The 30 Cutest DIY Planters for Succulents and Air Plants

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    The Best DIY Planters

    Always Rooney

    Don't just welcome spring or any other season into your home. Instead, celebrate each occasion with one of these 30 cute and creative DIY planters. Each one is perfect for showing off lovely succulents or breezy air plants all year round.

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    Dinosaur Succulent Planter

    The Sorry Girls

    As a matter of fact, succulents are prehistoric. So why not flaunt these ancient wonders in a dinosaur planter?

    Check out the two bloggers behind The Sorry Girls.

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    Coffee Pot Terrarium

    A Charming Project

    Air plants don't need soil to thrive so you can get mighty creative when it comes to displaying them. That's why we appreciate this coffee pot hack.

    Get the tutorial on A Charming Project.

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    Driftwood Succulent Centerpiece

    Rolling Greens

    From a summer wedding to Thanksgiving, this succulent driftwood planter is the perfect centerpiece for many occasions.

    Rolling Greens shares the ​nuts and bolts for creating.

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    Pineapple Wall Planters

    Always Rooney

    You can throw together these pineapple air plant holders in 10 minutes, and even better all the materials cost less than 10 dollars.

    Find the DIY at Always Rooney.

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    Crochet Lamb Planters

    Lisenn Cabane

    Nothing is quite as adorable as baby spring lambs — unless we're talking about these petite succulent planters.

    You'll find them and more crochet cuteness at Tournicote à Cloche-Pied.  

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    Rotary Phone Planter

    I Spy DIY

    Any project that can turn an old, beige rotary phone into a neon, pink planter gets our stamp of approval.

    I SPY DIY dreamed up this step-by-step.

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    Modular Concrete Planters

    A Piece of Rainbow

    Need something you can arrange in endless ways? These modular concrete planters will keep things interesting.

    A Piece of Rainbow has the instructions.

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    Vintage TV Planter

    Rancho Reubidoux

    Build something worth watching. This inventive project turns an old TV faceplate into an eye-popping succulent planter. 

    The talented DIYer behind Rancho Reubidoux posted more photos of this rusty redo. 

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    Himmeli Inspired Planter

    Green Obsessions

    Spruce that blank wall! This Himmeli inspired planter will green up unused vertical space.

    Green Obsessions shows how to fabricate.  

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    Eggshell Planter

    The Crain's Nest

    Get ready to crack some eggs. This delicate little planter was once an eggshell.

    The Craine's Nest explains how to make.  

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    Clay Bunny Planter


    This teensy succulent planter has us all hopped up because anything bunny shaped is certainly adorable.

     Fall for DIY shows how to craft from clay.

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    DIY a Clay Basket

    Garden Answers

    If you know how to braid, you can duplicate one of these braided planters using air-dry clay. It's that easy!

    Watch this tutorial by Garden Answer.

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    Enchanted Book Planter

    Love is in my Tummy

    Upcycling books into small planters isn't a brand-new thing, but this fairy garden idea made us go aww at first site. Sure, it looks like an ambitious project for anyone new to planting, but actually, it's no sweat to both make and maintain.

    Tina Dawson, aka Love is in my Tummy, has the nitty-gritty

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    Triangle Concrete Planter

    The Crafted Life

    If you're relatively new to DIYing, get ready to put another notch on your glue gun. You can make this totally impressive planter in a single afternoon.

    The Crafted Life share how to whip up this easy to make geometric cement planter.  

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    Windowsill Garden Planter

    Little Paths so Startled

    We love windowsill planters. While any home can have one, we think they're perfect for urban dwellers who crave a little green space.

    The duo behind Little Paths so Startled disclose how to build from scratch.

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    Crystal Succulent Planter


    Tap into the magical powers of healing crystals with this supercharged project.

    Planter DIY by Jojotastic. 

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    Geometric Paper Planters

    Style Me Pretty

    All you need is card stock to form these origami-inspired air plant holders.

    Alexis from Style Me Pretty illustrates how to fold.

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    Pine Cone Succulent Planter


    Here's a project that turns an ordinary pine cone into a succulent spectacle.

    Get the DIY at The Inspired Home and Garden.

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    Upcycled Jar Planter

    Cate St Hill

    Got a glass jar? Then you can fashion a hanging succulent planter.

    You'll find all the DIY details at Cate St Hill. 

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    Fimo Clay Planter

    Bash Studio

    This cute idea uses Fimo clay (you need to bake it) to sculpt an adorable air plant holder.

    Alyson at Bash Studio spells out each crafty step.  

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    Faux Copper Hanging Planters

    Gathered Cheer

    A quick, cheap, and fun IKEA hack is always very satisfying. This project transforms a stainless steel IKEA GRUNDTAL rail with coordinating S-hooks into a faux copper air plant display.

    Fancy your own? Here's the ​tutorial at Gathered Cheer. 

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    Succulents in Tea Tins

    Tea Container Planter

    Some tea containers are too cute to chuck when empty. Eco-model, Summer Rayne Oakes upcycles her favorites as succulent planters. ​

    See more photos at 6sqft. 

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    Faux Marble Planter

    It's Pretty Nice

    Crazy for marble? Give one of your planters a fresh new look with marble foil. 

    Lisa from It's Pretty Nice breaks down the process. 

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    Painted Terra-Cotta Pots

    Homey Oh My

    Turn your boring terra-cotta pots into vibrant, succulent planters using colorful paint and neon gravel.

    Homey Oh My explains all in this gold dipped tutorial. 

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    Succulent Pumpkin Planters

    diy succulent pumpkins
    7 The Blog

    Turn a fancy pumpkin into a beautiful succulent planter.

    Seven the Blog shares how to whip up. 

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    Refrigerator Magnet Planters

    Air Plant Studio

    Turn those small seashells you found on the beach into air plant holders. To stick them on the fridge grab the glue gun and attach magnets.

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    Chair Succulent Planter

    Garden Answers

    Even an old chair can become a standout succulent planter.

    Laura from Garden Answer demonstrates in this super informative video.

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    Wood Block Air Planter Holders


    Assemble a pint-size jungle with these small air plant holders made of wood.

    A Night Owl Blog spills the DIY details.

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    Upcycled Berry Box Planter

    Live Seasoned

    After collecting a gazillion air plant ideas on Pinterest, the blogger behind this idea finally took the do-it-yourself plunge. The beautiful result is this rustic air plant holder.

    Live Seasoned shows how to make using a couple of old berry boxes. 

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    Computer Disk Planter

    Geek Gardens

    The 1990s want their floppy disks back. Not sure what they are? Google!

    See this tech-savvy planter and many more creative planter ideas at Geek Gardens.