12 DIY Laptop Cases

Three colorful electronic cases

Purl Soho

Are you one of those people that throws your laptop or tablet in a large purse without so much as a sleeve protecting it? Stop and think again. Even a slim case is better than nothing. Then comes in the question, do you buy or DIY a laptop case?

There are so many readily available and affordable laptop cases that it seems unlikely that people would make their own. However, as we've seen, people do make their own, and oftentimes the time spent crafting one pays off. When you design a case from scratch, you're able to customize the size, material, and function in a way a store-bought case can't.

DIY laptop cases need to be both stylish and durable to make them worthwhile. We've collected some laptop case tutorials that will work for laptops, tablets, phones, and any other electronics you need to protect. Pick one and get started!