20 Lovely Mother's Day Card Ideas You Can DIY

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    For Mom

    Skip the store-bought card this year. Instead, add personality and individuality to your Mother's Day by going totally DIY with Mom's card. Get started with these 20 ideas, then let your imagination run wild! We are positive the gesture will go a long way in Mom's eyes.

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    Aqua Bicycle Card

    This whimsical coordinating card and stationery set is perfect for Mom this year. The pops of aqua are absolutely on-trend, and the printable stationery makes for an easy homemade gift.

    Aqua Bicycle Card from She's Kinda Crafty

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    Best Mom in the World Card

    Get wordy with a font-forward card. The earth tones in this design look stellar printed on natural paper, and as a bonus, download a matching gift tag for a fully coordinated present.

    Best Mom in the World Card from Basic Invite

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    Printable Tropical Petal Card

    You'll need to print this card out double-sided, but the final product is definitely worth it. Personalize your own message on the inside of the card, then wrap it all up neatly with the watercolor paper petals. Seal the card with a matching sticker and you're good to go!

    Printable Tropical Petal Card from Lia Griffith

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    Funny Mother's Day Cards

    Tap in to Mom's funny bone this year with these winky cards. Perfect for the family that enjoys a good laugh, this set of printable cards is sure to bring joy to your gathering.

    Funny Mother's Day Cards from Landeelu

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    Pastel Scalloped Card

    Print a few of these cute little circular tags to construct a card, DIY a gift tag or two, or assemble a simple cake topper. Vary your paper colors and layers to experiment a bit with this simple, pretty design.

    Pastel Scalloped Card from Anna and Blue

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    Watercolor Card

    Perfect for the artistically-inclined Mom, this lovely printable design looks so close to hand painted that it's sure to impress. Up the ante and add a gift of original artwork or a lovely set of painter's brushes.

    Watercolor Card from How About Orange

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    Floral Heart Mother's Day Card

    Delicate cover art leads the way for a personal message inside this printable, colorful card.

    Floral Heart Mother's Day Card from I Should be Mopping the Floor

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    DIY Embroidered Mother's Day Card

    Grab your embroidery tools and stitch a greeting for Mom directly into heavyweight paper. This tutorial provides a nice refresher for simple stitches, so it's a great project for first-time embroiderers.

    DIY Embroidered Mother's Day Card from How About Orange

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    Momma Bird Card

    A perfect DIY option for little ones, this cut-and-paste construction paper card ends up looking not only super sweet, but also quite professional.

    Pro tip: use card stock for a sturdier craft with layers that really pop.

    Momma Bird Card from mmmcrafts

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    Crochet Mother's Day Card

    Create a true keepsake card with a bit of crochet. Choose coordinating yarn, crochet a couple of simple flowers, stitch together, glue to card stock, and finish with a contrasting scalloped edge to bring it all together.

    Crochet Mother's Day Card from Little Things Blogged

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    DIY Nail Polish Card

    Not only is this card a quick print-and-go, but it includes an on-theme option for a little gift as well. Finish the present with a gift card for a mani/pedi and truly make Mom's day!

    DIY Nail Polish Card from Smart School House

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    Origami Letter Card

    Break out the patterned paper and fold your way into Mother's Day. Simple origami techniques come together to form letters in this original card.

    Origami Letter Card from Zakka Life

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    String Flower Card

    Kiddos can definitely take part in this one-it's easy enough for little hands and and utilizes a handy template. Just be sure to use a plastic safety needle if your little ones are participating, and get ready to create a lovely piece of art together.

    String Flower Card from Hello Wonderful

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    Washi Tape Lettering Card

    Create your own washi tape appliques to pop onto the front of your card this year. Add a contrasting envelope and you've got a polished, handmade gift for Mom.

    Washi Tape Lettering Card from Omiyage Blogs

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    Pom Pom Card

    Add both texture and sweetness to your Mother's Day cards with pastel pom poms. Design a happy Momma penguin and her chicks or create a whole jar of glowy fireflies.

    Pom Pom Card from Design for Soul

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    Button Flower Card

    A perfect use for those spare buttons gathering dust in your sewing box–glue a cluster onto colorful construction paper and add a stem to complete the effect. This is another excellent option for children–no messy paint or tricky cuts needed.

    Button Flower Card from The Best Ideas for Kids

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    DIY Sundae Card

    Combine your Mother's Day card with a fun dessert activity to celebrate sweetly. Baggie toppings (think: rainbow sprinkles, mini marshmallows, or chocolate chips) and tape to the front of your card. Just add a scoop or two of ice cream and you're ready to party!

    DIY Sundae Card from Smart School House

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    Hand Painted Card

    Prep your brushes and watercolors and practice your florals to replicate this stunning card. Paint teeny leaves and buds to fill a few graphic letters on the face of the card for a dynamic visual.

    Hand Painted Card from Adventures in Making

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    DIY Typography Card

    Devise your own special message for Mom, and use a craft knife or Cricut machine to cut letters into a piece of colorful cardstock. There are limitless options for text here, so get mushy and personal or flex your funny bone.

    DIY Typography Card from Lovely Indeed

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    Donut Mother's Day Card

    This DIY Mother's Day card plays off a cute pun to make your mom feel special and appreciated. She'll love the tiny details and the sweet sentiment of your message to her. All you'll need is cardstock, mini models, pinking shears, and glue.