26 Ways to Decorate a Notebook

purple and flower decorated notebooks
Art Decoration and Crafting

Are you the type of person who has to put your creative stamp on everything? Decorating notebooks might just be your next obsession. Notebooks provide an easy way to create personalized supplies to use at school, work, or in your home office. The following ways to decorate a notebook cover are fun, creative, and easy DIY projects that anyone can do.

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    DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

    diy fabric covered notebook
    Caylin Harris

    This simple DIY dresses up an ordinary notebook with a fabric of your choice. Customize with a bold pattern or use something a little more subtle that still reflects your personality.

    DIY Fabric Covered Notebook from The Spruce

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    Washi Tape Pencils and Notebooks

    notebooks and pencils decorated with washi tape
    Lia Griffith

    Washi tape and paper crafting just seem to go together. Attach strips of colored tape in rows onto the notebook cover, and you will have a journal that is pretty and one-of-a-kind. Wrap matching washi tape around pencils to coordinate with your notebook. Making a strong design statement has never been easier!

    Washi Tape Your Pencils and Notebooks from Lia Griffith

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    Wood Notebooks

    light wood covered notebook

    Cover a cheap notebook with some pretty self-adhesive faux wood vinyl. These notebooks almost look like real wood from far away. 

    DIY Wood Notebook from Burkatron

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    Painted Notebooks

    painted notebooks
    Dyan Reaveley

    Dyan Reaveley covers notebooks with her fabulous painted designs. If you are artistic, take some inspiration from this DIY and paint beautiful notebook covers with your own creations. Experienced painters can use acrylic paints or watercolors to produce notebook covers that are real pieces of art.

    Painted Notebook Samples from Dyan Reaveley

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    Washi Tape Sticker Notebooks

    washi tape notebooks
    Hello Creative Family

    Decorate your notebook with some DIY washi tape stickers. It's not as hard as you might think! Crystal from Hello Creative Family has a tutorial that teaches you how to design your own washi tape stickers for pennies. You'll never need to buy stickers and labels for your projects again.

    DIY Washi Tape Stickers Decorated Notebooks from Hello Creative Family

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    Fabulous Notebook Makeovers

    notebook decorated with ribbons, pens, and scrapbook paper
    Little Birdie Secrets

    Decorate an ordinary composition book with cute leftover paper scraps and ribbon. Add some pens and you will be prepared for class! Just paste some coordinating scrapbook paper onto the cover and construct a pen holder with ribbon. Your notebook is now as practical as it is pretty.

    Fabulous Notebook Makeovers from Little Birdie Secrets

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    Zentangle Inspired Notebook

    zentangle inspired notebook
    Miranda D

    Zentangle is the art of drawing repetitive designs with a thin-lined Micron marker. It takes a bit of practice to master the steps, but even the artistically challenged can produce lovely drawings following simple guidelines. This notebook cover inspiration features rows of doodle art, stamped feather clip art, a matching flower, and strips of paper in shades of turquoise and blue.

    Zentangle Inspired Decorated Notebook from Miracle Art Inspirations

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    Embroidered Notebook Covers

    embroidered notebook cover
    Creative Workshop Inspiration

    Protect your notebook with a vinyl cover embellished with embroidered flowers. What a unique way to use your needlework skills!

    Embroidered Notebook Cover from Creative Workshop Inspiration

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    Mini Memo Notebook

    scrapbook paper decorated notebook
    Larissa Holland

    These small decorated notebooks are the perfect size to tuck into your purse. Print the free notebook cover template onto heavy-duty brown cardstock and cut it out. Wrap the cover around a small composition book and then decorate the spine. Such a pretty journal to jot down your thoughts on-the-go!

    Mini Memo Book Covers from mmmcrafts

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    Monarch Butterfly Notebook

    monarch butterfly paper notebook
    Pink Stripey Socks

    These monarch butterfly notepads are a craft your kids will want to help you create. Have them make a few extras for gifting to friends and family.

    Butterfly Notebook from Pink Stripey Socks

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    Monogram Journals

    Monogram letter m journal

    Monogrammed notebooks are a smart way to make a special present for your friends. They will think of you fondly every time they write in this journal.

    DIY Mother's Day Monogram Journals from Willowday

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    Terrazzo Style Notebooks

    terrazzo style decorated notebook
    Enthralling Gumption

    Terrazzo is a material that has been used to make floors and walls since the 15th century. The compound has chips of marble, quartz, glass, or granite which give it a distinctive pattern. This notebook cover mimics that look. 

    DIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks from Enthralling Gumptions

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    Small Pocket Notebooks

    four decorated notebooks
    White House Crafts

    These cute pocket-sized notebooks are just the right size to pop into your purse. All you need are stickers, a stapler, and some colorful paper to make these sweet little books.

    Craft It: Small Pocket Notebooks from White House Crafts

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    X's and O's Notebook

    x's and o's decorated notebooks
    The Crafted Life

    This decorated notebook cover was originally designed as a Valentine's Day gift, but it could work for any occasion. Make it as a favor for your next bridal or baby shower. Your guests will love it!

    10 Minutes or Less: Valentine’s Day Notebooks from The Crafted Life

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    Mini Chalkboard Notebooks

    mini chalkboard notebooks
    bre purposed

    You can find mini notebooks at any discount store, but the covers are usually ho-hum. Make them unique with chalk paint and a chalk marker. Attach some leather strips to the spine, and they look like they came from an upscale gift store.

    DIY Mini Chalkboard Notebooks from brepurposed

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    Stitched Notebooks

    DIY Stitched notebooks
    Pretty Life Girls

    Aren't these heart-shaped notebook covers just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Cut a heart-shaped hole into the notebook cover and glue your favorite paper design to the backside. Add some hand-stitching to the perimeter of the heart, and you are finished. How lovely!

    DIY Stitched Notebooks from Pretty Life Girls

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    Decorated Notebooks for Back-to-School

    Sparkly math notebook
    Trinkets in Bloom

    Who says school notebooks have to be dull and boring? Label each subject with gold lettering, and attach the glittery paper to the spine for a glamorous new notebook.

    DIY Notebooks for Back to School from Trinkets in Bloom

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    Vinyl Letter Notebooks

    vinyl letter notebooks
    The Beauty Dojo

    These notebooks have simple black vinyl lettering against a white background––proof that the design principle "less is more" can be pure elegance.

    Vinyl Letter Notebooks from The Beauty Dojo

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    Leather Stamp Notebook

    Leather stamped notebook
    The Merry Thought

    Sometimes we just want to label our notebooks rather than cover the front with elaborate decorations. Learn how to make and attach a simple leather tag to a moleskin notebook. This project is so chic, you'll want to make extras as gifts.

    DIY Leather Stamp Notebook from The Merry Thought

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    Altered Books for Little People

    altered house coloring book
    Kate's Creative Space

    Do you have small children in your home? Make them some house-shaped altered notebooks. Cut a notebook at an angle to mimic a roofline, then glue on small wooden shingles, kraft paper, and scrapbook tiles to finish the cover. The books are just adorable, and will quickly become your child's favorite! Adults will love them too.

    Altered Books for Little People from Kate's Creative Space

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    Woodgrain Heart Notebooks

    woodgrain decorated notebook
    Damask Love

    Make this beautiful notebook cover from craft paper and woodgrain stamps. You can change out the red glitter heart for another type of sticker if you like––a woodland creature would be especially cute.

    Woodgrain Valentine Notebooks from Damask Love

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    DIY Leather Covered Notebooks

    DIY leather notebook cover
    I Try DIY

    The tutorial demonstrates just how easy it is to make a sturdy protective notebook cover from leather—it's just a matter of cutting a square of leather and wrapping it around your notebook.

    DIY Leather Cover for Kimidori Project Notebooks from I Try DIY

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    Back-to-School Printable Notebook Stickers

    printable notebook stickers
    Design Eat Repeat

    Kids love to cover their school notebooks with stickers. Download these cute summer-themed stickers for free, then print them onto adhesive paper. The labels are much more beautiful than the pre-printed ones you buy in stores, allowing you to add your own unique touch to back-to-school supplies.

    Back to School Printable Notebook Stickers from Design Eat Repeat

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    Personalized Notebooks

    Personalized notebook cover
    The Things She Makes

    Bright colors and raised gold letters will take your plain Jane notebooks to the next level.

    DIY Stationery Personalized Notebooks from The Things She Makes

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    Printable Composition Book Covers

    math and science printable notebook covers
    Damask Love

    Are you design-challenged but still want to make your school notebooks pretty? Damask Love offers two free printable composition book covers for download. All you have to do is print them out and glue onto your notebook covers. Instant style! It doesn't get any easier than this.

    Printable Composition Book Covers from Damask Love

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    DIY Floral Paper Notebooks

    Purple and flower decorated notebooks
    Art Decoration and Crafting

    Add some interest to your hardcover drawing notebooks with tape and floral paper. It brings a colorful, artistic, and feminine touch to your notebooks.

    Notebooks with Interest from Art Decoration and Crafting