14 DIY No-Sew Curtain Tutorials

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    Easy DIY Curtains You Can Make Without a Sewing Machine

    Drapes are often the last thing people think about when decorating a space, but they make a big impact when done well. If your room has a lot of windows, finding window treatments can be stressful and costly. Think about how you want the space to look then consider making some DIY curtains instead. 

    These DIY curtain ideas pull in a wide range of design styles and techniques. Most of the tutorials can be completed in a couple of hours, and a few even claim they can be done in ten minutes or less. Pick a set of drapes that will coordinate with your space and get inspired!

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    Learn How to Hem a Curtain Panel

    Hemming curtain panels that are too long is a common to-do when making or purchasing drapes. The good news is that you don't need a sewing machine to get the job done. This tutorial will show you how to make and hem DIY curtains using double-sided fabric tape.

    Easy No Sew Curtain Panels from Artsy Chicks Rule

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    Add a Pom Pom Trim

    To make a pair of curtains look more whimsical, consider adding a pom pom trim. You can choose a variety of fabrics and colors depending on your design taste. These white curtains with a black pom pom edging make the entire room look more polished. 

    DIY No Sew Pom Pom Curtains from Blue Door Living

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    Roll up Some Fabric to Create a Valance

    This shade design could technically roll down and cover the entire window, but it's meant to be stationary. The addition of fabric to the top of a window can soften a space and add some much needed interest. All you need to get started is a curtain rod, a sheet of fabric and some rope or ribbon.

    How to Make a No Sew Rolled Fabric Shade from The Inspired Room 

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    Cover Kitchen Windows With Cafe Curtains

    Cafe curtains cover half the window and work well in space where you might want some privacy but a lot of light too. An easy way to make cafe curtains for your kitchen is to cut down a pair of long drapes you already own. You'll need an iron and some iron-on bonding tape to tackle this tutorial. 

    Easy No Sew Curtains from Savvy Southern Style

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    Add a Fabric Accent to the Top of Drapery Panels

    If you don't mind the function of stationary drapery panels, you can hang them to a valance relatively quickly using a staple gun. The crafter also uses safety pins to create a fabric accent at the top of the window treatments. 

    Simple No Sew Drapery Panels from Cleverly Inspired

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    Turn a Tablecloth Into a Kitchen Valance

    Tablecloths tend to have fun patterns that would work well in a kitchen area as a window treatment. Check your existing stock of tablecloths or head to a thrift store for some inspiration. If you want to put the valance above the sink, a tension rod will work between cabinets so you don't have to drill into the wall. 

    Make a Quick and Easy Window Valance from One Good Thing

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    Use Sheets to Make Farmhouse-Style Curtains

    Purchasing a pair of farmhouse curtains can get expensive. They can also be relatively difficult to keep clean. Instead of fussing with curtains that can shrink, consider using a pair of flat sheets. Sheets are easy to wash, steam and hang.

    Farmhouse Style Cheap Curtains from Must Have Mom

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    Stencil a Drop Cloth for an Updated Look

    An inexpensive way to update existing curtains is by using a stencil and fabric paint on solid fabric. To make the curtains appear more rustic, consider stenciling on drop cloth fabric that looks and feels like canvas. 

    How to Stencil a Drop Cloth Curtain from Sondra Lyn

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    Put Together a Privacy Screen for the Bathroom

    If you need to add privacy to a bathroom window, consider a privacy screen instead of a standard set of curtains. This way there are no gaps that nosy neighbors or passers-by can peek through. Pick a fabric that is slightly transparent so that the light will still filter through into the space. 

    How to Make a Pretty DIY Window Privacy Screen from Thrift Diving

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    Use Tea Towels or Napkins as a Window Treatment

    If you need a really fast and eclectic looking window treatment, consider using some colorful napkins or tea towels. Simply attach curtain ring clips to the corners of the napkins and hang on a curtain rod.

    The Pioneer Woman's Linens Gone Wild from Debbie Doo's

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    Stick on Some Vinyl to Make Polka Dots

    This non-messy curtain tutorial utilizes heat transfer vinyl instead of paint to create a polka dot pattern. The project takes half the time because there is no waiting for paint to dry. Just be sure to measure your lines carefully, so you don't set the polka dots on a slant. 

    No Paint Black and White DIY Curtains from Cuckoo 4 Design

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    Tie-Dye a Pair of Curtains for a Bohemian Look

    Once you have your basic curtains made or purchased, think about how you can upgrade them to better fit with the style of your home. Tie-dying is an easy and affordable option for anyone looking to add eclectic or bohemian flair to a room. 

    DIY Fold and Clamp Tie Dye from The White Buffalo Styling Co

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    Paint on Horizontal Stripes Using Acrylic Paint

    To give your living room a nautical feel, consider a pair of DIY no-sew curtains that have horizontal stripes in navy and white. You can achieve this look by painting a pair of white drapes with navy acrylic paint. 

    How to Paint Striped Curtain Panels from View Along the Way

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    Use a Curtain Panel as a Room Divider

    One innovative way to use no-sew curtains is as a room divider. This tutorial will work well if you have an awkward opening that you'd like blocked off, like the entrance to a laundry room. Gather a tension rod, clip rings and some fabric to get a head start on this project. 

    10 Minute No Sew DIY Curtain Tutorial from Unskinny Boppy