DIY Stenciled Baskets For All Your Storage Needs

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    DIY Stenciled Basket Project

    As all of my fellow DIY fanatics know, the do-it-yourself mind is alway on a constant search for something new to do. We can find new projects just about anywhere, as the people who live with us know all too well. It can be as small as some coasters or a set of tea towels, or if we can't find something little, it can be as big as a whole room. When that happens it's always very special, because one big project always means a lot of little ones as well. In fact,  that's almost exactly the situation that led to my current project. It all started with me looking for more room in my home in which to tackle some bigger craft ideas. I wasn't having any luck finding room in my apartment, so I decided to make some. I was in the process of transforming my guest room into a craft studio and found that I was somewhat lacking in my storage options. I live in a rental and I’m hesitant to add shelves to the walls so I opted for stand alone furniture to serve as storage. I purchased a chest-of-drawers and a bookcase to store all my craft supplies. This is where my big project started me off on something new, while forcing me to address a problem that was already pretty old. 

    The good news is this: the dresser that I bought works wonders. Ever since I picked it up I've begun to organize the items inside the drawers by category, which keeps me a lot more organized. I usually have lots of odds and ends left over from projects and organizing  them has always been time consuming and tedious and basically just a real pain. What can I say? We all have our favorite parts of the DIY process, and cleaning up just isn't one of mine. I’m almost always left with cut up pieces of patterned paper, tiny amounts of yarn, random buttons, pompoms, trim and other miscellaneous stuff. When it comes to dealing with these things I actually prefer to keep those leftover supplies out in the open so that they’re at top of mind whenever the next time is that I'm ready to tackle a new project. The idea behind the strategy is to trick myself into using any leftover scraps first before going to new supplies in the drawers or heading off to the store again to buy more. The drawback has always been the piles of random stuff that I have laying around whatever part of my home was the designated DIY area for the last project I did. But now that I would have a room set aside for all of my creative endeavors, I saw the opportunity to bring some much needed organization to the last steps of my process and to my home in the time between projects. Of course, I'd tried this kind of thing before. 

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    Amazing DIY Stenciled Baskets For All Your Storage Needs

    For a while I kept the miscellaneous supplies on top of the chest-of-drawers in a tray. But it didn't take me long to realize that that solution would not work long term. The trays made things look untidy, and I was constantly re-organizing the shifting piles. Worst of all it did absolutely nothing for me when I was looking for something specific. After getting rid of the trays, I decided to start using a gift box to store these items but again I had to admit that I still wasn't really getting what I wanted. While it was working better than the trays had, after just a few projects I found that it was quickly becoming too small for my growing assortment of homeless knick knacks. I thought about what my next attempt would be and I figured that a storage basket would be a better option. But of course I didn’t just want the typical nylon version. I wanted something more decorative and colorful, so I began the way I always do - with a search online for options. While browsing at one of my favorite clothing and home decor sites, Anthropologie, I came across this beautiful gilded bamboo basket and fell hopelessly in love. Everything time I thought about it I could just see it sitting pretty on my chest-of-drawers with it’s gold-on-white design. I left the site but couldn’t get the image of the basket on my desk out of my head. I was so obsessed that I even dreamt about them that night. 

    To say that I love gold is a little bit of an understatement. I have gold jewelry - lots of it - to go along with my gold sneakers, gold high heels, gold cutlery, gold moroccan-inspired poufs, candle holders and even a gold bar cart. I actually went so far as to paint my the entryway in my last place in gold stripes. So with so much gold in my eyes, I was tempted to purchase the basket on the spot. But thankfully sense prevailed; I knew that I needed to stick to my budget, which wouldn’t cover the cost. Besides which, there are more fun ways to get the things I love to see online. So instead, I decided to visit some home stores with the hope of finding something closer to my price range. I searched high and low and while I didn't find a design similar to what I wanted, I did spot a plain white basket. I was excited to find a woven basket on sale for a very affordable price, but bummed because it lacked the gold details. But as I was standing in the aisle, arguing with myself over whether or not to put the basket back on the shelf  due to its lack of gold, the DIY lightbulb in my head finally went off for real. I suddenly realized that the only sensible thing to do would be to take a shot at adding my own gold pattern. I tried it, and not only did it work, I had such a great time with the project that I had to share it with you here. So here's my take on how you can make your very own lovely, gold stenciled storage baskets from a basic white version. 

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    Gather Your Supplies

    Amazing DIY Stenciled Baskets For All Your Storage Needs
    Krystle DeSantos

    This project is actually pretty simple and straightforward. Once you get the basic idea, the rest is all a matter of repetition. Best of all, the results are just wonderful. Below is a list of the different materials that you’ll need to create your basket:

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    Tape The Stencil In Place On The Basket

    Amazing DIY Stenciled Baskets For All Your Storage Needs
    Krystle DeSantos

    Begin by taping your stencil in place on your basket using masking or painter’s tape. It's a good idea to apply tape around the edges in several areas. This will ensure that the stencil doesn’t shift around while you're painting and ruin the design.

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    Begin Painting In The Stencil

    Amazing DIY Stenciled Baskets For All Your Storage Needs
    Krystle DeSantos

    Once your stencil is secure, dip your stencil brush into the gold paint, making sure to tap off any excess. Unlike regular painting where you would utilize a stroking technique, stenciling requires you to to move the brush in an up and down motion over the pattern. Think of your brush as coming down from the sky perpendicular to the pattern.

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    Complete, Remove, And Repeat

    Amazing DIY Stenciled Baskets For All Your Storage Needs
    Krystle DeSantos

    Complete the stencil pattern over the singular surface of the basket and carefully lift the stencil away while the paint is still wet. Try your best not to smudge the pattern and let it dry. Repeat on the other 3 sides of the storage basket. And if you get a few smudges, do not worry. Our next steps will help conceal that, making it  it look as though it’s part of the pattern!

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    Add Glue for Gold Leaf

    Amazing DIY Stenciled Baskets For All Your Storage Needs
    Krystle DeSantos

    Here's where the fun part starts. It’s time to get your gold gild on, once you’ve stenciled the entire basket and the paint is completely dry, that is.

    Using your small paint brush with fine tip, begin applying the gold leaf glue to your stenciled pattern. You’ll want to trace over your pattern with the glue and leave for a bit so that it becomes sticky according to your glue’s directions.

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    Add Gold Leaf

    Amazing DIY Stenciled Baskets For All Your Storage Needs
    Krystle DeSantos

    Once your glue is sticky apply the gold leaf sheet on top of the pattern and let it dry. After the leaf is dry, rub the surface with your fingers to remove any excess. You’ll end up with pretty gold flecks in your pattern and a golden finger bonus! You can take this pattern as far as you like by adding levels of stencils or even using your painters tape and gold paint to add lines between the levels. It's all up to you!

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    Organize And Admire

    Amazing DIY Stenciled Baskets For All Your Storage Needs
    Krystle DeSantos

    Now you can store miscellaneous items at reach but out of view and admire this pretty gold stenciled basket instead. Feel free to get creative with the placement and style of your pattern. Geometric prints would look great as well and provide more surface area for the gold leaf to adhere to. Happy DIY-ing!