12 DIY Ideas for the Best New Year's Eve Party

DIY New Year's Eve Clock Balloons
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    DIY Gold Champagne Flutes

    This DIY uses only 3 materials! (And that includes the champagne flutes themselves) Give your old champagne glasses a new gilded look by creating a gorgeous pattern on the glasses using adhesive vinyl.

    DIY Gold Champagne Flutes from The Spruce

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    DIY New Year's Eve Ball Headband

    Add some sparkle to your outfit by crafting your own New York Time Square inspired ball drop headband by attaching several mini disco balls to a headband for the perfect festive accessory to make any outfit seem more fabulous.

    DIY New Year's Eve Ball Headband from A Subtle Revelry

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    Paper Bag Pinata

    What's a party without a pinata? This paper bag version is incredibly easy to make and the completely kid-friendly. Have the little ones help you make it for a pre-party activity and then watch them pop it open at midnight (if they're actually able to stay up that late, that is!).

    Paper Bag Pinata from The Spruce

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    DIY Confetti Balloons

    Finish your New Year's Eve party with a bang, by having confetti flutter down on guests at the end of the countdown by decorating clear balloons with large pieces of confetti and inviting guests to pop the balloons at midnight sending the confetti flying into the air.

    DIY Confetti Balloons from Design Improvised​

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    Glittery Letter Place Cards

    No holiday tablescape is complete without festive place cards. These glittery initials are gold and sparkly, just as New Year's Eve decor should be!

    Glittery Letter Place Cards from The Spruce

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    DIY New Year's Eve Printable Game

    Keep adults entertained at your New Year's Eve party by getting the conversation started with a New Years themed party game where you look back on the year by answer questions such as best song of the year, best movie, most embarrassing moment, etc. 

    DIY New Year's Eve Printable Game from Alice and Lois

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    DIY Wrapping Paper Star Medallions

    Use up your leftover wrapping paper from Christmas by making some stunning gold and silver wrapping paper star medallions in various sizes to create the perfect backdrop for your New Year's Eve food table.

    Read the paper star medallions tutorial at Elli​ to learn how to make your own.

    DIY Wrapping Paper Star Medallions from Elli​ 

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    DIY Champagne Bottle Tags

    To keep your party extra exciting, consider having a party game or a door prize with the chance to win a bottle of champagne which you can decorate with festive New Year's Eve tag that goes around the bottle. Another idea would be to use these printable bottle tags on all the bottles of Champagne you serve as an easy way to make affordable bottles of sparkling wine seem fancier.

    DIY Champagne Bottle Tags from Sarah Hearts

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    DIY New Year's Eve Confetti Party Favors

    New Year's Eve is all about sparkle and confetti, so for a fun party favor fill small test tube containers with confetti for guests to toss at the start of the New Year as the grand finale to your party.

    DIY New Year's Eve Confetti Party Favors from A Pumpkin and a Princess​

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    DIY Kiss Me At Midnight Banner

    If you are looking for an affordable and romantic way to decorate your party, no matter if it is a big group of friends or just a romantic night in at home drinking bubbly help to ensure you get a kiss at midnight with this cute banner that you can make to hang on on a wall using a few sheets of card stock to give a friendly reminder to your special someone attending the party.

    DIY Kiss Me At Midnight Banner from Idle Hands Awake

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    DIY Gold Fringe Party Hats

    Get your party hat ready to wear while watching the New Year's Eve count down by making a paper cone hat for all your friends out of cardstock and decorating them with chic gold metallic tissue paper cut with fringe scissors.

    DIY Gold Fringe Party Hats from Almost Makes Perfect

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    DIY New Year's Eve Clock Balloons Backdrop

    Inflate some round foil balloons and decorate them with vinyl number stickers and cardstock arrows to create clock balloons as a quick way to decorate your home for your New Year's Eve party before all your guests arrive. Once your guests have arrived, keep them entertained, by inviting them to post selfies on Instagram in front of your clustered clock balloons using your party's custom hashtag.

    DIY New Year's Eve Clock Balloons Backdrop from Studio DIY