DIY Religious Easter Decorations

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    Three Cross Centerpiece

    religious Easter centerpiece
    Religious Easter Centerpiece. Home Made Modern

    When we think of spring, most people are reminded of things like bunnies, birds, flowers, and colorful eggs. Decorating with items like this breathes new life into our homes after winter ends, and is also cheerful and kid-friendly. Since, after all, Easter is a Christian holiday, you may decide that you would like to decorate with one or two home accessories that reflect your faith. Take a cue from these bloggers, who have crafted their own religious Easter accessories using symbols of faith such as crosses and scripture.

    Three Cross Centerpiece

     A simple and rustic trio of crosses made out of twigs symbolizes the scene on Calvary. Combined with spring grass, this box makes a great centerpiece for an Easter meal or could be displayed on a mantel. 

    Three Cross Centerpiece from Home Made Modern

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    Twig Cross Wreath

    easter cross wreath
    Twig Cross with Lilies. Cheerios and Lattes

    This DIY door decoration is a simple declaration of faith. Made out of twigs and softened with Easter lilies, this unique wreath is inexpensive to make, too.

    Twig Cross Wreath from Cheerios and Lattes

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    Boxwood Wreath Sign

    boxwood wreath on chalkboard
    Boxwood Wreath Sign. Home Made Modern

    Speaking of unique door decor for spring, this spring-green boxwood wreath mounted on a chalkboard sign encircles the words from an old Easter hymn.  

    Boxwood Wreath Sign from Home Made Modern

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    Cross and Moss Terrarium

    easter cross terrarium
    Cross and Moss Terrarium. Grandparents Plus

    Terrariums made with ferns or succulents are trendy right now, and it's easy to make your own.  If you already have one, simply insert a wooden cross for an homage to Easter, or create one from scratch using moss and a glass hurricane. (Hurricanes are often available at the dollar store, making this another inexpensive DIY accessory.) 

    Cross and Moss Terrarium from Grandparents Plus

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    Moss Covered Cross

    moss covered cross
    Moss Covered Cross. It's Overflowing

    Moss is a common element of springtime decor, and you can find it at craft stores or the dollar store. This pretty cross was covered in moss and could be displayed just about anywhere as an Easter reminder.

    Moss Covered Cross from It's Overflowing

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    Crown of Thorns

    crown of thorns
    Crown of Thorns. Little House Studio

    Transform a small grapevine wreath into a crown of thorns as a symbol of Easter and a display of your faith. Hang it on a wall, a door, or use it on the table as a centerpiece with a candle in the center.

    Crown of Thorns from Little House Studio

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    He Has Risen Pillow Cover

    he has risen pillow cover
    He Has Risen Pillow Cover. Dear Lillie

    You can buy religious pillow covers from places like Etsy, or this one from Dear Lillie. But if you would like to use your own favorite passage from the Bible or lyrics from a hymn, you can customize your own pillow using this freezer paper stenciling technique.

    He Has Risen Pillow Cover from Dear Lillie

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    Cross String Art

    cross string art
    Cross String Art. My Weekly Habit

    String art is easy to make, and inexpensive too.  Make a sign of your faith using this trendy technique.

    Cross String Art from My Weekly Habit

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    Free Easter Printable

    Easter printable
    Free Easter Printable. The 36th Avenue

    What could be easier than printing off some free art and popping it in a frame? Search online for free Easter printables, which are made available through the generosity of graphic artists and bloggers for your personal enjoyment.

    Easter Printable from The 36th Avenue

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    Twine Covered Cross

    twine covered cross
    Twine Covered Cross. The Homespun Heart

    Finally, this simple foam cross was wrapped in sisal cording for a rustic look.  Hang it on the front door, place it on your mantel, or incorporate it into a gallery wall for a profession of your faith that can be displayed all year round, not just at Easter-time.

    Twine Covered Cross from The Homespun Heart