19 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Tin Man Halloween costume

A Pumpkin & A Princess

Homemade Halloween costumes are often much better than what you can find in stores because they can be tailored exactly to your size and what you like. Plus, they're typically cheaper than pre-made costumes. So if you have kids who need a Halloween costume, consider making it yourself. You can even let them share their input on the design.

Here are 19 DIY ideas for children's Halloween costumes.

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    Headless Costume

    Headless bride Halloween dress
    Jill and The Little Crown

    This headless bride costume is suitable for slightly older children who can handle some creepiness. To create the look, you craft a torso that the wearer dons as a sort of helmet. Then, they hold a fake head that looks like it could've come off the torso.

    How to Make a Headless Costume from Jill and The Little Crown

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    DIY Unicorn Costume

    Unicorn costume
    Lia Griffith

    You can make a unicorn costume with a bit of effort and a lot of creativity. This tutorial offers templates to make a headband with ears and horns, a glitter leaf necklace, and felt hooves. Your child will be the cutest unicorn on the block.

    DIY Unicorn Costume from Lia Griffith

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    Monarch Butterfly Wings

    Monarch butterfly costume
    Buggy and Buddy

    If your kid loves bugs, they will adore being a beautiful monarch butterfly for Halloween. For these wings, pieces of felt are glued onto black cloth. Print out pictures of real monarch butterflies, so you have a pattern in front of you to imitate.

    Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings Tutorial from Buggy and Buddy

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    Baby Astronaut Costume

    Baby astronaut costume
    Lovely Indeed

    Make this adorable astronaut outfit for your baby this Halloween. All you have to do is fuse iron-on patches onto a navy blue coverall. It's a comfy costume that's good for most ages of kids.

    Make a Baby Astronaut Costume for Halloween from Lovely Indeed

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    Minion Costume

    Minion costume heads
    Make and Takes

    This costume is perfect for last-minute crafters. All you need is a yellow knit hat, black pipe cleaners, black elastic, and a toilet paper roll. You can put together these Minion heads in just an hour or two.

    "Despicable Me" Minion Costume from Make and Takes

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    Houseplant Costume

    houseplant costume
    Oh Happy Day

    Have you ever seen the classic play "Little Shop of Horrors"? It features a giant plant named Audrey 2 that eats people. You can make a kinder, gentler version of the giant houseplant costume this Halloween for a kid's costume. It's different, it's simple to make, and everyone will love it.

    Houseplant Costume from Oh Happy Day

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    Tin Man Costume

    Tin Man Halloween costume

    A Pumpkin & A Princess

    "The Wizard of Oz" is a movie every generation loves. And it offers several Halloween costume options. Make your own version of the Tin Man from a cardboard box, spray paint, and duct tape.

    DIY Kids Tin Man Costume from A Pumpkin & A Princess

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    Zombie Soccer Player

    Zombie soccer player
    Cuckoo 4 Design

    If you are willing to spend a bit of time and effort, you can make your child a zombie costume that utilizes makeup techniques similar to ones used on television programs, such as "The Walking Dead." Practice the makeup prior to Halloween, so you know how to do it for the main event.

    Soccer Zombie Makeup from Cuckoo 4 Design

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    Woody Costume

    Woody costume
    The Girls With Glasses

    If your child is a "Toy Story" fan, this DIY is for you. Woody is a fun costume to make, and it's a character everyone will recognize. Plus, the elements of the costume, such as the plaid shirt and jeans, are easy to find for kids of all sizes.

    Woody From "Toy Story" from The Girls With Glasses

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    Pineapple Baby Costume

    Pineapple baby costume
    Lines Across

    Go tropical for Halloween with this pineapple costume for babies. Your little one will be the cutest fruit in the bunch. And it's an easy costume to DIY from a plain onesie and felt.

    Pineapple Baby Costume from Lines Across

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    DIY Fairy Costume

    Fairy halloween costume
    Lia Griffith

    This fairy costume is so gorgeous it's hard to believe it's homemade. You do need at least intermediate sewing skills to make this costume. But you always can find a suitable store-bought dress and only DIY the accessories, such as the wings.

    DIY Fairy Costume from Lia Griffith

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    Garden Gnome Halloween Costume

    Gnome Halloween costume
    Lia Griffith

    Garden gnomes are thought to be magical, which is perfect for the supernatural themes of Halloween. You can easily DIY this costume with a basic T-shirt, sweatpants, and boots. Make the hat, belt, and beard out of felt.

    DIY Gnome Costume from Lia Griffith

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    Ginny Weasley Costume

    Ginny Weasley costume
    My Poppet

    You might see a lot of Harry Potters on Halloween, but don't forget about the side characters like Ginny Weasley. Make Ginny's Hogwarts uniform with a Gryffindor patch on a plain black robe. Underneath, wear a white collared shirt with a burgundy and gold tie.

    Ginny Weasley Hogwarts Uniform from My Poppet

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    Carmen Miranda Costume

    Carmen Miranda costume
    My Poppet

    Everyone loves the timeless Carmen Miranda and her trademark fruit hat. For this costume, all you need is some fruit on your head and lots of attitude. Make the fruit out of fabric or felt, and then attach it to a hat or headband.

    Carmen Miranda Costume from My Poppet

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    Spiderweb Headband

    Spiderweb headband
    Sparkle Living

    Sometimes all you need to create a costume is an accessory. Make this spooky spiderweb headband, and you're ready to celebrate Halloween. This headband idea is quick and easy, and it can be paired with plain black clothing to complete the look.

    Creepy Spiderweb Headband from Sparkle Living

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    Unicorn Hat

    Unicorn hats
    Snugglebug University

    Here's a simple take on a unicorn costume. Decorate a baseball cap with extra large googly eyes, rainbow-colored yarn, and a metallic gold horn. Then, wear your brightest, most colorful clothing.

    Unicorn Hat from Snugglebug University

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    Avocado, Toast, and Fried Egg Costumes

    Avocado, toast, and egg costumes
    Hello Wonderful

    Halloween is all about the candy, but it still starts with breakfast. Siblings or friends can dress in coordinating costumes with this breakfast ensemble: an avocado, toast, and a fried egg. For a bigger group, bring in other favorite breakfast foods.

    Avocado Toast Costumes from Hello Wonderful

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    Snapchat Puppy Filter Costume

    Puppy Snapchat filter Halloween costume
    A Girl and a Glue Gun

    Social media is such a part of our everyday lives that it's even become a part of Halloween. This puppy Snapchat filter costume is a snap to make. And the best part is the entire costume is all about your face, so you can wear whatever clothing you want.

    Snapchat Puppy Filter Costume from A Girl and a Glue Gun

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    Felt Animal Masks

    Felt animal masks
    Flax and Twine

    If your child is an animal lover, you can easily make one of these DIY masks. This tutorial uses felt to craft an owl, a fox, and a deer. But with just a little imagination you can make other animals, too, all with no sewing necessary.

    Felt Animal Masks from Flax and Twine