DIY Nursery Art: Yarn-Wrapped Letters

Personalize your nursery or kid's room with this easy DIY project

Yarn-wrapped letters nursery wall art
Photo by Kitty Lascurain

Your little one’s name is like music to your ears. Why not make it a treat for your eyes too? Add a personalized touch to your baby’s nursery with this fun and easy yarn-wrapped letter project.

Our step-by-step tutorial will take you through the wrapping process, offering plenty of helpful tips and tricks along the way. Whether you spell out your child’s entire name or create a single, embellished initial, these lovely yarn-wrapped letters are sure to attract attention, saving you a bundle on expensive, store-bought wall art.​

Ready to wrap? Just follow these simple steps.

Supplies Needed

  • Colored yarn
  • Crafting glue
  • Scissors
  • 8" letters (Available in most craft stores in both wood and cardboard.)


  1. Before you begin, take a moment to make a plan. How you wrap your letter will depend on the shape of the letter you are using. Some letters will require a double wrap, meaning you must wrap the entire letter horizontally and then again vertically to cover all the surfaces. Other letters can be “patched” by gluing short, ready-cut pieces of yarn to an end or along a short side of a letter. The unfinished yarn ends will be covered during the wrapping process, giving the letter an appearance of a double wrap. 
  2. Begin with any areas that need patching. Start by precutting your yarn into short pieces (approximately twice the length of the area you are trying to cover.) Glue your first piece as close as possible to the end of the area you are trying to cover, leaving an equal amount of tail string on either side. Allow this piece to dry completely before continuing your patch. You will need to set each new sting tightly against the previous string, and you don’t want your anchor string slipping off the edge as you work.
  3. Continue gluing down pieces of the string until you have covered the desired area. Secure any loose tails to the letter with glue. (Remember, these will be covered when you begin wrapping.) Allow the finished patch to dry before moving on.
  4. Using a substantial amount of glue, glue the end of your yarn to the backside of your letter, placing it as close as possible to the edge. (You will need to wait for the glue to dry, ensuring a good strong bond before starting to wrap.)
  5. Begin to wrap your letter, applying glue on all sides for the first couple rows, until your wrap is well established.
  6. Continue to wrap, applying glue to the backside ONLY. 
  7. Once you've wrapped the entire letter once, cut your yarn and secure it to the edge by gluing it down on all sides. (Just as you did when establishing the wrap.) Let the glue dry thoroughly.
  8. If your letter requires the second wrap, begin wrapping in the opposite direction (vertically versus horizontally). After establishing the first few rows, continue to wrap, securing each strand to the BACKSIDE of the letter with glue.
  9. Because the yarn does not stick to itself well, you may need to add glue to the front side, especially when wrapping a long section. Use only small dots of glue as necessary, and alternate their position each time to prevent blobs of glue from forming in one area.
  10. Cut your yarn and secure it to the edge by gluing it down on all sides. Then set the project aside to dry.
  11. Decorate your finished letters using beads, flowers, and other embellishments.

Helpful Tips

  • Work in small sections, gluing as you go. Use as little glue as possible. Crafting glue usually dries clear, but if too much glue is absorbed into the yarn, it will create a discolored patch.
  • Avoid wrapping the yarn too tightly, especially when wrapping a long section. The yarn will stretch as you pull it. When you let go, the yarn will retract, causing it to separate from the glue.

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