13 DIYs to Dress Up Your Dog This Halloween

DIY cupcake Halloween costume on a white dog

 Lovely Indeed

When Halloween rolls around, don't forget your dog in your costume planning. Some canines take to wearing clothes better than others, so always be respectful of your pet's comfort level. They might only tolerate a costume long enough for you to snap a photo, but even that can still be fun.

Here are 13 DIY dog Halloween costume ideas to inspire you.

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    S'mores Dog Costume

    s'mores dog costume

    Studio DIY

    Halloween is all about the sweets, so consider dressing your dog like a sweet treat, too. This s'mores dog costume is easy to make with brown felt and cardboard to represent the graham cracker and chocolate. Then, attach them with hot glue to a white dog shirt to represent the marshmallow.

    S’mores Dog Costume from Studio DIY

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    Unicorn Dog Costume

    unicorn dog costume

    Live Colorful

    This handmade unicorn dog costume is so adorable that it's sure to bring a huge smile to everyone's faces. The body of the costume is made from plain white fabric. Then, use iridescent fabric for the mane and horn, along with rainbow pipe cleaners for the tail.

    Unicorn Dog Costume from Live Colorful

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    Superhero Costume for Dogs

    dog in superhero costume

     Lisa Storms

    Superheroes are a popular Halloween costume. So why not let your dog get in on the action? Make a simple cape out of felt with a special logo to represent your dog's superhero character. You also can make a mask out of felt, though your dog might not tolerate wearing it for long.

    Superhero Costume for Dogs from Lisa Storms

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    Race Car Halloween Dog Costume

    dog in race car costume

     Lia Griffith

    With a bit of felt, wood rings, and paint, you can assemble a race car driver costume for your dog. This costume is best for small dogs, as the whole look is rather bulky. For a photo op, make a cardboard race car, and sit your dog in it.

    Race Car Halloween Dog Costume from Lia Griffith

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    Rainbow Cotton Candy Costume

    dog cotton candy costume

     Brite & Bubbly

    Stick with the Halloween candy theme with a whimsical cotton candy dog costume. To make the pastel cotton candy, paint cotton pillow filling in the colors of your choice. Then, attach it to a plain dog shirt.

    Rainbow Cotton Candy Costume from Brite & Bubbly

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    Dog Halloween Cupcake Costume

    DIY Cupcake Costume

     Lovely Indeed

    Make your pup look extra sweet this Halloween by dressing them up as a cupcake with sprinkles. You can easily create an inexpensive cupcake costume for your dog by using a paper mache box that you decorate with sheets of felt. This costume only takes about an hour to put together.

    Dog Halloween Cupcake Costume from Lovely Indeed

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    Lion Dog Costume

    dog in lion costume


    Let your canine play dress-up as a fierce feline for Halloween with this DIY lion costume. This costume is essentially just a fuzzy mane made of yarn or faux fur that fits around your dog's head. It looks particularly good on dogs with tan or light brown fur, but it's still fun for any dog.

    Lion Dog Costume from Instructables

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    Emoji Costume

    emoji dog costume

     Brite & Bubbly

    This emoji costume happens to be both cute and comfortable for your dog to wear. Decorate a yellow dog shirt with felt or another material to create the emoji face of your choice. Plus, you can easily coordinate your Halloween costume with your dog's by decorating a yellow shirt for yourself.

    Emoji Costume from Brite & Bubbly

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    Loofah Dog Costume

    dog in loofah costume

     Crafts by Courtney

    This giant loofah dog costume is sure to make people laugh. You create it simply by sewing decorative mesh to a dog shirt. Some dogs might not tolerate wearing such a puffy costume for long, so be ready to snap a photo as soon as they're wearing it.

    Loofah Dog Costume from Crafts by Courtney

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    Pancake Dog Costume

    dog and person in pancakes costumes

     Brite & Bubbly

    Many dogs love breakfast food—and really any people food they can get. So learn to create this DIY pancake dog costume for them. Simply decorate two small foam circles to look like pancakes, and then attach them via elastic to either side of your dog.

    Pancake Dog Costume from Brite & Bubbly

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    Ninja Turtle Dog Costume

    dog in ninja turtle costume

     Crafts by Courtney

    The popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spans generations, and it might even have some canine fans. Make this fun costume for your dog by decorating a large roasting pan to look like a turtle shell. Then, embellish it with colored ribbon in orange for Michelangelo, blue for Leonardo, red for Raphael, or purple for Donatello.

    Ninja Turtle Dog Costume from Crafts by Courtney

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    Spaghetti Costume

    dog in spaghetti costume

     Aunt Peaches

    This dog Halloween costume is inspired by the famous spaghetti scene in "Lady and the Tramp." The DIY costume doesn’t even require any sewing. Simply hot glue long pieces of white yarn for the spaghetti and short pieces of brown yarn for the meatballs to a plain red or white dog shirt.

    Spaghetti Costume from Aunt Peaches

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    Flower Basket Costume

    dog in flower basket costume

     DIY Candy

    Remind trick-or-treaters of warmer weather and sunshine with this flower basket dog costume. Weave together brown pieces of felt to create the basket that you attach to a dog shirt. Then, add colorful felt flowers to the top to make it look like they're coming out of the basket.

    Flower Basket Costume from DIY Candy