DIY Matching Mommy and Me Shirts

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    How to Make Matching Mommy and Me Shirts

    Lovely Indeed

    If you love all of the fun, typographical tee shirt styles that are popping up, then have we got a project for you! These matching mommy and me shirts are the perfect DIY to make in an afternoon with your kiddos, or for yourself and your babe. And even better, make them for a mother-child duo and surprise them for Mother's Day!

    These are particularly fun if you have nicknames that you could use, a song lyric you love, or just a sweet mom-baby team that really loves to match. No matter when or where, everybody loves a cute mom and baby pun, so use your imagination to create some cute phrases. Add them to a plain shirt and let the "oohs" and "aahs" commence when people stop to ask you where you got your matching shirts!

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    Gather Materials

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    For this project, you'll need some nice comfy plain tee shirts. Any style or color will work, as long as they fit well and are mostly cotton. It's a nice touch to have similar colors, or colors within the same family for mom and baby.


    • Plain shirts in mom and baby sizes
    • Iron-on flocked letters
    • Iron
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    Choose Letters

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    There should be a wide variety of iron-on flocked letters at any craft store. As you're making your selection, consider what will read well on the color of shirts that you're using. Also consider letter size; letters that are too big won't work well on a baby shirt, but letters that are too small won't be easy to read.

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    Iron Shirt

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    Before starting your project, give your shirts a quick once-over with a hot iron to remove any wrinkles.

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    Spell Your Words

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    Brainstorm some phrases that would be fun on the matching shirts! We went with Sugar Pie and Honey Bunch, but the sky is totally the limit so find some phrases that you love. Other fun ideas could be Mama Bear and Baby Bear, Big Spoon and Little Spoon, Tall and Small, Mom and Babe, and so on.

    Start pulling the letters off of their sheets and placing them on the shirts, being sure that the flocked side is up and the iron-on side is face down. Arrange them on the shirts in the shape and spacing that you'd like, being sure that they're centered properly.

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    Iron Letters

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    With a hot iron, press down firmly on the letters on the front of the shirt. Be careful not to drag the iron at first, as you could shift the letters. Just press directly down and hold for 10 to 15 seconds in each area.

    Cover all of the letters and once they're all adhered, give them a few more passes of the iron to be sure that they're affixed. Then flip the shirts inside out and iron again in the same manner on the back sides of the letters.