anything more cozy than a crisp fall morning, the sounds of coffee brewing, or the smell of baking and knowing that Thanksgiving is on the way? Celebrate and give thanks this year by creating this pretty DIY Thanksgiving garland. It's made of simple materials using easy techniques, but it will become a staple of your fall decor and a family heirloom that you can pass down for generations.

Gather Materials

Materials for DIY felt Thanksgiving garland
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As you are gathering your materials, think about the space where you'd like to hang your garland. Consider color palette and length, and make sure that what you create will be complementary to your space. You'll also want to be sure that the wooden beads you choose have a hole large enough for your twine, so keep an eye on the proportions of your materials.



  • Large-eye embroidery needle
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Printer
  • Scissors

Trace Your Letters

Tracing felt letters for Thanksgiving garland
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Start by downloading and printing the Be Thankful template on plain printer paper. Cut out each letter of "Be Thankful" on the lines provided. Then, you'll trace them onto your felt.

To trace them on the felt, be sure that you flip the letters over so that you're tracing them backwards. Then once you cut them out, you won't have any pen marks on the front side of the felt. Additionally, if you trace them so that the edge of the letters aligns with the edge of the felt, you'll save yourself a little cutting.

Cut Your Letters

Cut felt letters Thanksgiving garland
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Once all the letters are traced, use your scissors to carefully cut out each letter. Set these aside for now.

Cut Your Leaves

Cut felt leaves
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Next, cut out your fall leaves. We recommend a few different colors for variation; three to four colors is ideal. Freehand cut a leaf shape out of these colors; you'll probably need about 12-15 leaves of each color to create a garland that's about 3 1/2" long. To save some time and cutting, you can stack three to four pieces of felt and cut multiple leaves at a time.

String Your Letters

Stringing together a Thanksgiving garland
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String your letters onto your cotton twine. Insert one end of your twine through the large embroidery needle. Be sure that you are stringing your letters on so that they are all facing forward and any pen marks are hidden on the back side. String them on by pushing the needle up through the back of one side/top of a letter, and down through the front of the other side/top of the letter. Continue until all of the letters are strung in order.

String Beads and Leaves

Stringing felt leaves and wooden beads on garland
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Now create the second part of your garland. Cut another piece of twine to about 4-1/2 feet. At one end, make a thick knot, leaving a tail that's a few inches long. Then string five wooden beads on. Next to the beads, fold two leaves together (in complementary colors) and string them on as well.

Finish Leaves

Felt leaf and wood bead Thanksgiving garland
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Continue in the same manner as your garland fills up. Be aware as you string your leaves on that they are directional, so make sure that you are stringing them on in the direction that you want them to face.

Stack the Two Garlands

DIY Thanksgiving garland
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Next, stack the two garlands together and join the ends if you prefer.

Hang and Enjoy

DIY Thanksgiving garland
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Hang your garland up to enjoy, and to remind you to be thankful all season long!