DIY: Scratch Art CD's

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    How to Make Scratch Art CD's

    If you're looking for a fun way to make scratch art CDs, check out this tutorial! You will want to turn all your outdated CDs and DVDs into this fun art that the whole family can enjoy.

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    Make Scratch Art CD's

    I was in grade school when scratch art was extremely popular. We'd spend hours on it, carefully following a pattern. Isn't it so much more fun to freestyle it? These scratch art CDs are both frugal, and easy to do. It's open-ended and great for a variety of ages. My toddler had lots of fun with it. I also enjoyed doing it. It's also a perfect craft for teens who love to doodle.

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    Let's Make Scratch Art CD's

    The iridescent surface of the CDs and DVDs make them a perfect candidate for a scratch art craft. They shine through the black, reflecting other colors.

    I hung them from ribbons in a grouping on the wall. Aren't they pretty?

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    Supplies needed to make scratch art CDs

    Supplies needed to make scratch art CDs:

    • Old CDs and DVDs
    • Black crafter’s acrylic and a foam brush
    • A dull point. I used a pen without the point, and a blunt pencil. You can use a coin or anything similar.
    • Pretty ribbons for hanging
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    Step 1: Making Scratch Art CD's

    How to make scratch art CDs:

    Paint the reflective side with an even coat of black acrylic paint.

    Allow the paint to dry completely. If you have a lot of brush strokes showing, paint another layer.

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    Step 2: Making Scratch Art CD's

    Once your second layer has completely dried, scratch out your design using a blunt point. Your blunt point can be a coin, a paper clip, a blunt pencil, or even a click-point pen, with the point retracted, like I used! 

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    Step 3: Making Scratch Art CD's

    When your design is finished, cut a ribbon to the desired length. string it through the hole in your scratch art CD and tie it at the top. Hang it from a nail!

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    Design Scratch Art CD's

    Make one or make a few! Try painting the surface in other dark colors. Experiment with different designs. You can even paint them in advance, and take them along with you on a road trip, or do them in the waiting room.

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    Finished Scratch Art CD's

    That’s all. Wasn’t that easy? If you're looking for more fun things to do with your old CDs and DVDs, here is a great list of ideas! You'll want to make them all!