How to Make a Macrame Hanging Plant Holder

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Low Angle View Of Plants In Macrame Holders
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Macrame is a retro craft that has never completely fallen out of style. Whether it's as part of a boho chic living room or a pop of green in a nature-themed nursery, this DIY macrame hanging plant holder fits right in with a variety of decors.

If you've never tried macrame before, some of the more intricate designs might be intimidating to try right out of the gates, but macrame hanging plant holders are the perfect way to learn the ropes, so to speak. Here are the few inexpensive materials you need for this project.  

  • Yarn, rope, or macrame cording (available at craft stores)
  • Scissors
  • Metal or wooden ring
  • Some sort of pot; we used a small glass globe terrarium
  • Ruler or measuring tape

Step 2: Measure and Cut String

Making a knot for a macrame
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After you've gathered your supplies, get a rough idea of how long you want your hanging plant holder to be (i.e., how far down you want it to hang from the ceiling or a hook). Add about 12 inches to this, just to be sure it won't end up too short, then cut eight equal lengths of string or cord to this measurement. Align one end of all eight pieces, and tie a knot to that end (as shown). This will be the bottom tassel on your holder.

Tip: While you have the measuring tape out, measure the height of the pot you wish to suspend in the macrame holder. Subtract one, then divide this number by two. This number is a rough estimate of how far apart your knots should be spaced when you get to that step.  

Step 3: Tie First Row of Knots

macrame being made by splitting into parts
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Next, divide the eight pieces of string into four groups of two and spread them out (as shown). Tie each set together about an inch up from your knot. It will look a little like a flower at this point.

Step 4: Tie Second Row of Knots

making a macrame by tying parts back and forth
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Next, pick up the left string from one set of strings and tie it to the right string from the set right next to it. (Revisit measurement you got in Step 2 by subtracting one from the height of the pot and dividing by two? This is roughly how far apart this row of knots should be from your first row of knots.) Repeat this step for the remaining three sets of strings.

Step 5: Tie Third Row of Knots

making the 3rd knot for macrame
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Repeat the same process as described in Step 4 for the third row of knots. When it's spread out, you should notice a flower shape within a square shape.

Step 6: Place Pot or Globe Into Holder

putting glass pot on top of macrame
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After your knots are tied, place your pot so that the tassel is centered on the bottom of it. Bring up all four sets of string and adjust the pot as necessary so the strings are fairly evenly spaced around it and it hangs straight.

Step 7: Tie on a Ring

Tying the string as part of the macrame
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Tie a ring onto the ends of a string as tightly as you can. Trim the excess string to the length you desire. 

Step 8: Hang Your Macrame Holder

macrame hanging vase
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Use a bracket or an eye hook in the ceiling to hang and enjoy your new macrame holder. Fill it with fresh flowers, succulents, air plants, or even a candle.