12 Succulent Terrariums to Show Off Your Green Thumb

mini succulent garden in glass terrarium
dinachi / Getty Images

Succulent terrariums are a popular way for novice and experienced gardeners to add greenery to their home. However, it's possible to make one and have it wilt away in a short period of time without a little insight.

While succulents are low maintenance, they aren't completely maintenance-free. You want to be sure you use the right potting mix and layer the correct type of plants that won't grow leggy. 

These succulent terrarium ideas combine both faux and real versions with various final price points. Our favorite ideas are the ones that creatively use accents to make the terrarium fit in with the crafter's home. Which is your favorite? Keep reading to find out. 

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    Use Faux Succulents for No Maintenance

    faux succulent terrarium hanging in a window
    Girl, Just DIY

    Succulents are pretty low maintenance, but faux succulents require no maintenance and will look great for several years. Toni, from Girl, Just DIY, shows her readers how to recreate this inexpensive and practical succulent terrarium while also offering advice on why she chose faux over real. This tutorial is a must read if you are lacking a green thumb.

    Hanging Succulent Terrarium, Faux and Carefree from Girl, Just DIY

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    Add Colorful Confetti to the Terrarium

    confetti succulent terrarium on a fur background
    The Confetti Bar

    Jessica from The Confetti Bar has built an entire brand around fun pops of color, so it makes sense that her succulent terrarium tutorial features just that. Find out her inspiration for this project, where she sources her bowls, and how you can make your own by visiting her guide.

    Make Your Own Colorful Confetti Succulent Terrarium from The Confetti Bar

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    Create a Mini Desert in a Bowl

    large succulent terrarium diy
    Doodle & Stitch

    This succulent terrarium is large, earthy, and impressive. Rachel from Doodle & Stitch puts together an excellent tutorial for readers that aren't familiar with plants. There's even a video that will show you how to layer dirt and rocks in a similar fashion without making a mess. 

    How to Make a DIY Terrarium from Doodle & Stitch

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    Place Succulents So They Overflow

    succulent terrarium sitting on a wood surface
    Lovely Greens

    The great thing about succulents is that most of them have shallow root systems so that they can be planted close to one another. However, you'll want to know a thing or two about care before you attempt such a packed terrarium. Tanya from Lovely Greens teaches you how to make a similar terrarium and also care for it, so your plants don't end shriveled up in a matter of months. 

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium from Lovely Greens

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    Spread Out Your Plants for a Different Look

    Cube succulent terrarium with a Space Needle miniature model
    Jenny Cookies

    Jenny from Jenny Cookies is a baker, blogger, and party girl that shares tons of useful tutorials on her blog. This post is all about styling succulent terrariums so they can be used as a piece of decor in your home. Have small trinkets with no place to put them? Add them to a terrarium! Check out her page and get inspired to host a succulent terrarium-making party with your crafty friends. 

    Create Your Own Terrarium from Jenny Cookies

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    Layer the Bottom With Colored Sand

    succulent terrarium idea
    Dalla Vita

    One trendy way to make a terrarium is by using colored sand as a base, and there's a right and a wrong way to do this. Following a tutorial with clear pictures is simple enough, but following a video tutorial is even easier. Cali from Dalla Vita provides both options on her blog to help readers recreate this clever sand-filled succulent terrarium. Find out how she did it by visiting her page. 

    How to Make a Layered Sand Terrarium from Dalla Vita

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    Layer in Succulents by Height

    Metal succulent terrarium hanging from a ceiling
    Wit & Whistle

    The main aspect of a succulent terrarium that sets it apart is how the plants are layered together. Sometimes this takes an artistic eye or some helpful advice from an artist. Amanda from Wit & Whistle layers her succulents beautifully by using varying heights and sizes. Check out her post to find out more. 

    Score and Solder Terrarium from Wit & Whistle

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    Use a Large Shallow Bowl

    A succulent terrarium sitting on a white background with dirt all around it
    The DIY Playbook

    Terrarium containers don't have to be boring. You can use just about any clear glass vessel you have in your house. The women over at The DIY Playbook opted to use a wide, shallow bowl to match their decor and fill the intended space. A smaller vessel would have gotten lost next to their large accent lamp. Check out their tutorial to learn how to make your own. 

    Make Your Own DIY Terrarium from The DIY Playbook

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    Use One Large Focal Succulent

    simple succulent terrarium with one large succulent amongst stones
    Garrison Street Design Studio

    Don't underestimate the impact that one large succulent can have in a terrarium. It is tempting to want to layer in a variety of succulents, but until you have a grip on how to care for them, starting with one might be your best bet. Lisa from Garrison Street Design Studio opted for an even more timeless version by using a faux succulent. Find out how the look came together by visiting her tutorial. 

    DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium from Garrison Street Design Studio

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    Add Legs to a Bowl

    Globe-shaped succulent terrarium
    By Stephanie Lynn

    If you want your terrarium to look expensive, think about ways you can customize the glass container. In this case, Stephanie from By Stephanie Lynn came up with an ingenious idea to add wooden dowels to the bottom of a glass globe. This tutorial is so simple to follow, but it's worth heading over to her page for all the details and advice she offers. 

    How to Make a Glass Globe Terrarium from By Stephanie Lynn

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    Craft a Themed Succulent Terrarium

    Two glass terrariums with coastal themes
    Sand & Sisal

    Arguably, the easiest way to create an indoor garden is to incorporate succulents. Kim from Sand & Sisal does just that by repurposing some glass apothecary jars into large terrariums. She takes it one step further by incorporating a beach theme with her succulents. Find out how you can add more coastal style to your home by visiting her page. 

    Growing Succulents Chic Coastal Style from Sand & Sisal

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    Create Multiple Hanging Terrariums

    A group of hanging succulent terrariums against a white brick wall
    Needles + Leaves

    Needle + Leaves is a website dedicated to educating readers about succulent care. There are a variety of tutorials and guides that can teach you everything from making a terrarium to getting rid of mealy bugs. We love these hanging succulent terrariums featured on their site because you can play around with different arrangements and then hang the terrariums as a grouping. Consider grouping them in odd numbers and hang them at different lengths as you see here. For more plant placement ideas, head on over to their page.

    DIY Hanging Succulent Terrarium from Needles + Leaves