24 Easy DIY Flower Arrangement Ideas

A person holding a bouquet of flowers

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DIY flower arrangements range from basic to extravagant. Don't let the more elaborate florals intimidate you. Remember, you don't need to be a professional florist to put together a creative bouquet. All sorts of people with varying skill levels find that arranging flowers is fun and therapeutic. 

While there are no strict rules, we've highlighted some helpful tips to get you started. Keep in mind that this is a subjective craft, and you get to decide what looks good and what doesn't. Let these flower arrangement ideas serve as a jumping-off point for what may become a really rewarding hobby. Not only do they spruce up your home but they also serve as lovely gifts

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    Pick 5 Stems With Varying Textures

    small flower arrangement
    Lovely Indeed

    To create a professional-looking flower arrangement on a budget, pick up five stem varieties from your local grocery store. Make sure to vary the color, texture, and size of each flower. 

    To Get Started

    • Place the largest bloom first. This will act as your focal point. 
    • Add accents, greenery, and a pop of color until you reach the desired look.

    How to Arrange Flowers from The Spruce

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    Use a Hair Tie to Keep Roses Together

    rose bouquet
    Cup of Jo

    One way to ensure your flower bouquet won't budge is to secure the stems with a hair tie, like what Cup of Jo did here. Carefully cross the stems over one another, then tie the blooms together. 

    Three Ways to Arrange Supermarket Flowers from Cup of Jo

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    Put Branches From the Yard Inside a Glass Globe

    diy flower arrangement in globe
    The Creativity Exchange

    One inexpensive way to make a flower arrangement is by using seasonal blooms from your yard. When your bushes and plants are near the end of their bloom cycle, take some cuttings indoors to enjoy them. Glass globes work well for arranging larger branches and stems.

    Creative DIY Flower Arrangements from The Creativity Exchange

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    Bunch the Same Flower Together Inside a Watering Can

    watering can flower arrangement
    Mom Foodie

    Choose one flower in the same color for this floral arrangement. Read the tutorial from Mom Foodie to learn how she keeps the flowers from drooping over the edges of the can. Before you know it, you'll have a full, lush floral arrangement.

    DIY Watering Can Flower Arrangement from Mom Foodie

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    Use Bright Pops of Color for Party Décor

    bright flower arrangement
    Ella Bella Floral

    Some of the most memorable flower arrangements have unusual, bright flowers that look like a firework of color and texture. To make this arrangement, head to the local florist and pick out some specialty blooms. Group the florals together to create the desired shape, then use florist tape to secure the stems together. 

    Catherine and Ben Wedding from Ella Bella Floral

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    Choose Old World Flowers and Antique Containers

    vintage flower arrangement
    Heirloom Soul Florals

    Leave it to the professionals to inspire us with masterful floral arrangements that evoke sentiment and old-world charm. You can incorporate this vibe into DIY floral arrangements by repurposing antique vessels, choosing heirloom flowers, and sticking to a vintage-inspired color palette. 

    Garden Gathered Floral Design from  Heirloom Soul Florals

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    Mix in Grapefruit or Other Citrus Fruits

    citrus floral arrangement
    Refresh Restyle

    If you're using a large clear vase and want to hide the stems of your flower arrangement, layer some citrus slices around the perimeter. Check out Refresh Restyle's tutorial to help make any inexpensive pre-made bouquet look much more refined. 

    DIY Fruit and Floral Arrangement from Refresh Restyle

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    Criss Cross the Same Flower Inside a Glass Jar

    diy milk bottle flower arrangement
    Worthing Court

    This flower arrangement is easy to recreate using faux flowers and glass jars. The criss-cross stems, milk bottle grouping, and bright blooms make a bouquet guests won't be able to take their eyes off of.

    Welcoming Spring With Farmhouse Florals from Worthing Court

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    Build a Rose Centerpiece Using Floral Foam

    diy rose centerpiece
    Sanctuary Home Decor

    Floral foam gives you more control over the finished floral arrangement. By using floral foam as a base, flowers will remain in their desired position longer, and you'll be able to create fuller looking centerpieces. Sanctuary Home Decor gives a great tutorial on building a breathtaking arrangement using roses and floral foam.

    Make a Floral Arrangement in 3 Easy Steps from Sanctuary Home Decor

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    Create Fuller Arrangements Using Filler Flowers

    how to make a full flower arrangement
    Earnest Home Co

    Don't make the mistake of buying a bouquet and dropping it into the vase as-is. These flowers will stand upright and will not look as voluminous as they could. Instead, spend a few minutes arranging to help them reach their full potential. Earnest Home Co has some great hacks for making this possible.

    Beginner Blooms from the Market from Earnest Home Co

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    Line Up Vases Inside a Wooden Drawer

    diy flower arrangement inside wood drawer
    The Turquoise Home

    To arrange flowers inside a wooden box centerpiece, line the inside with a row of small glass vases. The vases should be shorter than the box so they remain hidden. The Turquoise Home has your guide to making this set of mini arrangements look stunning in any room in your house.

