DIY Heart-Shaped Bouquet of Roses

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    DIY Rose Heart

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    This Valentine's Day surprise your sweetheart with two dozen red roses arranged in a heart shape. With a few basic materials that you can get a craft store, you can quickly make a romantic floral arrangement that is certain to dazzle whomever you give it to.

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    Gather Your Materials

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    You will need:

    • Large heart shaped box (9 inches wide by 4-5 inches tall)
    • Red acrylic paint
    • Acrylic paint brush or foam paint brush
    • 2 large Ziploc bags
    • 24 red roses
    • Scissors
    • Measuring cup
    • Water
    • 2 blocks of floral foam
    • A knife
    • A pen or pencil
    • Floral shears (optional)
    • Ribbon
    • Double sided tape
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    Paint the Box

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Using a acrylic or foam paint brush paint the exterior of the bottom of the heart box with bright red acrylic paint. After the first coat of paint has dried paint a second coat of paint, and allow the paint to fully dry.

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    Cut the Foam to Size

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Lay the floral foam blocks flat, if it is taller than the height of the foam is taller than the box you will need to cut some of the top of the foam off so that when the blocks of foam inside the box it would not be viewable. With a 5 inch tall heart box this step should not be required.

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    Trace Heart Shape Onto Foam

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Next place the two floral foam blocks flat next to each other and place the heart box directly over top. Using either a pencil or pen trace around the heart box onto the two pieces of floral foam.

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    Cut Foam

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Remove the heart box off the floral foam and using a knife cut away the excess foam so you are only left with the heart shape.

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    Place Foam in Plastic Bags

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Take each of the cut blocks of floral foam and place them in a large Ziplock bag. Position the two bags of floral foam into the heart box. 

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    Cut Plastic Bags to Size

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Take scissors and cut the excess plastic on the Ziplock bags so that the plastic only goes slightly above the blocks of foam. The plastic bags should not exceed the height of the heart box.

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    Add Water

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Now that the floral foam is contained with a waterproof bag pour water onto the floral foam. Both foam blocks should be kept very wet, otherwise the roses will die. 

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    Add Roses

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Using floral shears or scissors cut the roses so that when the roses are stuck inside the floral foam only the flower peaks over the box. All the roses should be cut to the same length so that when the floral arrangement is done all the rose blossoms are at a uniformed height.

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    Add the Rest of the Roses

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Continue cutting and adding all 24 roses to the floral foam so that the box is equally filled with roses and that none of the floral foam is viewable from looking at the rose heart from the sides or top.

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    Arrange Roses

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    It might be necessary once all the roses are in the foam to slightly pull up, or push down some of the roses to get a uniform flower height.

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    Add Decorative Ribbon

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Cut a length of decorative wide ribbon that is long enough to wrap around the heart box and tape the ribbon around the box by using small pieces of double sided tape. To best hide the ribbon seam where it starts and ends begin by taping the ribbon on the top center point of the heart.After the ribbon has been fully wrapped it around the box cut off the excess ribbon and tape the end of the ribbon right next to the starting point.

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    Give Your Roses on Valentine's Day

    DIY Rose Heart
    Stephanie White

    Your stunning heart arrangement of two dozen red roses is ready to give for Valentine's Day.