23 Easy DIY Scarf Ideas for Every Style

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    Simple DIY Scarf Tutorials Anyone Can Follow

    Scarves make beautiful accessories for any style, and they can be made in a number of ways. Whether you want a needlecraft, sew, or no-sew project, there are plenty of fashionable DIY scarf ideas to go around. 

    We've collected a number of DIY scarf tutorials that work well for beginners or advanced crafters. No matter your skill level, you'll be able to complete one of these projects and elevate your wardrobe in the process.

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    Use the Faux Shibori Dye Technique

    Shibori is a popular resist technique that uses a traditional indigo color. Instead of needing to spend a ton of time making the classic indigo dye used in shibori, this tutorial uses tie-dye supplies instead. The process is so simple, that anyone can complete it in an afternoon.

    A DIY Scarf Anyone Can Make from The Spruce

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    Mix Flannel and Leather Together

    If you want to learn how to sew a scarf with a sewing machine, this tutorial is a good place to start. The sewing is easy enough for beginners and the end result looks like something out of a high-end boutique. 

    Leather and Flannel Snap Scarf Tutorial from Delia Creates 

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    Add Polka Dots to a Plain Infinity Scarf

    This no-sew infinity scarf is made using an old black t-shirt and fabric paint. When cutting the t-shirt, try to keep the edges as smooth as possible. To help with the process, you can use a rotary cutter instead of scissors. 

    DIY No-Sew Infinity Scarf from Sugar and Cloth

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    Crochet a DIY Infinity Scarf With Shell Stitches

    infinity scaf diy project
    Mollie Johanson

    There are many crochet scarf patterns on the internet, but many of them are simple and straightforward. The addition of the shell stitch edging on this design makes the final result much more feminine and flattering. 

    Crochet Infinity Scarf Free Pattern from The Spruce

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    Tie Knots in a Piece of Remnant Fabric

    This no-sew scarf tutorial is a clever way to use up extra fabric or fabric that has been put on clearance. To complete this scarf, all you need to do is cut slits at the end of the scarf about every two inches. Then, tie small knots at the end of each piece of fringe. 

    Easy Fluffy Fringe Scarf from Delia Creates

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    Braid Two T-Shirts Together

    Before you bring that box of old clothing to the donation center, see if you have any old t-shirts that would work well for this scarf tutorial. The main component of the project is braiding the two shirts together, but you will need to sew two ends together. You can hand sew or use a sewing machine to complete the project. 

    Old T-Shirts Braided Scarf from All Day Chic

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    Make This T-Shirt Infinity Scarf in 15 Minutes

    Instead of using thread, this infinity scarf is made using hot glue and painter's tape. The even better part is that this style scarf can be made in less than twenty minutes once you know what you're doing. 

    T-Shirt Yarn Infinity Scarf Video from The Thinking Closet

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    French Braid Some Fleece Fabric

    One way to make fleece fabric look chic and elegant is to French braid pieces together. The majority of this tutorial is no-sew, but you will need a needle and thread if you want to add on an accent button at the end. 

    French Braid Scarf DIY from Sewing Rabbit

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    Wrap Yourself in a Large No Sew Blanket Scarf

    The large scale of a blanket scarf makes it so versatile. Not only are they easy to make, you can wear them tons of different ways. The hardest part for this particular tutorial will be picking the fabric you want to use. We suggest something soft, warm, and luxurious. 

    No-Sew Blanket Scarf from The DIY Mommy

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    Recycle an Old Sweater for a Cowl Neck Scarf

    To make this upcycled scarf, all you need to do is make one straight out of an old sweater with a pair of fabric scissors. The design works best with button down sweaters because then you can unbutton them and drape that side of the cowl neck down one arm.  

    Cowl Scarves From Old Sweaters from Rosyscription

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    Update an Existing Scarf With Paint

    If you have a ton of plain colored scarves and want to add a bit more to one of them, consider using fabric paint. Think of the scarf as a blank canvas and paint on patterns in different colors and sizes. You can use this scarf as inspiration or do something completely original. 

