DIY Paper Plate Apple Craft for Kids

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    Paper Plate Apple Craft

    What says fall more than a fun paper plate apple craft?  We love fall and we are anxiously awaiting it to begin as summer wraps up. The changing of the leaves, going apple picking, and the cooler temperatures are some of what makes fall our favorite season.  We decided to get a head start on fall by doing this fun fall apple craft for kids today. These paper plate apple cores make perfect fall decorations for the home or classroom and are also very quick to create. Plus paper plate crafts are affordable to make and easy for kids to do themselves. 

    Check out this simple tutorial and you can easily create these same apple decorations with your kids!

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    Supplies Needed for this Apple Craft

    • Red Paint
    • Green Paint
    • Paper Plate
    • Black Marker
    • Scissors
    • Glue
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    Step 1

    Start this apple craft by cutting your paper plate into three pieces. You want to cut out two sides that are in a leaf spade. This gives you both the apple core shape and the two leaf shapes that you will use in this simple paper plate craft! For older kids, you can draw the lines and let your kids cut them out themselves.

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    Step 2

    When your pieces are cut out the next step is to paint them. Paint the outer edge of the paper plate with red paint to create the top and bottom of your apple core. The side pieces that your cut out should be painted green, these will be your apple's leaves.

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    Step 3

    When the paint has dried it's time to add seeds to the middle of your apple! Use your black marker to create the seeds. To make them you just draw a teardrop shape and color in with a black marker. Add as few or as many as you want.

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    Step 4

    The last step is to attach your leaves to the top. Overlap the two pieces and glue together. After gluing the two pieces together you then want to glue them onto the back of your apple core at the top.

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    Finished Paper Plate Apple Craft

    Tada! You have a super cute paper plate apple craft for kids! I LOVE how cute these fall decorations look in my daycare and house. They are a great seasonal decoration and you can easily keep them up all season!