Easy to Make Spring Wreaths

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    Pretty Spring Wreaths You Can DIY

    Spring wreathe with flowers and eggs on it
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    Celebrate the return of spring, fresh flowers and green grass with a pretty DIY wreath to adorn on your front door. From traditional to unique, there are ideas here for everyone.

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    DIY Hello Spring Wreath

    Greet your guests with this cheerful spring wreath covered in polka dots and enhanced with tulips and a bright "hello."

    DIY Hello Spring Wreath Tutorial from Lil'Luna

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    DIY Moss Covered Butterfly Wreath

    You can recreate this elegant moss-covered wreath with a few basic supplies. The end result is a wreath that is perfect to dress up your front porch throughout the spring and summer seasons.

    DIY Moss Covered Butterfly Wreath Tutorial from A Pumpkin And A Princess

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    DIY Bird's Nest Spring Wreath

    Spring is all about new beginnings: from blooming flowers to birds laying eggs, everywhere you look outdoors there are signs of new life. To celebrate the start of spring, you can make a wreath decorated with blue robin's eggs in a nest, along with blooming branches to hang on your front door.

    DIY Bird's Nest Spring Wreath Tutorial from Consumer Crafts

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    DIY Cherry Blossom Wreath

    In many parts of the world, cherry blossoms festivals are celebrations where people flock in to see the gorgeous blooming trees. Regardless if you live somewhere where you have cherry blossom trees or not, you can still add some cherry blossoms to your home's decor this spring by crafting a cherry blossom wreath to hang on your front door.

    DIY Cherry Blossom Wreath Tutorial from A Pumpkin And A Princess

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    DIY Spring Peony Wreath

    This stunning DIY peony wreath is perfect for busy-bodies looking for quick spring decor ideas for their home. Simply add a few artificial peony blossoms and ribbon to a premade twig wreath for a project that takes just a few minutes.

    DIY Spring Peony Wreath Tutorial from Making The World Cuter

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    DIY Birdhouse Wreath

    With the return of warmer weather, many of the birds who flew south for the winter will be migrating back North. As such, birds and birdhouses are seen as signs of spring, making this beautiful DIY moss-covered wreath adorned with a birdhouse the perfect wreath for your home this spring.

    DIY Birdhouse Wreath Tutorial from Craftiments

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    DIY Simple Eucalyptus Wreath

    Even before the first spring buds of tulips and crocuses sprout up in your garden, you can easily bring some greenery to your home. DIY this simple wreath with an embroidery hoop and eucalyptus branches.

    DIY Simple Eucalyptus Wreath Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

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    DIY Modern Floral Spring Wreath

    Another great choice for your front door is this modern floral wreath, made by decorating an embroidery hoop in an asymmetrical design of moss, flowers, and ribbon

    DIY Modern Floral Spring Wreath Tutorial from Dwell Beautiful

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    DIY Moss Covered Hello Spring Wreath

    Smile every time you arrive home with a greeting from this cheerful wreath. Say hello to spring with lush green moss and bold graphic letters.

    DIY Moss Door Hanger from Vicky Barone

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    DIY Spring Butterfly Wreath

    Set your heart aflutter with a wreath you can craft using supplies from the dollar store. Combine a grapevine wreath, artificial ivy vines, and small decorative butterflies to create a colorful wreath for your front porch.

    DIY Spring Butterfly Wreath Tutorial from Tried And True

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    DIY Floral Wreath

    Combine all of your favorite spring flowers in shades of yellow, pink and orange to design your own unique floral wreath.

    DIY Floral Wreath Tutorial from A Piece Of Rainbow

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    DIY Minimal Pastel Wreath

    Are you looking for a DIY spring wreath that isn't covered in flowers? If so, this minimal wreath may be perfect for what you need. It's quick to make using a Cricut Explore machine to cut out the leaf pattern on pastel-colored sheets of paper. Be sure to hang this wreath on your front door only if you have a covered front porch, as the paper wreath will be damaged if it gets wet.

    DIY Minimal Pastel Wreath Tutorial from Fall For DIY

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    DIY Paper Flower Wreath

    This is a great family activity for a Saturday afternoon. Have everyone work together to make a beautiful assortment of flowers out of crepe and tissue paper. It's much easier to make these paper flowers than you might expect. When you're done, you can adorn them over an otherwise plain wood wreath.

    DIY Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial from Poppytalk

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    DIY Succulent Wreath

    Spring means the return of green, from green grass to newly sprouted buds, and you can add some extra greenery to your home's exterior decor with a DIY succulent wreath that combines a variety of different shades of green.

    DIY Succulent Wreath Tutorial from Tried And True

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    DIY Burlap Wrapped Flower Wreath

    For a rustic spring design, try making a burlap covered wreath adorned with fabric flowers.

    DIY Burlap Wrapped Flower Wreath Tutorial from Dream Green DIY

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    DIY Floral Monogram Wreath

    Add some extra curb appeal to your home with a custom DIY floral monogram wreath.

    DIY Floral Monogram Wreath Tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life

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    DIY Spring Fringed Yarn Wreath

    Create the illusion of a green lawn covered in small flowers with this wonderful DIY wreath that uses yarn to create the grassy effect.

    DIY Spring Fringed Yarn Wreath Tutorial from Consumer Crafts

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    DIY Cut out Flowers Wreath

    Use up some of your extra craft paper by cutting out flowers to make a simple multicolored wreath for spring.

    DIY Cut Out Flowers Wreath Tutorial from Gathering Beauty

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    DIY Modern Geometric Wreath

    Clean and modern, this gold DIY wire frame wreath is perfect for the minimalists.

    DIY Modern Geometric Wreath Tutorial from Sugar And Cloth