DIY Marbled Nail Polish Phone Case

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    Transform a Boring Phone Case

    Marble Phone Case
    Lovely Indeed

    Cell phone cases serve a worthy purpose, keeping your smartphone safe and functioning. But there's no need to sacrifice form for function! This nail polish marbling technique is perfect for customizing a cell phone case and toting your phone around in style. You can personalize it to include your favorite colors, or change your cases out with the seasons. It's a super-simple crafty technique that you can keep in your arsenal to use again and again. And the best part is you've probably got all the supplies you need, right at home!

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    Gather Materials

    Marble Phone Case Materials
    Lovely Indeed

    Start with a bowl of clean, room temperature water. Gather your supplies and have all of your ​nail polish nearby and open. Once you start, you'll need to work fast so that the nail polish doesn't dry out too soon. It is recommended to read thoroughly through all the steps before beginning the project.

    Supplies Needed

    • Clear plastic cell phone case
    • Nail polish in three different shades
    • A large bowl filled with water
    • Toothpick or paintbrush
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    Add Color

    Materials prep
    Lovely Indeed

    Choose your first polish color. Use the nail polish brush to drip a few drops of the color onto the surface of the water. You'll want to work quickly but carefully; drop from just about an inch or so above the surface of the water (any higher and the polish will sink to the bottom). You'll notice that the polish will start to spread once it hits the water.

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    Layer More Color

    Materials prep
    Lovely Indeed

    Quickly continue in the same manner with your second and third colors, dripping a few drops of each over the top of the first color. Spread them around the surface of the water at random. They should start to swirl around each other a bit.

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    Create a Marbled Effect

    Materials blending
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    Use a toothpick or the handle tip of a small paintbrush to gently swirl the polish around a bit more, creating a marbled effect on the top of the water.

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    Dip the Case

    Marble Phone Case
    Lovely Indeed

    Take your cell phone case and hold it so that the outside of the case is face down toward the surface of the water. Gently touch it to the surface of the water so that the nail polish starts adhering to the case. You shouldn't need to fully submerge the case in the water.

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    Let It Dry

    Marble Phone Case
    Lovely Indeed

    Once the case is fully covered in the marbled polish, remove from the water and let it set out to dry. You may need to gently massage out any water droplets that got caught under the nail polish. If this is the case, just lightly press on the areas with water and work the water out toward the edge of the marbling.

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    Add Your Phone

    Completed project -- Marble Phone Case
    Lovely Indeed

    Insert your cell phone and sport your custom, one-of-a-kind case!