12 DIY Lego Tables

A lego table with chairs and bins

A Little of This, A Little of That 

These DIY Lego tables are a dream come true for both the Lego-loving kids in your home and the parents who want to keep everything organized. The kids will have a dedicated space to build along with some LEGO storage so everything goes back where it belongs.

There are a wide variety of Lego tables here including large tables for lots of kids to play at the same time to small portable tables just for one and everything in between. Most of the free Lego table plans are built with affordable Ikea products but any type of table, bought or built, would work for these.

A Lego table is an easy DIY project that anyone can tackle, no matter what your skill level. The kids can even help with the project or you can keep it a secret and give it as a special birthday or Christmas gift.

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