Try These Lovely DIY Save the Dates

Water color painted cards with rock formations.

 Guitar & Lace

For many people, there are few things more exciting than getting engaged. It’s a huge next step of a lifelong adventure with someone who you deeply love and care about. And if you just got engaged, marriage is likely top of mind right now. First of all, congrats! Second, it's time to get a kickstart on wedding planning. Financially, weddings can be a challenge. Brides and grooms on a budget often have to get extra creative when planning their ceremony and reception. But cutting down on costs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a picture perfect event.

For a budget-friendly wedding, look to DIY. Making everything you can on your own will significantly lower the price tag on your event. DIY also allows you to make your wedding decorations, invites, favors, and more exactly how you like them. It's much easier than you think to create your own custom color schemes and font selections on your paper goods. Before you know it, you'll be DIYing your way to your dream wedding. The first things you’ll need are save the dates to make sure your guests are aware of the event itself. We scoured the web for beautiful, budget-friendly DIY save the dates for you to pull inspiration from.