    DIY Farmhouse Wooden Box Centerpiece from The Turquoise Home

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    Create a Floral Tablescape Using Vintage Bottles

    vintage bottles with flowers
    Ella Claire Inspired

    If the idea of arranging flowers together is daunting, consider layering a bunch of small bottles with single stems inside. Cut the stems to fit each bottle size and style them along the length of any table. This is great for everything from dinner parties to weddings. Just think of how cute they'd be next to your table holders!

    Simple Valentine's Day Tablescape from Ella Claire Inspired

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    Create a Grid to Arrange Flowers

    how to make a flower arrangement
    Yummy Mummy Kitchen

    Yummy Mummy Kitchen shows you how to make a grid pattern at the top of any vase using tape. This step helps the flowers lay better, look more professional, and prevents them from grouping together at the edge of the vase. 

    How to Make a Flower Arrangement Centerpiece from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

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    Add Some Vegetables in With Your Flowers

    diy cabbage flower arrangement for easter
    Darling Darleen

    Many creative florists have incorporated a variety of produce into their flower arrangements. This Easter-inspired arrangement uses a hollowed-out cabbage and tulips to create a very unique bouquet. 

    Other Vegetables to Try

    DIY Tulip Cabbage Flower Arrangement for Easter from Darling Darleen

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    Wrap a Custom Bouquet for a Gift

    mini bouquet
    The Spruce / Stephanie White

    Upgrade a standard grocery store bouquet with a custom wrap that's perfect for gift giving. You can even take the time to create your own bouquets using a variety of flowers that appeal to you or your loved one. 

    DIY Mother's Day Floral Bouquet Wrap from The Spruce

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    Let Lilacs Overflow out of a Pitcher

    diy lilac flower arrangement

    Lilacs are incredibly beautiful and fragrant, but they don't last long in flower arrangements. Jojotastic's post has a plethora of great tips and tricks for making them last longer and keeping them vibrant. Adding them to a pitcher is a unique touch that strays from the look of a classic vase.

    A Simple, Statement-Making Lilac Bouquet from Jojotastic

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    Put Tulips in a Tall Vase to Prevent Drooping

    tall modern tulip arrangement
    Faeries and Fauna

    Tulips are a gorgeous welcoming sign of spring. However, tulip arrangements can go from looking great to drooping onto the table in a matter of days (or hours). To prevent the stems from falling over, some floral designers have opted to use tall vases that keep the blooms upright, such as this arrangement from Faeries and Fauna.

    How to Arrange Tulips Inside a Tall Vase from Faeries and Fauna

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    Use an Assortment of Vases Inside a Milk Bottle Holder

    vintage vase flower arrangement
    An Inspired Nest

    Use a collection of vintage milk glass vases for this DIY farmhouse-style flower arrangement. An Inspired Nest uses several vases with varying heights to take a store-bought bouquet from good to gorgeous. 

    Milk Glass Vases Floral Arrangement from An Inspired Nest

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    Arrange Flowers by Color

    rainbow flower arrangement
    It's in the Details

    One way to draw attention to a flower arrangement is by arranging the stems in rainbow order. If you are having trouble thinking of flowers in every color of the rainbow, check out It's in the Details' vibrant template to get this look.

    Two Ways to Create a Rainbow Centerpiece from It's in the Details

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    Add 3 Flowers to 3 Small Vases

    small flower arrangements
    Lia Griffith

    DIY flower arrangements don't have to be fancy and you don't have to overthink it. When in doubt, grab a few different flowers, cut them to size, and bunch them inside three small vases. Lia Griffith's arrangement keeps interest by adding various heights of florals to the grouping. 

    Add a Little Spring to Your Office Desk from Lia Griffith

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    Create an Arrangement That Looks Good From All Angles

    diy flower bouquet
    Song of Style

    So many flower arrangements are full, cascading, and asymmetrical. For this arrangement, focus on making everything symmetrical. The end result will look beautiful no matter where you're standing. 

    Making Flower Arrangements with Grocery Store Flowers from Song of Style

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    Don't Be Afraid to Go Big

    large floral arrangement
    Sugar and Charm

    When creating arrangements for events, the larger the better. Don't keep the flowers nestled close to the vase. Cascade them upward and outward for a really dramatic effect as shown here in Sugar and Charm's arrangement.

    Host a Charming Pie Party from Sugar and Charm

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    Open Up Rose Buds for a Photo-Worthy Arrangement

    rose floral arrangement
    Home Stories A to Z

    It's possible to manually open a fragile rose bloom without damaging it. This trick of the trade is especially helpful when you are creating an arrangement for an event that day, and you don't have time for the roses to open on their own. Home Stories A to Z has you covered when it comes to this florist trick.

    How to Open Rosebuds Instantly from Home Stories A to Z

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    Experiment With Varying Heights

    eclectic floral arrangement
    Design Sponge

    Take some artistic license with some unusual flowers and vary up their placement. This arrangement is romantic, eclectic, and though it may only last a few days, it is exceptionally beautiful. 

    Outside In: Valentine's Day from Design Sponge