DIY Pinatas for Every Kind of Party

paper bag pinata
Lovely Indeed
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    DIY Pinata Techniques

    pineapple pinata
    Ivan Solis / Stocksy United

    Creating your own pinata isn't as hard as you may think. You can make pinatas a few different ways. The traditional method is to use paper mache. This method can be a little tedious at times, but the process is simple and, of course, lots of fun. Once you've mastered the technique, you can easily DIY any pinata you'd like.

    Another method that works best for some pinatas is to make a base with custom-cut pieces of cardboard that you tape or glue together. And if you're short on time, you can even make a pinata by starting with a paper bag. 

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    Paper Bag Pinata

    Need something for a last-minute celebration? Grab a paper bag, some tissue paper, and a few tools to create this incredibly easy pinata in less than an hour. By the time you're finished, no one will know it all started with a humble paper bag.

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    Donut Pinata

    DIY Donut Pinata
    Studio DIY

    There is nothing like a giant donut pinata filled with candy to put a huge smile on everyone's face! So grab some crepe paper and begin cutting some fringe. This huge pinata can be made in one day with inexpensive materials such as cardboard and multicolored crepe paper.

    DIY Donut Pinata from Studio DIY

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    Unicorn Pinata Makeover

    DIY Unicorn Pinata Makecover
    Oh Happy Day

    Makeover a standard store-bought horse pinata into something more magical by adding new crepe paper, multicolored fringe, and, of course, a horn!

    DIY Unicorn Pinata from Oh Happy Day​

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    Diamond Ring Pinata

    DIY Diamond Ring Pinata
    Something Turquoise

    Celebrate your friend's upcoming wedding by making a large diamond ring pinata to decorate for their wedding shower.

    DIY Diamond Ring Pinata from Something Turquoise.

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    Emoji Pinata Gift Box

    DIY Emoji Pinata
    Brite And Bubbly

    Put a smile on your sweetheart's (or friend's) face with a gift wrapped in an emoji pinata gift box on Valentine's Day (or on any friend's birthday). Search for the emoji you and your sweetie or friend text each other the most, and use that facial expression to decorate the box.

    DIY Emoji Pinata from Brite & Bubbly

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    Birthday Cake Pinata

    DIY Birthday Cake Pinata
    Studio DIY

    A pinata-sized slice of birthday cake is easiest to make with cardboard, rather than paper mache. Decorate the cardboard base with brightly colored crepe paper cut into long fringe strips.

    DIY Birthday Cake Pinata from Studio DIY​

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    Shooting Star Pinata

    DIY Shooting Star Pinata
    Delia Creates

    Everyone at your next party can make a wish on your DIY silver-and-gold shooting star pinata, which can be suspended from the ceiling. Unlike traditional pinatas, this one is easy to open: Just pull the string below the shooting star and the candy inside the pinata will rain down onto the floor.

    DIY Shooting Star Pinata from Delia Creates.

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    Pinata Letters

    DIY Pinata Letters
    Homey Oh My

    Spell out whatever you are celebrating with a pinata banner. You can easily customize your message for the event, whether it's a child's first birthday, an anniversary, or a graduation party.

    DIY Pinata Letters from Homey Oh My

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    Heart Pinata

    DIY Heart Pinata
    Lia Griffith

    Whether it's Valentine's Day, a wedding shower, or even a divorce party, this DIY scalloped heart pinata with copper, gold, and silver metallic detailing will be a hit at your next event.

    DIY Heart Pinata from Lia Griffith

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    Mini Unicorn Pinata

    DIY Mini Unicorn Pinata
    A Subtle Revelry

    For your child's next birthday, prevent kids from fighting over their turn to hit the pinata by making an adorable multicolored mini unicorn pinata for each child that they can open to get the candy inside.

    D​IY Mini Unicorn Pinata from A Subtle Revelry

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    Tropical Drink Pinata

    DIY Tropical Drink Pinata
    Studio DIY

    Nothing says summer like a tropical drink on the patio or by the pool, and this giant tropical drink pinata would be a fun surprise at your next summer party. Just make sure you have plenty of candy on hand, as there is a lot of space inside this huge pinata. Everyone can get handfuls of loot once it has been opened!

    D​IY Tropical Drink Pinata from Studio DIY

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    Gem Pinata

    DIY Gem Pinata
    Lovely Indeed

    Set the table with individual DIY gem pinatas that you can make by covering a printed diamond template with tissue paper strips cut into fringe. The gemstones can be placed at each place setting for inexpensive party decor for an engagement party or wedding anniversary.

    D​IY Gem Pinata from Lovely Indeed

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    Ice Cream Cone Pinata

    DIY Ice Cream Cone Pinata
    Oh Happy Day

    You scream, I scream, everyone will scream for this ice cream cone pinata. No matter the season, everyone loves ice cream, and this party pinata makes the perfect centerpiece for a sweets table.

    DIY Ice Cream Cone Pinata from Oh Happy Day

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    Mini Pinatas

    DIY Mini Pinatas
    Oh Happy Day

    These mini pinatas are almost too cute to break.

    DIY Mini Pinatas from Oh Happy Day

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    Lipstick Pinata

    DIY Lipstick Pinata
    Studio DIY

    This giant lipstick pinata is the perfect decor for a bachelorette party and is surprisingly easy to make with red, gold, and black crepe paper. It's also an amazing prop for selfies or group photos at the party!

    DIY Lipstick Pinata from Studio DIY

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    Pinata Numbers

    pinata numbers
    Oh Happy Day

    Celebrate your friend's birthday by making them their own custom-age pinata in stylish metallic fringe. They can break it open to reveal their birthday prize. The pinata numbers also make a great photo prop for birthday selfies; just be sure to get a photo of the pinata before they break it.

    DIY Pinata Numbers from Oh Happy Day

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    Pinata Garland

    DIY Pull Pinata Garland
    Love + Cupcakes

    What is more fun than a pinata? Having an entire wall filled with pinatas! String up a bunch of mini pinatas to make a brightly hued garland to decorate for any celebration. These are "pull pinatas" that open with a string, so you don't have to worry about errant sticks destroying your wall. 

    DIY Pinata Garland from Love + Cupcakes

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    Car Pinata

    DIY Car Pinata
    The House That Lars Built

    Surprise your special someone with this "Love Bug" pinata made with cardboard and loads and loads of groovy shag fringe.

    DIY Car Pinata from The House That Lars Built

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    Hair-Themed Pinatas

    The House That Lars Built

    For a beauty-themed party that no one will ever forget, decorate with an assortment of huge hair-themed pinatas, such as scissors, a brush, a comb, and a hairdryer.

    DIY Hair Themed Pinatas from The House That Lars Built

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    Monogram Pinata

    DIY Monogram Pinata
    Oh Happy Day

    Instead of decorating with balloons and streamers for someone's birthday party, hang up a custom monogram pinata with fringe detailing to personalize the party decor.

    DIY Monogram Pinata from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY Flamingo Pinata

    DIY Flamingo Pinata
    Studio DIY

    Swap out the pink plastic flamingos in your yard for a bright pink flamingo pinata for your next patio party.

    DIY Flamingo Pinata from Studio DIY