Kids' Craft: Mini Popsicle Stick Spiders

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    Mini Popsicle Stick Spiders

    No need to be SCARED of these Mini Popsicle Stick Spiders! With Halloween just around the corner, NOW is the perfect time for you and your child to put those creative skills to good use & make these fun creepy crawly friends together!

    Using mini craft sticks, black paint and a lot of glitter & glue – you and your child can pull this kid friendly craft activity together in no time! Then use your google-eyed finished pieces for Halloween party decorations or just for some pretend play fun!

    We...MORE got you covered with our simple step-by-step tutorial so be sure to click on through! Happy crafting this Halloween season, my friends!!!

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    Gather Your Materials

    • Mini popsicle sticks
    • School glue
    • Black craft paint
    • Paper plate
    • Paintbrush
    • Black cardstock
    • Kid scissors
    • Black glitter
    • Wiggle eyes
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    Glue the Popsicle Sticks

    First have children glue their mini popsicle sticks {7 total} together to look like a fence. Place five next to each other, then glue two popsicle sticks the other direction to hold it all together. Set aside to let it dry completely. Repeat for each mini spider you want to make.

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    Paint the Popsicle Sticks

    Once your pieces are secure, go ahead and have children paint their newly made popsicle stick piece completely black. Repeat each piece.

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    Add Glitter

    While the paint is still wet, go ahead and have children sprinkle some black glitter on top to give the spiders some Halloween flair. Shake off the excess and set aside to let it dry.

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    Cut Out the Spider Legs

    Now grab our black cardstock and scissors. Go ahead and cut out small strips out of the paper to represent the legs of the spider. We did 8 per spider but you are more than welcome to do more or less!

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    Cute and Spooky Spiders

    To finish off the Mini Popsicle Stick Spiders - have children glue the black cardstock legs to the popsicle stick piece, as well as the wiggle eyes to give it life. Then let it all dry completely again before playing/displaying with proudly!!! You can also add string to the back of your finished pieces for easy hanging around the house!