DIY Mother's Day Card

Caylin Harris

Getting Started

Donut themed Mother's Day card
Caylin Harris

It's hard to walk through the card aisle and find just the right one that captures your unique bond with your mom. So this year on her special day, instead of settling for something generic, why not make your own version? It's so easy, and if you're crafty you probably have most of the materials on hand already. So get creative and come up with something that will really impress her, make her laugh, or immortalize one of your favorite inside jokes. We can pretty much guarantee that she'll love it.

Gather Your Supplies

Card making supplies
Caylin Harris

The supplies you need for this craft are going to vary based on the design you want. The list below is to get the look (or close to it) that we did here. You can take or leave whatever elements you want. But here's what you'll need:

  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • Glue stick
  • Adhesive letter stickers
  • Small model
  • Craft adhesive

Cut Your Card Shape

Caylin Harris

You're going to start with two pieces of cardstock. It looks best if they're complementary colors or different shades in the same color family. Start by folding your first piece of card stock in half, where you folded will become the spine of your card. Cut the card down to your desired size. Do the same with the second piece of card stock. You'll want to cut down the second piece so that it can fit comfortably into the first piece. Check to make sure it fits, but don't glue it yet, wait until you've planned out more of your design first.

Decorate the Card

Cardstock being cut with pinking shears
Caylin Harris

Use your pinking shears to cut a cool border on the edge of the card. When you're using a pair of shears like this you want to work slowly to make sure that you're not overlapping the cut outs—just take your time. Once you've done that, you can glue the inside piece of card stock inside the outer piece that you've hole punched. Now it will really show off the pattern with the contrasting color. To glue, you'll want to use a glue stick instead of the craft adhesive. It will be smooth, without lumps and bumps that would happen if you used regular craft glue. 

Finish It Up

Finished Mother's Day card
Caylin Harris

Keep the front of the card simple and add your clever line or pun. Glue on the tiny model or appliqué that you chose. You're really unlimited in what you can use to decorate the card with. Check out the scrapbook section to see what miniatures they have that would be perfect to illustrate whatever you want to communicate to mom. While you can hand letter your message on, you can also use little adhesive letters to give your card a more professional feel. But again, if you're into hand lettering, do your thing.

And you're done! How easy was that? Mom will love that you made it yourself—seriously, what mom can resist a homemade gift? Even if you're not five anymore. The personal touch will really be the best part of your gift!