DIY Key Holder

DIY key holder

Lovely Indeed 

Project Overview
  • Working Time: 20 mins
  • Total Time: 20 mins
  • Yield: Key Holder
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Estimated Cost: $10

A DIY key holder is a perfect home decor craft for beginners and experienced crafters alike! With a list of easy to work with materials and simple steps, it comes together quickly and it almost no-fail. Hung on the wall, it adds a modern touch to your entry way or door area. And it's a perfect way to keep your keys handy and organized! If you'd like to add some extra customized touches, consider adding paint to the wood or to the wood beads in a shade that would complement your home. You can also add custom keys with fun patterns to spice it up!

DIY Key Holder
Lovely Indeed 

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Glue gun
  • Scissors


  • Small wood plaque or board
  • Four wood blocks (approximately 1")
  • Thin leather cord
  • Wood beads in various sizes
  • Command picture hanging strip


  1. Gather Materials

    As you are gathering your materials, be sure that you choose a small wood board or plaque that will fit your wood blocks. You'll need as many wood blocks as you have keys, plus one extra. So look for a piece of wood to mount the blocks on that is long enough to accommodate all of your blocks. They'll need to be placed in one long line, rather than stacked above each other.

    You'll also want to be sure that you choose leather cord that is thin enough to fit through your bead holes when it's doubled over, as you'll need to fit two strands through each bead.

    materials for DIY key holder
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  2. String Leather Through the Keys

    To begin, cut a length of leather that's about 10-12" for each key. Thread one piece of leather through the hole on each key.

    key with leather cord
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  3. Add Beads in Size Order

    Next, string on a few beads to the leather cord. You'll want to make sure that both ends of the cord are inserted through the hole in the bead. Also be sure that you string on the largest bead first. Continue adding as many beads as you like, in order of largest to smalles.

    beaded keychain
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  4. Knot the Cord

    Now create a knot on the end of the beads by gathering both ends of the cord and looping them into a large knot. You'll want to make sure that you keep the beads close to the knot, and leave a large space on the leather cord between the beads and the key. This is where the cord will slide between the blocks to hang the key, so ensure that the space you leave is long enough to slot in between the blocks.

    DIY beaded leather keyring
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  5. Repeat with More Keys

    Now repeat the previous steps with all other keys that you'd like to hang. Once they're all knotted, trim the ends so that they're all the same length.

    DIY beaded leather keyrings
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  6. Glue Blocks onto the Backboard

    Now start glueing your blocks on to the backboard. Again, you'll need as many blocks as you have keys, plus one extra block. We recommend first laying all of the blocks out in a line on your wood backboard to find the correct spacing. You want the blocks to be evenly spaced, with enough space in between each block to slide the leather cords in. They also need to be close enough so that the wood bead holds the keys in place and won't slip through the blocks.

    Once you have your spacing set, start using the glue gun to glue the blocks to the backboard, one at a time.

    Wood blocks for a DIY key holder
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  7. Finish Glueing Blocks

    Continue glueing your blocks until you have them all mounted onto the backboard.

    DIY key holder
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  8. Add the Wall Hanger

    Next, add the Command Strip picture hanger to the back of the wood backboard. To do this, first make sure both sides of the Command Strip are pressed together. Then remove the backing from one side and press the sticky part into the center of the back side of the backboard. Hold for 30 seconds.

    DIY key holder
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  9. Mount on the Wall

    Once the Command Hook is adhered to the back side, peel off the other backing on the Command Strip. Then press this sticky side on to the wall, keeping both strips attached to the wood backboard. Press for 30 seconds. Your key holder should now be affixed to the wall in a removable, non-damaging way!

    Hang your keys and you're ready to go!

    DIY key holder
    Lovely Indeed
    DIY key holder
    Lovely Indeed