How to Make Resin Letters for Place Cards

Resin Letters place card
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Resin Letter Place Cards

Letter E
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There's something so wonderful about being a guest in someone's home and seeing that they have gone the extra mile to make a special experience. If you're welcoming guests into your home this holiday season, here's a cool way to make their evening above and beyond! These resin letters make perfect place cards for your holiday dinner parties​ and can double as party favors if you encourage your guests to take them home.

They're so simple to make (mixing and pouring them takes just about 5 minutes) but they have a modern, cool look that will elevate your table setting. Take it to the next level and use these beyond the holidays for bridal showers, weddings and more!

Gather Materials

Resin letter materials
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You'll want to have all of your materials gathered and prepared before you start mixing the epoxy. Make sure that all of your materials are also wiped clean and are free of any dust and debris so that nothing unwanted gets trapped in your resin. If you're working with a kit, it may come with small cups for mixing the epoxy but you may want to use your own larger disposable cups so that mixing is easier.

Supplies Needed

  • Jewelry resin kit
  • Silicone alphabet molds
  • Glitter (optional)
  • 2 disposable cups

Measure and Mix

Mixing the resin
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Start by pouring an equal amount of both epoxy and hardener into a cup. This part is extremely important because if your ratio isn't exactly one to one, your resin won't cure properly (it may become sticky). So measure equal parts of epoxy and hardener. Pour them into a single cup. Use a stir stick (which should be provided in your kit) to stir the two together for two minutes. As you stir, try not to create too many bubbles; it also helps to scrape down the sides of the cup with your stir stick every so often. After two minutes, pour the mixture into a second cup and continue to mix for another minute.

Prep Your Silicone Molds

Prepping the mold
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If you'd just like clear letters, you can skip this step. But we recommend adding something fun to the molds so that it gets suspended in the epoxy! We used gold glitter and sprinkled a small amount in each of the letters. Other ideas could be metallic confetti, string, gold flakes, mini pumpkins or Christmas trees–or even fake flowers. Use your imagination!


Pour mixture into letter mold
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Carefully pour your epoxy mixture into the letter molds. We chose to only fill ours halfway because our molds are somewhat deep; you can fill them as full as you like.

Let Dry

Filling the mold...then waiting
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Resin usually takes about 24 hours to fully cure and dry. Leave the mold in a place where it won't be disturbed as it dries. About 30 minutes after pouring, you may want to check the molds to see if any bubbles have surfaced. Pop these gently with a toothpick if necessary.

Remove Letters

Checking the set
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After 24 hours, test your letters to see if they've cured. If they're at all sticky to the touch, give them another day. (If after a day they're still sticky, you may have started with uneven amounts of epoxy and hardener.) Once they're firm, pop them out of the molds.

Set the Table

Custom decor
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Set your holiday table with the letters as place cards and prepare for your guests to love them!