42 DIYs to Update Your Office

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    Update Your Office With These 40 DIYs

    Does your office space need a refresh? We've rounded up our favorite DIY project ideas to keep your home office organized and at its best. From furniture hacks to storage solutions to office accessories, there is a project here perfect for any home office.

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    DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

    diy fabric covered notebook
    Caylin Harris

    Personalize your plain old notebook with an interesting fabric to give this traditional office supply a unique makeover. You'll be more tempted to keep up with your notes and to-dos when your notebook looks so pretty!

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    DIY Perpetual Block Calendar

    This easy DIY calendar can be reused every year! Just paint the blocks in a fun color, pop on some stickers and turn the blocks over each day.

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    DIY Wood Desk Organizer

    Limited on drawer space? Give yourself somewhere to store all of your desk essentials. This handmade wood desk organizer is perfect for holding files, your phone and pens.

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    DIY Wooden Business Card Holder

    Keep your stack of business cards neat and organized. This DIY makes it easy for you to quickly grab a business card to hand out the next time you need it.

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    DIY Pencil Cup

    pencil and office supply holders
    Rita Shehan

    Recycle empty food cans and transform them into pretty office supply containers with this easy DIY project.

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    DIY Ikea Desk Hack

    Customize your desk with this clever IKEA hack. Using 3 different IKEA products, you can create this minimalistic desk to fit your space.

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    DIY Faux Fur Chair Makeover

    Go glam with a luxurious faux fur chair that is as soft to sit on as it is easy to make. The addition of the plush fur will make your old chair much more comfortable, not to mention it will cover up any damage on the old cushion.

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    DIY Fun File Folders

    Play up your mundane paperwork with these fun file folders. Simply follow the project instructions and peel and stick the gold foil text onto brightly colored file folders.

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    DIY Hanging Desk Organiser

    Ran out of room on your desk? Take advantage of vertical space with a DIY hanging organizer. These hanging cups are perfect to keep your office supplies within easy reach.

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    DIY Thank You File Cabinet

    This DIY is inspired by garbage cans found in fast food restaurants. Give your filing cabinet this hilarious makeover to play up your space.

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    DIY Flair Chair

    Give your office chair some extra flair by decorating it with patches. Another way to decorate your fabric chair is with an assortment of pins.

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    DIY Metal Memo Board

    Hang your to-do lists, notes and photos on this modern DIY memo board. You can make one for your office using garden mesh and black spray paint.

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    DIY Gold Foil Notebook

    These chic and trendy notebooks are perfect for the office and are as nice as any notebooks you might find in stores.

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    DIY Pencil Sharpener Makeover

    Give your electronic pencil sharpener a modern makeover. Change its look by covering the exterior with thin pieces of wood.

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    DIY Giant Office Calendar

    Jot down meetings and reminders on this giant calendar. It'll be difficult to ever forget a project, meeting or deadline again with this in your vicinity.

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    DIY Hairpin Desk

    Making a hairpin desk is easy and it's a great way to maximize your space and make the room appear larger. From a long desk that gives you plenty of room to spread out your work, to a tiny work surface that fits your small space, you can make a custom hairpin desk to suit your needs. Get started making your desk by adding pre-made desk legs to a plywood board.

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    DIY Confetti Wall Clock

    Go ahead and add some fun to your office decor by covering a basic wall clock with confetti!

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    DIY Leather File Folders

    Replace your flimsy paper file folders with a sturdy leather folder. Unlike paper folders, this handmade leather one will better protect your documents.

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    DIY Minimal Paper Storage

    Keep paper clutter to a minimum with a DIY paper holder. This wooden holder will keep important mail or documents front and center, standing upright on your desk.

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    DIY Painted Storage Box

    Take ordinary office supply storage boxes and spruce them up with paint so they both double as decor and are easier to distinguish from one another.

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    DIY Flamingo Pool Float Pencil Holder

    Don't let the work day get you down in the summer months with this quirky DIY flamingo pool float pencil holder.

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    DIY Modern Desk Storage

    Can you tell that these desk organizers are actually made out of cardboard? The use of wood contact paper gives them a chic and modern look. Make matching sets for your documents, pens and succulents.

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    DIY Watercolor Desk Calendar

    This beautiful DIY flip calendar will help add some color to your desk and serve as an immediate visual cue for times when you need to record the date.

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    DIY Literature Organizer Makeover

    Give a modern makeover to your old literature organizer. This stylish DIY is perfect to help you sort your paperwork or craft and office supplies.

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    DIY Gold Striped File Folder

    Head into your next meeting with a stylish but professional gold striped file folder. This quick project is perfect for storing your reports in a professional manner.

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    DIY Monogram Cork Board

    Customize your desk with a personalized cork board in the shape of your initial.

    DIY Monogram Cork Board from Sarah Hearts

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    DIY Painted Office Chair Makeover

    Makeover your old office chair with paint. Changing up the color of the seat and legs will give the chair a brand new look.

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    DIY Concrete Desk

    This sturdy DIY concrete desk is the perfect replacement for that old flimsy desk you've kept around since your college days.

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    DIY Grid Notebook Covers

    Print this free grid cover template to wrap around your notebooks. This is a great way to dress up generic notebooks or cover the graphic cartoon notebook you weren't really into, but the stores were all sold out of the plain ones.

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    DIY Color Blocked Office Chair

    A pretty color blocked chair adds a great amount of interest to any home office space. Mix up your neutral decor with pastels or bold and bright colors.

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    DIY Patch Laptop Case

    Showcase your personality by adding patches to your laptop case. This quick DIY is an easy way to transform a boring laptop case into something you adore.

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    DIY Wood Wall Organiser

    Sort all your supplies with this DIY wood wall organizer inspired by Anthropologie. If you want more than one idea for some wall organizers you can check out these awesome DIYs.


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    DIY Boss Desk Accessory

    Let everyone know who's in charge with this boss desk accessory. It adds some sparkle and authority to any office space.

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    DIY Marble Clipboard

    Use a roll of marble contact paper to give a glamorous makeover to your office clipboard. 

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    DIY Hanging Leather Storage Organiser

    This chic pocketed wall organizer is perfect for small office spaces. Save room on your desk and keep all your pens, pencils, scissors and tape all in one place within easy reach.

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    DIY Holographic Desk Calendar

    Holographic home accents are very of-the-moment. One way to incorporate this trend into your decor is by crafting a holographic desk calendar. This DIY is perfect to keep track of your appointments and help you stay organized. 

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    DIY Desktop Dry Erase Board

    Instead of wasting countless sheets of paper or stacks of sticky notes, make a dry erase board for your desk to track all of your to-do lists and memos.

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    DIY Ladder Shelf

    Expand your storage space by building a ladder shelf. The extra shelving is perfect for books, binders, art and anything else you keep in your office.

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    DIY Faux Marble Desk

    Refresh your old or damaged desk by giving it a faux marble desktop makeover. Using contact paper, you can make your desk look like a brand new luxurious tabletop without much work.

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    DIY Magnetic Desk Accessory

    Keep your paper clicks, thumb tacks, pins and more together with this DIY magnetic holder. It will keep you from losing them and within easy reach when you need them.

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    DIY Stationery Organiser

    This cute DIY doubles as decor and it's the perfect way to sort your office supplies so you can find them quickly.