    DIY Colorful Brush Strokes Scarf from Homey Oh My

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    Turn a Cozy Sweatshirt Into a Cute Cowl Neck Scarf

    While this tutorial does require the use of a sewing machine, you'll still save tons of time because there is no knitting required. Due to this time savings, you can make a handful of these for gifts very easily. The end result can be worn like a plain scarf or it can be snapped into place like you see here. 

    DIY No Knit Cowl from We Can Make Anything

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    Use Brightly Colored Yarn to Make a Fringe Edge

    This DIY scarf is one of the easiest on the list to complete and would coordinate with a number of styles. The tutorial involves cutting a piece of fleece to size then adding on a yarn fringe on the ends. Experiment with different colors and thicknesses of yarn for varying results. 

    Easy No-Sew Fleece & Fringe Scarf from It's Always Autumn

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    Sew a Triangle to Make a Bandana Scarf

    Bandana scarves are a great option if you want a look that is very polished and put together. You'll need to learn how to do a straight stitch to complete this scarf, but it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete. 

    The New Bandana Scarf from One Little Momma

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    Make Fringe Using a Seam Ripper

    It's easy to create great looking fringe on flannel fabric. All you need is a seam ripper and the proper technique to add fringe that makes the scarf look good enough to be store-bought. Once you have created the fringe, a straight stitch will finish up the hem on the long sides of the scarf. 

    Easy DIY Fringe Scarf Tutorial from​ ​Merrick's Art

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    Line the Edge of a Scarf With Pom Poms

    To replicate this look, you can start from scratch with a piece of fabric or you can upgrade an existing scarf. Either way, follow the tutorial so you're able to get your version to lay on your neck with the pom poms framing your face. 

    DIY Pom Pom Infinity Scarf Tutorial from Sew Much Ado

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    Combine Multiple Fabrics for a Patchwork Scarf

    If you're looking to infuse more boho-inspired accessories into your wardrobe, try out this simple patchwork scarf tutorial. You will need a sewing machine, but the crafter that made this funky scarf promises that the end result is easy to achieve. 

    Simple Spring DIY Patchwork Scarf from Lil Luna

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    Convert a Men's T-shirt Into a Feminine Ruffle Scarf

    This no-sew scarf tutorial can be completed in about an hour, and it won't cost you a ton of money. Invest in a sharp pair of fabric scissors for this project, which will make the process a lot easier.

    DIY Ruffle Scarf From a Men's Shirt from Girl in the Garage

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    Add a Pocket Without a Sewing Machine

    Usually, scarves with compartments and other features require a sewing machine to make successfully. This tutorial will show you how to add a pocket using hemming tape. For this project to work, you'll need to pick a heavy duty fabric, like sweatshirt or sweater material, to hold the weight of the pocket and its contents. 

    No-Sew Scarf With Hidden Pocket from Mom Advice

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    Arm Knit a Scarf in 30 Minutes

    By using your arm when knitting, you can create larger stitches and make much chunkier looking scarves and accessories. The technique is easy to master and will allow you to make a scarf in half the time because you won't need as many stitches, since arm-knit stitches take up more space. 

     How to Arm Knit a Scarf from Simply Maggie

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    Craft This Simple Tiered Felt Tassel Scarf

    if you're looking for no-sew scarf tutorials, you'll find that a lot of them use felt. Felt is an ideal fabric because it can be cut straight and doesn't require hems. By transforming strips of felt into tassels, you'll be making a scarf that is whimsical and conversation-worthy. 

    Easy Tiered Felt Scarf from Crafts Unleashed

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    Start Trends With This Funky No-Knit Scarf

    To complete this project, you'll need one skein of soft yarn, some leather straps, and velcro. The look is inspired by designer Rike Feurstein, who created a deconstructed yarn scarf for their collection. Not only is this the easiest scarf to create on this list, but it will also make the largest statement even though it is so minimal. 

    DIY No-Knit Scarf from Honestly WTF

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    Learn to Knit With Your Hands

    The cool thing about this scarf design is that it looks knitted, but it can be made in minutes without knitting or crochet needles. The pattern will teach you how to make a loop chain using your hands. 

    Loops and Chains Scarf from Red Heart