Under 1 Hour DIY Jewelry Projects

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    Quick DIY Jewelry Projects

    Jewelry to Make in Under 1 Hour
    Jewelry projects to make in under 1 hour. Lisa Yang

     It always happens to me! I need a gift and I really want to give handmade jewelry, but I don't have just the right piece made.  Browse these jewelry projects for something that fits your skills and supplies and you'll be covered.

    The projects are also great to learn a new jewelry making skill - be it wire wrapping or a new beadwork stitch and have a finished (and beautiful!) peice of jewelry when you're done.

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    Brick Stitch Chain Earrings

    Chan Luu Style brick stitch bead earrings
    Brick Stitch and chain earrings. Lisa Yang

     These brick stitch chain earrings are an update to a classic design. By cutting out the time consuming part of making tassels in favor of adding swingy chain fringe, these earrings can be made in close to an hour. Have a little extra time?  Embellish the bottom of the chain with beads on headpins by attaching them with simple wire loops.

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    Peyote Stitch Ring with Flower Focal

    Beaded rings with peyote stitched band and beaded daisy flowers. Lisa Yang

     The instructions for this simple peyote ring use a two band peyote strip, but it doesn't take much more time to make it wider to make a more elegant impressive ring. Use a larger focal bead too and this project is sure to wow! You'll need to know their ring size for this project. I'm afraid these don't stretch and need to fit properly.

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    Easy Brick Stitch Bracelet

    Brick Stitch Bead bracelet
    Brick stitch bead bracelet. Lisa Yang

     This brick stitch bracelet is a great way to learn brick stitch and is so quick! The trick to making it quickly is to use larger beads. I used 8/0 beads and the results are substantial but oh-so-pretty! It also looks great with cube beads or hex beads, so experiment and make a few.

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    Single St. Petersburg Garland Bracelet

    Beaded garland bracelet
    Beaded garland bracelet festive in Christmas red, green and gold. Lisa Yang

    This St. Petersburg stitch garland bracelet looks as good in spring colors as it does in holiday colors. St. Petersburg stitch doesn't take too long to learn and once you've got the hang of it, this bracelet can be done in about an hour. Consider using a simple store bought clasp and extender chain - that will make sure it can fit any wrist!

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    Circle Bead Pendant

    Pendants with brick stitch inside and outside a link
    Pendants with brick stitch inside and outside a link. Lisa Yang

    Is circular brick stitch your thing? Making this beaded circle necklace pendant is addictive - and it will work around almost any link or ring.

    If you're new to brick stitch and not sure you are ready to bead around the inside and outside of a ring, try these simple brick stitch circle earrings. They only bead around the outside of the ring, and then connect a few for swingy earrings. Either of these designs will work with crystal beads too, so don't be afraid to make them flashy.

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    Easy Wire and Bead Earrings

    Simple bead and wire earrings with 8mm pink quartz and 20g silver wire. Lisa Yang

    Making these wire surrounded gemstone bead earrings is positively addictive! These may look complicated to beaders, but if you have basic wire working skills like making a wire wrapped loop , it's no problem. You will need 20g wire and some 6mm or larger round beads. The nicest thing is that once you get the hang of it, in less than an hour, you can make several pairs of these

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    Confetti Bead Hoop Earrings

    Confetti bead hoop earrings made by wrapping beads on wire around the hoop. Lisa Yang

    Dressing up simple hoops is quick and easy but look dazzling. These confetti bead earrings start with store bought hoops that you add your twist to (literally!). Choose a single color of beads, add a simple color block pattern, or use bead soup like these in the picture. If you need to make several pairs quickly, use smaller hoops!

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    Bead Linked Bracelet with Charm Dangle

    Rosary Loop Bracelet 2
    Rosary bead link bracelet with charm dangle. Lisa Yang

     Sometimes, the key to making jewelry quickly is having the right tool for the job.  The 1-step looper tool is what makes this bead wire link bracelet with a charm dangle a snap to make. You'll need some wire and a few basic wire working tools, in addition to the 1-step looper, but your bracelet will look like it took much longer to make than it did. 

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    Wire Wrapper Pendants

    Artistic Wire Wrapper Lapis Bead Pendant
    Lapis Lazuli and Pearl beads wrapped to a Beadalon Wrapper frame. Lisa Yang

     Having the right store-bought components can help make projects quicker too.  Add gemstone beads in straight lines or a mosaic pattern to make gemstone bead pendants using Wire Wrappers from Beadalon.  Have a stone that you want to add to jewelry that doesn't have a hole? It's no problem to wrap a tumbled gemstone with the wire wrapper components either.