14 DIY Keychains That Make Great Gifts

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    Make a Keychain (Or Several!)

    Add a little flair to your day-to-day with a decorative bauble (or two) for your keyring. Go for sparkle with a bedazzled ornament, or show off your personality with a funky, colorful piece. The following ideas are simple enough to create a few for yourself, and lots more for your friends. Test a handful of these tutorials to gift, and get inspired to design your own!

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    Wooden Bead Keychain

    Go for a vintage-western vibe with these simple keychains. String pastel wooden beads (or paint your own) onto leather string, then tie off the ends securely. This is a great craft for a party—the supplies are inexpensive and each guest can individualize their piece easily.

    Wooden Bead Keychain from The Sweetest Occasion


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    Animal Figurine Keychain

    Capture your spirit animal in a cute keychain! Grab a cheap bag of plastic animal toys (your dollar store likely has a variety), select your species, coat with metallic spray paint and secure to a keyring with an eye screw. 

    Animal Figurine Keychain from The Sorry Girls

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    Polymer Clay Fruit Keychain

    Sculpt a selection of miniature fruits out of brightly colored clay, then bake and varnish for a lasting finish. These look especially cute grouped a few at a time: create a lemon and lime for a citrus-y pair, or mold an apple and orange as lunchbox pals.

    Polymer Clay Fruit Keychain from Dream a Little Bigger

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    DIY Tassel Keychain

    Assemble this do-it-yourself tassel keychain, and customize to match your favorite handbag. Add a few glass beads for a touch of sparkle, and these will look so professional, you’ll want to craft one in every color.

    DIY Tassel Keychain from Kenarry

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    Wood Monogram Keychain

    Create your own color-blocked, monogrammed keychains for your preppiest pals. Customize the color scheme to coordinate with a leather tassel, attach both to a key ring, and wow your recipients with this totally DIYed gift.

    Wood Monogram Keychain from Damask Love

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    Candy Heart Keychain

    Channel some of that candy heart sass into these clay figurine keychains. With the help of a small cookie cutter and stampable letters, this craft couldn’t be more straightforward. It's a perfect little present for this Valentine’s Day!

    Candy Heart Keychain from Club Crafted

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    Resin Map Keychain

    A great alternative to a framed photo, this personalizable gift perfectly captures the memories of a shared road trip or vacation. Paste a recognizable bit of map into a pendant, then seal with resin for a professional finish.

    Resin Map Keychain from Resin Crafts

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    Shrinking Plastic Keychain

    An accessible option for kid crafters, shrinking plastic is as simple to use as it is magical. Draw (or trace) a quirky image, then color with permanent marker before popping into the oven to heat-shrink. Make extra to use as sturdy gift tags too!

    Shrinking Plastic Keychain from The Sorry Girls

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    Fabric Cuff Keychain

    A perfect use for fabric scraps, these contrast-lined cuffs bring a ton of color and pattern to your keyring. Once you have your sewing machine out, whip up a bunch of options to change up the look of your accessories on any occasion.

    Fabric Cuff Keychain ​from Cleverly Inspired

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    Wine Cork Keychain

    Have you been saving wine corks for a future craft, but can’t quite decide how to put your collection to use? Tap into your stock a bit with this craft! Attach a couple of pretty charms or beads to a clean cork, then pop onto a keyring. These are especially lovely gifted with a bottle of your favorite red!

    Wine Cork Keychain from Lady and the Blog

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    Felt Cactus Keychain

    If you’re not opposed to hand stitching around some tight curves, attempt this lovely little felt cactus. Your tight handiwork will definitely be rewarded, as this mini-plushy turns out incredibly cute.

    Felt Cactus Keychain from Not So Cli-Shea

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    Rope Tassel Keychain

    Use a length of versatile cotton rope to craft a set of coordinating keyring tassels. Finish by wrapping the frayed rope in embroidery floss to add a few stripes of coordinating color.

    Rope Tassel Keychain from Alice and Lois

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    Glass Orb Keychain

    Add a dash of sophistication to your next DIYed gift. Source your favorite patterned scrapbook paper, cut to size, and layer a store-bought glass hemisphere over top. These keychains come together quickly; settle in to make a bunch during your next craft session.

    Glass Orb Keychain from Make Something Mondays

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    Pom Pom Keychain

    Spunky and festive, these yarn pom poms will add a burst of joy to any set of keys.

    Pro tip: invest in a plastic pom pom maker in a couple of sizes—they’ll save you on labor and time in the long run.

    Pom Pom Keychain from Made in a Day