12 Ways to DIY Roman Shades

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The Gathered Home

Are there bare windows in your home that are waiting to be styled with Roman shades? Stop shopping and make a window treatment yourself. There are several methods for making DIY Roman shades, and some ideas are better than others.

We've gathered several Roman shade options to sort through that are easy to follow, each with expert-level detail. Some are hacks that include other blinds, some are built from scratch, and some are faux Roman blinds that look the part. Depending on your skill level and willingness to invest time, some or all of these Roman shade tutorials could work for you. 

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    Add Some Plaid in a Kitchen

    plaid diy roman shade
    The DIY Mommy

    Roman shades are ideal for narrow windows in kitchens where floor-length drapes don't make sense. Christina from The DIY Mommy wanted to add a personal touch and some privacy to her kitchen, so she opted to add plaid Roman shades. Unlike stationary examples, this tutorial shows you how to sew a Roman blind from scratch so that it functions with built-in strings. Just be careful if you have small children in the house because the string can pose a choking hazard. 

    Sew a DIY Roman Shade from The DIY Mommy

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    Fold Several Pleats in Floral Fabric

    pleated roman blinds
    DIY Decor Mom

    This Roman shade tutorial is so simple and so affordable. In fact, the total cost of one window treatment could cost you less than $20. Annie from DIY Decor Mom made this treatment look especially luxurious by adding several folds to the bottom of the fabric. Find out how she did it by visiting her step-by-step guide.

    How to Make a Roman Shade the Easy Way from DIY Decor Mom

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    Make Roman Shades Using Mini Blinds

    custom roman shade in a blue marble print in a living room
    Honestly WTF

    The ladies over at Honestly WTF have perfected how to upgrade a simple pair of mini blinds into a Roman shade. Shopping for window treatments that match a room can be much more daunting than picking out a fabric you like. Once you have fabric picked out and a set of inexpensive blinds, head over to this tutorial for a thorough explanation on how to recreate this look.

    DIY Roman Shades from Honestly WTF

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    Learn How to Make a Relaxed Roman Shade

    A red printed relaxed Roman shade hanging over a window in a light blue room
    Stagg Design

    Did you know that there are several styles of Roman shades? Jen, from Stagg Design, added a beneficial illustration in her post that showcases different styles. She also includes a tutorial on how to make your own faux relaxed Roman shade like the one you see here. 

    DIY Faux Relaxed Roman Shade from Stagg Design

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    DIY This Window Treatment in Under an Hour

    DIY striped Roman shade in kitchen
    The DIY Playbook

    Casey and Bridget from The DIY Playbook love simple projects that save their readers time but look great at the same time. This Roman shade tutorial uses only a few supplies and can be completed in under an hour. Copy this look with a striped fabric or make it your own with a fabric of your choosing. 

    DIY Faux Roman Shade for the Kitchen from The DIY Playbook

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    Customize Shades for Long Windows

    Angled view of a brown, printed roman shade over a window
    Ohoh Deco

    We love this tutorial from Ohoh Deco because it includes straightforward diagrams that make this project really easy to follow. Another bonus is that the window treatment was designed so that the fabric is removable and washable. Also, the Roman shades shown here are fully functional, which is always a plus.

    How to Make Roman Blinds from Ohoh Deco

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    Use a Tension Rod to Make Faux Roman Blinds

    Lightly colored floral pattern Roman shades hanging over a window
    Home Stories A to Z

    If you don't need to cover an entire window for privacy purposes, consider this quick Roman shade tutorial from Home Stories A to Z. While this tutorial is simple, it is super helpful to have someone show you how to do it the first time. Head over to this guide to learn how to fold this shade in under a minute. 

    How to Make Faux Roman Shades from Home Stories A to Z

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    Create a Reversible Roman Shade

    Reversible roman shade in a blue hue hanging over a window
    Bower Power

    Katie from Bower Power wanted to make a Roman shade tutorial that was easy enough for beginner sewers. On her blog, she shows you how to make a reversible window treatment using basic sewing skills and an iron. If you tire of one side, just flip the shade over for a fresh new style. 

    Easy Roman Shade from Bower Power

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    Soften Your Space with Paisley

    Paisley print roman shades over a window and window seat
    At Charlotte's House

    Charlotte from At Charlotte's House thought that regular curtains would look too heavy once built-ins were added underneath the window. Instead, she opted for some DIY Roman shades to block out some light and add some privacy. Since this isn't in a bedroom, there is no liner. However, if you want to use these in a bedroom, she also has a tutorial for a blackout version. 

    Roman Shades 2.0 from At Charlotte's House

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    Use a Geometric Fabric for a Modern Look

    Geometric print Roman shades in a kitchen near a stove
    We Can Make Anything

    There are many different reasons people opt for Roman shades instead of curtains. For one, blinds aren't as attractive. Also, Mary Elayne from We Can Make Anything needed to use Roman shades because curtains would have been a fire hazard above her stove. Her tutorial shows you how to convert mini-blinds into a Roman blackout shade using fabric glue. This is a must-read if you're looking for a simple way to keep your rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

    DIY Roman Blackout Shades from We Can Make Anything

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    Spell Out a Word or Phrase

    Custom Roman blinds with the word "LOVE" written across them
    All Things Thrifty

    This idea is a thrifty way to add some personality to a space. Brooke from All Things Thrifty pars down on materials and is able to make these window treatments for $18 a piece. We love her tutorial because it includes easy-to-follow illustrations, which is a must for more involved projects like this one. If you want steps broken down in the least confusing way, this is the tutorial to follow.

    DIY Roman Shades Tutorial from All Things Thrifty

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    Use a Bright and Unexpected Fabric

    Red orange Roman shades with tiger print
    The Gathered Home

    This has to be one of our favorite Roman shade tutorials because the fabric is so whimsical and cheerful. Brynne from The Gathered Home is confident that even people with no sewing experience could tackle this project. In fact, she bought a sewing machine so she could make these window treatments. She does a great job breaking the steps down with clear, straightforward pictures, and her style will inspire you to take risks in your own home. 

    DIY Faux Roman Shade from The Gathered Home