30 Great Tiny Planters You Can Make Yourself

Perfect for Succulents and Air Plants

Cactus on the desk with pastel blue wall background

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Small succulents and air plants (Tillandsis spp.) are perfect in small planters used to create accents all around the house. Part of the charm is in finding creative containers for your mini container gardens. Here are 30 creative ideas for up-cycled and easy DIY planters, provided by clever crafters.

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    Dinosaur Succulent Planter

    DIY Toy Planter
    The Sorry Girls

    Succulents are prehistoric plant species, so what could be more fitting than to plant them inside plastic dinosaur toys? Just cut holes in the backs of the dinosaurs, fill them with a cactus/succulent soil mix, and plant some small-scale succulent plants.

    This idea is from the two bloggers at The Sorry Girls.

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    Coffee Pot Terrarium

    Coffee Pot Planter
    A Charming Project

    Air plants include about 600 species from the genus Tillandsia, which evolved in rocky desert environments where there was little soil. They cling to any surface and don't need soil to thrive so any number of containers can work to create decorative planters.

    This glass coffee pot hack is from A Charming Project and features small Tillandsia plants, some green moss, decorative aquarium stones, and a decoration or two.

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    Driftwood Succulent Centerpiece

    Driftwood Succulent Planter
    Rolling Greens

    From the Rolling Greens website comes this driftwood planter. Drill holes in a piece of interesting driftwood with a large drill bit, fill them with cactus soil mix, then plug a small succulent into each hole. Succulents require very little moisture, so dampening the soil once a week is all that's required.

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    Pineapple Wall Planters

    DIY Pineapple wall plants
    Always Rooney

    These clever pineapple hanging planters are nothing more than wooden napkin rings glued to balsa wood discs painted with hatch lines. The napkin rings serve as open "vases" to hold small air plants. The materials cost less than $10, and the time investment is about 10 minutes.

    This idea comes from the Always Rooney website, from Courtney Weston.

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    Crochet Lamb Planters

    Crochet Baby Lamb Planters
    Lisenn Cabane

    Nothing is quite as adorable as baby spring lambs—unless you're talking about these petite succulent planters. If you are a yarn crafter, crochet some wrap-around covers for small planting pots or recycled cups, fill them with soil, and plant some small succulents.

    You'll find this idea and more crochet cuteness at Tournicote à Cloche-Pied.

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    Rotary Phone Planter

    Rotary phone planter
    I Spy DIY

    The crafters at I SPY DIY dreamed up this step-by-step project, in which an old rotary phone from a second-hand store was hollowed out, painted bright pink, and filled with soil and succulents. If you don't have an actual antique phone laying around, a toy version will also work.

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    Modular Concrete Planters

    Updated Modular DIY Planter
    A Piece of Rainbow

    Need something you can arrange in endless ways? These modular concrete planters will keep things interesting. They are made with ordinary concrete mix shaped around cardboard forms. You can find the instructions at A Piece of Rainbow, a crafting website run by the inventive Ananda.

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    Vintage TV Planter

    Vintage TV Succulent Planter
    Rancho Reubidoux

    Build something worth watching. This inventive project turns an old TV faceplate into an eye-popping succulent planter. A 3-inch-thick layer of soil made from sheets of wire screening and plastic are attached behind the television faceplate. Succulents are then planted in holes punched in the plastic.

    The talented DIYer behind the Rancho Reubidoux website created this rusty redo.

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    Himmeli-Inspired Planter

    Brass air plant holder DIY
    Green Obsessions

    Air plants lend themselves to very simple but elegant planter ideas. This planter from Green Obsessions is inspired by Himmeli decorations—a traditional Finnish craft form. It is made from 1/8-inch-diameter brass tubing, cut and assembled into a geometric shape with wire. 

    Such planters can be used as wall hangings ​or can be suspended in the open air.

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    Eggshell Planter

    Egg Shell Planters DIY
    The Crain's Nest

    Get ready to crack some eggs. This delicate little planter was once an eggshell. It is made simply by carefully cracking the top of an egg, removing the insides, then painting the eggshell and filling it with soil and a single small succulent.

    This idea comes from The Crane's Nest website.

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    Clay Bunny Planter

    clay bunny diy planter
    Fall for DIY Owner

    From Fall for DIY comes this tiny succulent planter shaped like a bunny's head. It is created from modeling clay shaped around a cardboard tube mold, dried, and painted.

    A tiny spiny cactus planted inside this softest of planter themes creates an amusing irony.

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    DIY Clay Basket

    Braided Clay planters DIY
    Garden Answers

    If you know how to braid, you can duplicate one of these braided planters using air-dry clay. Thick threads of clay are braided into ropes, wrapped around a small clay pot, and dried until hard.

    This project comes from the folks at Garden Answer.

