How to Make a Beautiful Spring Garland

DIY flower garland

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Project Overview
  • Working Time: 1 hr
  • Total Time: 1 hr
  • Yield: 3-Foot Garland
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Estimated Cost: $10

Spring is a time to celebrate color! This pretty spring garland is made from felt and yarn, and can incorporate just about any color you can imagine! Once you create your own, you can use it to decorate a doorway, a mirror, a mantel, or just about any place that needs a bit of sprucing for spring. Invite some friends over and make these together—it's a perfect project for a spring crafternoon.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun


  • 1 skein of extra thick yarn
  • 5 sheets of felt in various spring colors
  • 1 pack of wooden beads


  1. Gather Materials

    Materials for DIY felt spring garland
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    As you're gathering your materials, be sure that you find a skein of yarn that's extra thick. For the finger knitting portion of the project, a thick yarn will help you finger knit a base for your garland that's full enough to support the flowers that you attach to it.

  2. Set Up for Making Your Base

    Finger knitting
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    You'll start by creating a finger knit garland as a base. To prep for your finger knitting, take one end of your yarn and hold the tail in the palm of your left hand, securing it with your thumb. Then wrap the long end of the yarn around and under your pointer finger and bring it up between your pointer and middle. Wrap it over, around, and under your middle, bringing it back up between the two fingers. Then repeat this, wrapping over, around, under your pointer and over, around, under your middle. Finish it by laying it over your pointer finger one last time.

  3. Begin Finger Knitting

    Pull loops over
     Lovely Indeed

    Now you'll start knitting. You have two loops of yarn over each finger. Starting with your middle finger, pull the loop that's closer to your palm up and over the other loop, and over the top of your finger, letting it fall behind your finger. Do the same with the loops on your pointer. Now you have one loop on each finger. Take the long end of the yarn and wrap it around each finger once more so that you again have two loops on each. Once again, take the loops closest to your palm and pull them over the top loops and off of your fingers.

  4. Continue Knitting to the Desired Length

    Finger knitting
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    Continue in the same manner, and you'll see that your garland is starting to grow! Every so often, pull gently on the tail of your garland to even it out and work it down from your fingers.

  5. Tie a Knot to Finish Your Garland Base

    Binding off finger knitting for spring garland
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    Once your garland is your desired length, carefully pull the loops off of your fingers. Cut a tail on the yarn and thread the tail through the two loops that were on your fingers. Pull it tight to create a knot and secure your garland.

  6. Begin Constructing Felt Flowers

    Spiral cut felt for felt flower
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    Next, create your flowers! Start with roughly a 3-inch square of felt. Then, starting at the outer edge of the square, cut a wavy spiral into the circle. Discard the straight edges so you're left with only the spiral.

  7. Glue the Flower Together

    Glue spirals for felt flowers
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    Place a line of glue along the inner edges of the spiral. Coil it in on itself to glue it into a flower shape.

  8. Attach Wooden Beads

    Beaded flower for DIY spring garland
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    Place a small dot of glue onto a wooden bead and glue it into the center of each flower.

  9. Glue Flowers to Garland

    Glued flowers to spring garland
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    Finally, glue your flowers onto your finger knit garland! Place a circle of glue onto the underside of each flower and glue it into the yarn fibers of the garland.

  10. Drape and Style

    DIY felt spring garland
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    Hang or drape your garland around your home and celebrate spring!