You Need This Now: A DIY Picnic Blanket

Enjoy a summer afternoon by planning a picnic with family and friends

The best way to spend the long days of summer is outdoors with friends and family, and one easy way to gather a group together for fun in the sun time is for a picnic. Aside from making sure to pack some food and drinks to share the other essential item you will need to bring is a picnic blanket for everyone to sit on.

While store bought picnic blankets can be found they are often rather bland and tend to be expensive. Yet making your own picnic blanket is very easy to do. All you need to make...MORE your own picnic blanket is a canvas drop cloth which you can buy at a hardware store next to the plastic drop clothes. Here are 4 great DIY picnic blanket ideas that all use a drop cloth and paint to create a picnic blanket you will be proud to show off at your next picnic.

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    DIY Potato Stamped Picnic Blanket
    DIY Potato Stamped Picnic Blanket.

    Almost Makes Perfect has a handy guide on they transformed a regular drop cloth into a stunning patterned picnic blanket. To create a stamp they carved a potato cut in half into a triangle and used the potato stamp to stamp acrylic paint onto the drop cloth.

    DIY Potato Stamped Picnic Blanket from Almost Makes Perfect

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    DIY Sponge Stamped Dots Picnic Blanket
    DIY Sponge Stamped Dots Picnic Blanket. Proper

    Proper shows how to turn a regular drop cloth into a cute picnic blanket with colorful dots around the boarder. Using sponge or foam circle stamps they stamped multipurpose craft paint around the edge of the drop cloth to create an eye catching picnic blanket. Best of all this DIY is so easy to make it is a perfect DIY for the kids to do.

    DIY Sponge Stamped Dots Picnic Blanket from The Proper Blog

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    DIY Bicyle Travel Picnic Blanket
    DIY Bicyle Travel Picnic Blanket. Tried And True

    Once again using a canvas drop cloth as the base for this DIY picnic blanket Tried And True designed an easy to carry blanket by adding leather straps to the blanket so that it can easily be toted around. The beautiful bike design was added by using a Silhouette to cut Silhouette stencil material, and the design was stenciled on using a stippling brush.

    To learn how to create this beautiful DIY travel picnic blanket and to download the stencil pattern which you can use with your Silhouette to...MORE easily create your own stencil visit Tried And True.

    DIY Bicycle Travel Picnic Blanket from Tried and True

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    DIY Geometric Stencil Picnic Blanket
    DIY Geometric Stencil Picnic Blanket. Studio DIY

    Just like the other three DIYs Studio DIY used a fabric drop cloth as the base for their DIY picnic blanket. Abstractly around the edge of the blanket small geometric squares decorate the blanket which is made by cutting a square out of a piece of thick paper to create a stencil that is used to stencil on the design all around the blanket in shades of red and blue.

    DIY Geometric Stencil Picnic Blanket from The Sweetest Occasion 

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