DIY Flower Tutorial Roundup

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    DIY Flower Tutorial Roundup

    purple diy paper dahlias
    Rita Shehn

    Looking to make flower decorations? Check out some of the fab diy flower projects we've found for you. You'll find instructions and tutorials for making flowers from everything from empty paper roll tubes through to upcycled zippers.

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    Make Colorful Paper Flowers from Tissue Paper

    Make Paper Flowers/Pom Pom. Getty Images/Preeti Moberg (Moment Open)

    Learn how to make beautiful flowers from tissue paper. Add additional decoration and customize the flowers with rubber stamps and some dabs of glitter.

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    Make Paper Flowers from Discs of Paper

    Make Paper Flowers
    Use a punch to make discs to create this pretty flower. Rebecca Ludens

    Learn how to make a paper flower embellishments using discs of paper. A circular paper punch will make things even easier!

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    Make Miniature Paper Roses

    Make Miniature Roses. Lesley Shepherd

    These tiny paper roses will make great decorations - or try turning them into jewelry.

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    Paper Tulips

    Make miniature tulip decorations. Lesley Shepherd

    Learn how to make miniature paper tulips.

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    Learn How to Make Stunning Flowers from Toilet Paper Tubes

    Make stunning flowers from toilet paper tubes. Rita Shehan

    You're friends will never guess the humble beginnings of these stunning flowers. All you need is some paper tubes. This tutorial shows you how.

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    Make Coffee Filter Paper Tulips

    Coffee filter tulips. Rita Shehan

    Make paper flowers using coffee filters to create the petals.

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    Paper Dahlia Tutorial

    Make paper flower dahlias. Rita Shehn

    Follow this photo tutorial and learn how to make a paper dahlia.

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    Make Polymer Clay Roses

    Make cute roses from polymer clay. Makoccino

    If you love working with polymer clay you'll really enjoy this tutorial showing how to make tiny polymer clay roses which could be used for earrings, a ring or even to decorate cards. Learn more about polymer clay.

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    Make a Paper Flower Centerpiece

    Make a paper flower centerpiece. The Casual Craftlete

    This beautiful flower centerpiece could be adapted to almost any occasion by changing the color of the flowers. 

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    Watercolor Flowers

    Make watercolor flowers. Love Grows Wild

    Watercolor flowers are very on trend. Learn how to make your own below.

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    Make Flowers from RicRac

    Make flowers from ricrac. The Crafting Chicks

    Ricrac is given a whole new purpose with this lovely ricrac flower tutorial. 

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    Make a Spring Wreath from Butcher Paper

    Make flowers from butcher paper. Alisa Burke

     Who'd believe this stunning paper flower wreath was made with humble butcher paper. Learn how to make this wreath following the tutorial below.

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    Make Flower From Fabric Scraps

    Make flowers from scraps of fabric. My Blonde Ambition

    Do you have some scraps of fabric in your stash? What better way to use them than to make some pretty fabric flowers. Turn these into jewelry, accessories or simply to add a dash of color to your home decorations.

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    Make Dahlia Flowers from Felt

    Make beautiful dahlias from felt. Not Martha

    These stunning flowers are made from felt. You could use new felt or perhaps try using felt from a recycled woolen sweater.

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    Make Duct Tape Flowers

    Make flowers from duct tape. Joy Kelley

    Duct tape can be used for almost anything - as these pretty flowers demonstrate.

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    Crochet Flower Patterns

    Crochet flower patterns. Amy Solovay

    If you know a few basic crochet stitches you can create a whole bouquet of flowers. 

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    Wet Felt Flower Tutorial

    Make a flower using wet felt techniques. Felt Like Smiling

    Wet felting is perfect for creating flowers. You can use this simple technique to create a range of different size and style flowers.

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    Make a Zipper Flower

    Make a flower from a zipper. Craftaholic Anonymous

    Next time you discard item of clothing with a zipper, remember to strip the zipper out and upcycle it into some fabulous jewelry (of course, you could also buy a zipper or two and get started straight away).

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    Zipper Flower Tutorial

    Zipper flower video tutorial. Maya Road

    Follow this video tutorial and learn how to create wonderful zipper flowers.

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    Burlap Flower Tutorial

    Burlap roses tutorial. The Mama's Girls

    Burlap is hot right now. Learn how to make burlap roses which will make lovely accents for a variety of occasions.

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    Sunflower Paper Piecing Pattern Template - And More!

    Make a paper sunflower embellishment. Kate Pullen

    Use this free printable sunflower paper piecing template to make decorations for cards, scrapbook pages and other decorations. You could also consider making this from felt and adding as a piece of applique to clothing and accessories.

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