Recycled CD Crab Craft for Kids

DIY: Recycled CD Crab Craft
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    Recycled CD Crab Craft

    Don't let the kids be crabby this summer! There is always a good time to put those creative skills to use and with this nifty Recycled CD Crab Craft, not only are you beating the summer blues, but you are also making an adorable piece with simple recycled materials you probably have laying around the house right now.

    With just a few inexpensive supplies like a recycled cd, red tissue paper and a little cardstock–you and your child can pull this craft together in no time! Then use for pretend play, beach themed party decor or just for fun to show off on that ever-growing art wall! Also try the Recycled CD Fish Craft for more fun sea creatures.

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    Gather Your Supplies

    Supplies Needed

    • Recycled CD
    • Red tissue paper
    • Red cardstock
    • Glue
    • Kid-friendly scissors
    • Googly eyes
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    Cover the CD With Tissue Paper

    • First have your child cut their red tissue paper into small squares (a great way to practice those cutting skills!).
    • Now have your child paint a thick layer of glue all over the CD, really making sure you get every inch covered (it doesn’t matter which side of the CD you choose to cover with glue).
    • Next, have them place the red tissue paper squares on top of the wet glue, until the CD is completely covered. This will be the body of the crab.
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    Cut Out Crab Legs and Claws

    To finish off the Recycled CD Crab kid craft, have children cut out some legs and front claws (six stick legs and two curved front claws) from the red cardstock.

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    Glue Crab Legs and Claws

    Then glue those pieces to the back of your covered tissue paper CD, along with the googly eyes and any other embellishments you see fit (think red glitter, maybe some hair or even a cardstock smile for a friendly look). Then let it dry completely before displaying proudly!