Make Your Own Memory Game

diy memory game
Caylin Harris
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    Getting Started

    diy memory game
    Caylin Harris

    Embrace your inner child and have fun doing it with this easy memory game. Don’t you remember how much fun this game was as a kid? Instead of silly faces or childish shapes, embrace a grown-up color palette and pretty patterns instead. The beauty of this set is that it will be nice enough to pull out on your next girl’s night in and with the small wooden chips we’re using, it will travel well. You're never too old for some classic games and when you make your own set, you know they’ll be pretty!

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    Gather Your Supplies

    diy memory game
    Caylin Harris

    There’s no one right way to do this project, so this supply list is merely a suggestion based on the version we created. If you have materials to decorate your wood chips differently, definitely use them. As long as you’re able to create two matching chips, you’re good to go:

    • Wooden chips
    • Paint
    • Painter’s tape
    • Foam brush
    • Patterned paper
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Spray adhesive
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    Decorate the Backs

    diy memory game
    Caylin Harris

    Start by placing a piece of painter’s tape diagonally across each of your wooden chips. You can choose to paint one side one color or you can choose a few colors that work together.

    As far as paint goes, simply use what you’ve got. If you have a few cool colors of craft paint, you can use those or you can save yourself a ton of time and use spray paint. Just be careful and spray gently because these small, round wood chips are very lightweight and could get blown around by the spray paint. So use caution! Let the chips dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

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    Cut Your Patterns Out

    diy memory game
    Caylin Harris

    In addition to painting, decorative paper makes a great option for some of your memory chips.

    Once your wood chips are completely dry, use them as stencils for tracing on your paper. Remember: you want to choose a pattern and then use it for two chips. So trace one for the initial pull and then a partner that you can match it to.

    Leftover pieces of scrapbook paper, construction paper, even old pieces of tissue paper or fabric will work. Really feel free to use the materials you have on hand! A project like this is ideal for those little leftover bits you tend to accumulate when you’re crafting. Simply trace your wood chip on whatever material you choose and cut them out. 

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    Make Your Matches

    diy memory game
    Caylin Harris

    Once you have all of your circles cut out, set them aside. Place all of your wood chips next to one another and lightly coat with the spray adhesive. Moving quickly, place all of your paper circles onto each wooden chip. The great part about the spray adhesive is that it won’t show through the paper and it will coat the entire surface of the chip so the paper has something to stick to securely.

    In less than an hour you’ve created a classic game that you’ve given an adult upgrade to. Take this out at parties or bring it on vacation—it’s just as fun as you remember it being as a kid!