7 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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    The Girls With Glasses

    I don't know about your kids, but mine change their minds about what they want to be for Halloween almost every day. We need all of the ideas we can get over here. That's why I've rounded up 8 awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas to make at home. Your kids are sure to love at least one of these costumes! 

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    Last Minute Despicable Me Minion Costume

    Last Minute Despicable Me Minion Costume
    Make and Takes

    This Minion costume is for those kids that change their minds last minute about their Halloween costume. All you need for this costume is a yellow winter hat, pipe cleaners, and a toilet paper roll.

    Last Minute Despicable Me Minion Costume from Make and Takes

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    House Plant Costume

    House Plant Costume
    Oh Happy Day

    I love the creative and original idea for this kid's Halloween costume. It's different, simple to make, and everyone will love it.

    House Plant Costume from Oh Happy Day

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    Love Bug Costume

    Love Bug Costume
    Real Simple

    Let your child's imagination fly with this adorable Love Bug costume. Add cut-out hearts to an outfit, add some antennas, and you're done. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

    Love Bug Costume from Real Simple

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    Woody From Toy Story

    Woody From Toy Story
    The Girls With Glasses

    Woody is such a fun costume to make and be for Halloween. It is a character that everyone will recognize.

    Woody From Toy Story from The Girls With Glasses

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    Cow Halloween Costume


    This costume is like no udder! It's easy, cute, and warm for that chilly Halloween night.

    Cow Halloween Costume from Primary

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    DIY Macaroni and Cheese Costume

    DIY Macaroni and Cheese Costume
    DIY Network

    This costume is good enough to eat. If your kids like to eat mac and cheese, they're going to LOVE being it for Halloween.

    DIY Macaroni and Cheese Costume from DIY Network

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    Pineapple Baby Costume

    Pineapple Baby Costume
    Lines Across

    How adorable is this baby pineapple costume? Best part is- you can make it yourself at home! This costume is great for those places were its still a little warm out on Halloween.

    Pineapple Baby Costume from Lines Across