Clay Jewelry Holder Tutorial

DIY Jewelry Holder
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    DIY Jewelry Holder

    When form and function combine, you've got a winning DIY! This lovely little DIY jewelry holder isn't just pretty, it helps keep you organized too. Air-dry clay is the perfect material to get creative with as you make your own jewelry dish. Use your imagination when it comes to shape and color to really make this piece your own. Add all of your trinkets once it's done, and your accessories will stay neat and tidy.

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    Gather Materials

    As you're gathering your materials, consider the shape and size of the jewelry holder that you'd like to make. You can create everything from a small ring bowl to a larger plate or dish with more space. Purchase your clay accordingly; you may also want to experiment with different colors of clay or your paint colors for the finishing work.


    • Air-dry clay in your desired color
    • Gilding paint
    • Washi tape or masking tape


    • Paintbrush
    • Carving tools
    • Rolling pin
    • Flat surface or clay mat
    • Bowl for shaping
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    Roll the Clay

    Start with fresh, clean clay. Roll the clay until it's about a quarter inch thick in all areas. Be sure not to leave any areas that are dramatically thicker or thinner than the rest of your rolled clay. Consistency in thickness will result in the sturdiest final product.

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    Cut the Leaf Shape

    To create a leaf-shaped dish like you see here, use a carving tool or an X-Acto knife to start cutting away the edges. You'll want to create the leaf by carving two long, graceful curves on either side. As they taper together toward the bottom, cut a shorter stem to bring the two sides together.

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    Carve Lines

    To create some texture in your leaf and mimic the effect of leaf veins, use a carving tool to gently trace some lines. Start with one line down the center of your leaf, and then add lines shooting off the center line toward both sides. Be careful to just barely skim the surface with the knife; the lines do not need to be deep to create the texture. You want to avoid cutting through the clay to the mat underneath.

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    Allow to Dry

     Once your leaf is cut you can place it in a vessel or bowl to leave overnight and dry. This will help create the dish or bowl shape so that your jewelry holder will keep your trinkets safe. We recommend following the drying instructions on your specific air dry clay packaging for best results.

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    Paint Gold

    If you'd like to add a gold detail (or any other painting details), start by adding a diagonal strip of washi tape across your jewelry holder to create a mask. This will make a nice clean paint line. Using just a bit of paint at a time until you get the hang of how the paint covers the clay, start painting the unmasked portion of your clay. Continue until you have the coverage you desire.

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    Remove Washi Tape

    Gently and carefully remove the masking tape when you have finished painting.

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    Dry and Use

    Allow the paint to dry overnight to fully cure. Once the paint is completely dry, fill your jewelry holder with your favorite accessories and set it out to admire.