14 DIY Superhero Costume Ideas

homemade super hero costumes no sew

Lia Griffith

Homemade superhero costumes are the best types of costumes to make if you are new to sewing and costume making. Many of the costume ideas are simple, require minimal or no sewing, and are affordable. 

Not only that, kids love dressing up as superheroes for Halloween. There are so many heroic options that will allow your family to hone in on their inner super powers. Check out some of our favorite DIY superhero costumes that you can recreate in no time.

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    Glitzy Super Girl

    super girl no sew halloween costume
    Mama Papa Bubba

    Make sure to gear your homemade superhero costume to your child's interests. For instance, if you have a little girl that loves dressing up but also loves superheroes, consider this more glamorous take on Super Girl. The best part is that the entire costume is no-sew. 

    Homemade No-Sew Super Girl Costume from Mama Papa Bubba

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    Old School Robin

    robin costume super hero
    Creative Chicks

    Who remembers when Batman had a faithful sidekick named Robin? If you want to be a superhero but don't necessarily want to be in the limelight, opt for this less high-profile character. What's better, this Robin costume is a throwback to a much older version from the mid-1960s. You can recreate a vintage Robin by incorporating this older logo and collared cape into your costume.

    Robin Costume from Creative Chicks

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    Basic Batman

    homemade superhero batman costume
    Positively Splendid

    Batman is such a classic superhero that kids request year after year. Before you purchase a ton of accessories, check out this simple DIY version. The costume uses felt to create the logo for the shirt, the belt, and the mask. The best part is that you can embellish any style of solid black clothing that is weather appropriate.

    No-Sew Superhero Cape from Positively Splendid

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    Pajama Inspired Flash

    homemade superhero costume flash
    I'm Feelin Crafty

    This superhero costume is so comfortable that it can be worn to bed because it's made from a pair of pajamas. The original crafter made the pajamas using a pattern, but you could just as easily repurpose an old pair of red pajamas, add some felt, and call it a day.

    The Flash Costume from I'm Feelin Crafty

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    Partially Handmade Spidergirl

    handmade spiderman costume
    The Audzipan Anthology

    There are a ton of spiderman costumes out there, but there are fewer spidergirl costumes in existence. If your little one loves spiderman but also wants to be a girl version, consider converting an existing costume. The base of this costume was bought, and then the tutu was handmade to add a feminine flair. 

    DIY Spidergirl Costume from The Audzipan Anthology

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    Clark Kent as Superman

    diy super woman costume
    Sunny Fit Life

    Did you run out of time this year? Consider creating a version of Superman in a state of transformation. This costume is ideal for non-sewers because the majority of the articles can be picked up at a local thrift store. The only thing you might have to buy or make yourself is a superman t-shirt. But if you're lucky, you may be able to thrift that as well.

    How to Use Your Super Powers from Sunny Fit Life

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    The Incredible Hulk

    diy hulk costume
    I'm Feelin Crafty

    If you don't mind spending a little extra time on your homemade superhero costume, consider creating this version of the Incredible Hulk. If the idea of crafting muscles intimidates you, consider drawing them onto a pair of pajamas with a fabric marker instead. 

    It's the Incredible Hulk from I'm Feelin Crafty

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    Cozy Captain America

    diy captain america costume
    In Honor of Design

    This Captain America costume is deceivingly simple to make even though it appears to have a lot going on. The shield is a converted frisbee, the clothing is a basic shirt and shorts, and the accents are made with duct tape and foam sheets.

    DIY Captain America Costume from In Honor of Design

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    Cereal Box Superhero

    diy superhero costume idea
    Crafts by Courtney

    This particular homemade superhero costume is a great one to make alongside your kids. The overall design is simple enough for young children to make with the oversight of an adult. What's more fun about this project is that the mask is made using old cereal boxes, which makes this costume design as affordable as it is clever.

    Fun No-Sew Superhero Costume from Crafts by Courtney

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    Make Your Own Superhero

    homemade super hero costumes no sew
    Lia Griffith

    You don't need to be the next Marvel character to dress up as a superhero. You can design a superhero that is unique to you or your child. This no-sew superhero costume design incorporates a symbol as the focus. For instance, the boy is simply Lightning Boy, and the girl is simply Star Girl. To complete this homemade superhero costume, you'll need some felt and a little creativity.

    No-Sew Superheros from Lia Griffith

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    Simple Wonder Woman

    Homemade wonder woman costume
    Fleece Fun

    The only thing that is store-bought in this costume is the tee-shirt that is then transformed into a graphic tee. The skirt is handmade, and so are all the accessories, which are all easy and affordable to make. 

    Wonder Woman Costume from Fleece Fun

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    Inventive Thor

    DIY thor costume
    The Things We'll Make

    The main things you need to make to create a Thor costume are the hammer, the armor, and the helmet. You can take some liberties with what the armor looks like, but make sure that you have the hammer pretty spot on. To make the hammer, cut some foam to size then cover it with paper mache.

    DIY Thor Costume from The Things We'll Make

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    Cardboard Ironman

    iron man costume
    Sunshine and a Summer Breeze

    Making an Ironman costume doesn't have to be complex, but it will help if you have a few store-bought accessories. You can make his armor using a cardboard box, but it might be more difficult to construct a helmet or other key pieces like the chest reactor using cardboard. 

    DIY Ironman Costume from Sunshine and a Summer Breeze 

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    Elaborate Black Panther

    diy superhero costume black panther
    Costume Works

    The creator of this costume did a great job replicating Black Panther. Spending this kind of time on a costume would be ideal if you're into costume designing and cosplay. To make this Black Panther, the crafter sewed together fabric Kevlar and hand-painted the rubber details. You might want to pick a simpler version if you want to make this for Halloween. The costume has over 600 hours worth of sewing alone.

    DIY Black Panther Costume from Costume Works