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    Enchanted Book Planter

    DIY Succulent book Planter
    Love is in my Tummy

    Upcycling old books into small planters isn't a brand-new thing, but this fairy garden is a unique variation. From Tina Dawson at Love Is In My Tummy, this project involves sealing an old book to form a hardened shell, hollowing it out, then filling it with a cactus mix soil, small succulent plants, and some fairy garden accessories.

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    Triangle Concrete Planter

    triangle patterned cement planter diy
    The Crafted Life

    From The Crafted Life, this simple planter is made from some quick-dry cement poured into a disposable container, such as a food carton. While the concrete is still wet, a votive candle holder is pressed down into the center to create a hollow for holding soil and a small plant. Once the cement dries, peel off the container and paint the planter to your liking.

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    Windowsill Garden Planter

    Windowsill succulent garden
    Little Paths so Startled

    Windowsill planters are perfect for urban dwellers who crave a little green space. This trough planter is nothing more than wood from old shipping pallets screwed together and filled with soil mix and topped with decorative stones. It can hold an interesting selection of small succulents.

    This clever idea comes from Little Paths So Startled.

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    Crystal Succulent Planter

    Succulent Crystal Rock Planter

    Tap into the magical powers of healing crystals with this supercharged project. From Jiotastic, this project involves taking crystal eggs of any size and filling the hollows with a planting media for small succulents.

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    Geometric Paper Planters

    Geometric paper air planter
    Style Me Pretty

    All you need is card stock to form these origami-inspired air plant holders. From Alexis from Style Me Pretty, any number of different containers can be made with origami folding techniques.

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    Pine Cone Succulent Planter

    Pine cone DIY planter
    The Inspired Home and Garden,

    Here's a project that turns an ordinary pine cone into a succulent spectacle. It comes from The Inspired Home and Garden, and could not be simpler—just hollow out a pine cone with a drill bit and plant a small succulent in the cavity.

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    Upcycled Jar Planter

    DIY hanging string planter
    Cate St Hill

    Got a glass jar? Then you can fashion a hanging succulent planter. Here, spring daffodils have been forced into bloom by suspending the bulbs in a layer of water in the jar, while another jar filled with soil holds a succulent plant.

    This project comes from the​ Cate St. Hill website.

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    Fimo Clay Planter

    cute clay hanging planter diy
    Bash Studio

    This cute idea uses Fimo clay (you need to bake it) to sculpt an adorable air plant holder. Holes punched in the rim of the containers allow the tiny planters to be hung from cords.

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    Faux Copper Hanging Planters

    Copper Hanging Air Planters Project
    Gathered Cheer

    A quick, cheap, and fun IKEA hack is always very satisfying. This project transforms a stainless steel IKEA GRUNDTAL rail with coordinating S-hooks into a faux copper air plant display. This idea comes from Gathered Cheer.

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    Succulents in Tea Tins

    Tea Container Planter

    Some tea containers are too cute to abandon when the tea is used up. Here, model Summer Rayne Oakes upcycles her favorites as succulent planters.

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    Faux Marble Planter

    succulent window box planter faux marble
    It's Pretty Nice

    Crazy for marble? Give one of your planters a fresh new look with marble foil wrapped around any container you choose. This simple, inventive idea comes from Lisa at​ It's Pretty Nice.

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    Painted Terra-Cotta Pots

    Gold dipped flower pot DIY
    Homey Oh My

    Turn your boring terra-cotta pots into vibrant, succulent planters using colorful paint and neon gravel. These examples come from Homey Oh My.

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    Seasonal Succulent Pumpkin Planters

    diy succulent pumpkins
    7 The Blog

    Turn a fancy pumpkin into a beautiful succulent planter. With proper care, you can get six to eight weeks before the pumpkin begins to soften and collapse. This idea comes from​ Dennis 7 Dees garden center.

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    Refrigerator Magnet Planters

    Air plant magnetic shell planters
    Air Plant Studio

    Turn those small seashells you found on the beach into air plant holders. To stick them on the fridge, grab a glue gun and attach magnets. These tiny planters are ideal for air plants, but can also be used for very tiny succulents.

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    Chair Succulent Planter

    Chair succulent planter
    Garden Answers

    Even an old chair can become a standout succulent planter. Remove the upholstered seat, cover the bottom with plywood, fill the cavity with soil, then plant. This example comes from Laura, at Garden Answer.

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    Wood Block Air Planter Holders

    Wood air Plant Holders DIY
    A Night Owl Blog

    Assemble a pint-size jungle with these small air plant holders made of wood. From A Night Owl Blog, these planters involve simply drilling holes in blocks of wood.

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    Upcycled Berry Box Planter

    air plant display
    Live Seasoned

    A crafter at Live Seasoned shows how to make a living wall hanging using old berry boxes. A grid of wire inside the berry box is used to secure air plants in place. Remember that air plants need to be misted frequently to supply them with the moisture they need.

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    Computer Disk Planter

    Computer disc succulent planter
    Geek Gardens

    Here, old 3-inch floppy discs from the 1990s computer world are secured together to form planter cubes. This idea comes from Geek Gardens.