9 Ways to DIY a Graphic Tee

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    DIY Sith Happens Tee

    DIY Sith Happens Tee
    Domestic Bliss

    Show off your love of Star Wars with this dark side themed t-shirt that you can make by using white iron-on letters onto a black cotton shirt.  This DIY shirt would be perfect as a gift for your favorite Star Wars fan or wear it to the movie theater at opening night for the next Star Wars movie. Either way this shirt is sure to be a hit.

    DIY Sith Happens Tee Tutorial from Domestic Bliss

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    DIY Maker Tee

    DIY Maker Tee
    Delia Create

    Go out shopping for new craft supplies for your next DIY project with a super cute floral tee that says, maker. Making your own version of this shirt could not be easier just print the floral maker template onto iron-on paper and iron it onto a blank t-shirt. Who knows when walking around your hometown wearing your new maker tee you might meet other DIY loving people who approach you because of your amazing new tee.

    DIY Maker Tee Tutorial from Delia Creates

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    DIY Kale Tee

    DIY Kale Tee
    Adventures In Fashion

    Make your own knock-off version of Urban Outfitters humourous Yale university inspired t-shirt by using pre-made iron-on letters available at craft stores on a plain tee. The completed tee would be perfect to wear with your favorite pair of comfy jeans for lounging around the house or make it as a gift for your health-conscious friend.

    DIY Kale Tee Tutorial from  Adventures In Fashion

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    DIY Apres Ski Tee

    DIY Apres Ski Tee
    Francoise Et Moi

    Hit the slopes with a long sleeved pullover that says after skiing in French which would be the perfect way to keep warm for a day of skiing. You can make this shirt by decorating a black cotton sweater with iron-on letters in minutes, making it the perfect quick weekend DIY project.

    DIY Apres Ski Tee Tutorial from  Francoise Et Moi

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    DIY Amour Tee

    DIY Amour Tee
    The DIY Diary

    Add some French flair to your wardrobe by making your own shirt that says love in French with black fabric paint. This lovely top would look perfect with a pair of jeans or with your favorite pair of lounge pants for a casual night in watching Netflix.

    DIY Amour Tee Tutorial from The DIY Diary

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    DIY Y'ALL Tee

    DIY Y'ALL Tee
    Delia Creates

    Make your own graphic tee using freezer paper stencil for an inexpensive way to create your own custom shirt. To get started print the template and cut the design on a piece of freezer paper which will act as a stencil for your design.

    DIY Y'all Tee Tutorial from Delia Creates

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    DIY Smoother Than A Fresh Jar Of Skippy Tee

    DIY Smoother Than A Fresh Jar Of Skippy Tee
    Studio DIY

    Graphic tees continue to be a popular casual wardrobe staple, so make your own silly tee using black iron-on letters to make a smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy tee to wear while doing errands out of the house.

    DIY Smoother Than a Fresh Jar of Skippy Tee Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Wifey Tee

    DIY Wifey Tee
    Something Turquoise

    For your friend's bachelorette party make her this cute wifey t-shirt that she can proudly wear long after she is married to celebrate her wedding. The template for the design, along with two other wedding-themed shirts are available that work with your Cricut machine and iron-on vinyl.

    DIY Wifey Tee Tutorial from Something Turquoise

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    DIY This Tee

    DIY This Tee
    My Little Secrets

    Next time you are out getting supplies for your next DIY project put on your own DIY tee before you head out to broadcast your crafty side to everyone in the store. Chances are all your creative friends are going to want their own matching DIY this shirt too, so go ahead and start the trend in your social circle.

    DIY This Tee Tutorial from My Little Secrets