Warm up: 14 DIY Mugs for Coffee or Tea

Mug featuring the letter A in gold
Earnest Home Co. Earnest Home Co.
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    DIY Speckled Dip Mug

    DIY Speckled Dip Mug
    The Merry Thought

    Transform your boring white mug to look like a gorgeous clay and porcelain mug by painting the bottom of the mug with two colors of dishwasher-safe paint to give the look of clay.

    DIY Speckled Dip Mug from The Merry Thought

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    DIY Hugs And Kisses Mug

    DIY Hugs And Kisses Mug
    The Proper

    Show off your romantic side and make some hand painted Xs and Os mugs using porcelain paint to make the perfect mug for sipping tea from, or give it to your boyfriend or girlfriend as a surprise gift.

    DIY Hugs And Kisses Mug from The Proper

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    DIY Artistic Brushstroke Mug

    DIY Artistic Brushstroke Mug
    The Sweetest Occasion

    Show off your artistic side by freehand painting 3 brushstrokes side by side of complimentary colors using porcelain paint on a white mug to make yourself a new mug.

    DIY Artistic Brushstroke Mug from The Sweetest Occasion

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    DIY Sprinkles Mug

    DIY Sprinkles Mug
    Studio DIY

    Anyone who gets a hot mug of cocoa is sure to smile when you serve it in this super cute DIY sprinkles mug that is made by downloading a sprinkles template file that works with your Cricut and assorted color vinyl. After the vinyl sprinkles have been cut with the Cricut just peel and stick them on the mug.

    DIY Sprinkles Mug from Studio DIY

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    DIY Gold Initial Mug

    DIY Gold Initial Mug
    Earnest Home Co.

    A personalized mug with a potted herb plant placed inside is a great gift idea that you can make for under $5. Customize a blank mug by crafting your own letter stencil using vinyl and use spray paint to paint in the design and the mug's handle.

    DIY Gold Initial Mug from Earnest Home Co

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    DIY Metallic Painted Mugs

    DIY Metallic Painted Mugs
    Design Improvised

    Add some metallic detailing to your old mug by painting the bottom part of the cup with metallic ceramic or multi-purpose craft paint.

    DIY Metallic Painted Mugs from Design Improvised

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    DIY Watercolor Mug

    DIY Watercolor Mug

    Break out your favorite bottle of nail polish and use it to paint your mug to create a stunning watercolor splash finish on the mug. Best of all each mug is unique, and they are so simple to make even the kids can join in making their own mug.

    DIY Watercolor Mug from Poppytalk

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    DIY But First Coffee Mug

    DIY But First Coffee Mug
    A Beautiful Mess

    Need you first cup of coffee before you are ready to take on the day? If so, make one of these fun DIY but first coffee mugs that are made by writing on a blank mug with a paint marker.

    DIY But First Coffee Mug from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Chalkboard Mug

    DIY Chalkboard Mug
    Unusually Lovely

    Put a smile on someone's face by writing a cute message on this handmade chalkboard mug that has a central chalkboard text bubble so you can easily customize the mug with a piece of chalk or a chalk marker. One great idea would be to make a set of these mugs for your household and have everyone write their name on their mug they are using.

    DIY Chalkboard Mug from Unusually Lovely

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    DIY Patterned Mug

    DIY Patterned Mug
    Delia Creates

    Hand paint your own design from such as dots, lines or triangles on an old mug or cup and saucer with this easy DIY that you can do tonight.

    DIY Patterned Mug from Delia Creates


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    DIY Eyelash Or Cactus Mug

    DIY Eyelash and Cactus Mugs
    Enthralling Gumption

    Draw on your own quirky pattern using a porcelain paint pen on a mug to make a fun cup for your coffee break at work.

    DIY Eyelash Or Cactus Mug from Enthralling Gumption

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    DIY Gilded Mugs

    DIY Gilded Mugs
    The Winthrop Chronicles

    Like most DIYers chances are you have some leftover gold spray paint from a previous project, so put it to use by updating your old mugs by adding some gold detailing to the bottom of the mug.

    DIY Gilded Mugs from The Winthrop Chronicles​

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    DIY Two Tone Dipped Mug

    DIY Two Tone Dipped Mug
    This Heart Of Mine

    Make a set of color dipped mugs by heading to your local second-hand store and buying some white mugs to decorate with a quick coat of paint to give your family a set of mugs perfect for lazy Sunday morning brunches together.

    DIY Two Tone Dipped Mug from This Heart Of Mine

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    DIY Glitter Mug

    DIY Glitter Mug
    White House Black Shutters

    Add a bit of sparkle to your morning by DIYing a glitter mug that is dishwasher safe after the mug has fully dried.

    Learn how to get glitter to stick to your old mug and have it stay on even after repeatedly being washed in the dishwasher by visiting White House Black Shutters.

    DIY Glitter Mug from White House Black Shutters