DIY Felt Poinsettias

diy felt poinsettias
Caylin Harris
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    Getting Started

    diy felt poinsettias
    Caylin Harris

    We love the look of poinsettias but it gets costly and tedious to keep buying new ones year after year. Plus, if you have pets, like dogs or cats, these plants are incredibly poisonous and are downright risky to have around the house. These felted versions feel festive and add a bright pop of color to any vessel that's lucky enough to house them. While you might not have time to make a bunch of these faux flowers this year, we like to add to our collection each year, and if you have kids, they can help too!

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    Gather Your Materials

    diy felt poinsettias materials
    Caylin Harris

    Here's what you'll need:

    • Felt (red, pink, green)
    • One piece of card stock paper
    • Black ballpoint pen
    • Wire
    • Scissors
    • Hot glue
    • Floral tape
    • Mini pom poms

    These supplies are all easy enough to find at your local craft store, and felt is really cheap. You'll need about one to two sheets of felt per flower, depending on how detailed you want to get. If you want to really elevate the look of this project, sourcing felt in more nuanced colors will help. Most craft stores keep the primary ones in stock, but you can find a wider range of hues online.

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    Cut Your Felted Petals and Leaves

    diy felt poinsettias - cut out the leaves
    Caylin Harris

    Start by creating a template of a small and large petal with card stock. Do the same thing for the leaves. When you're satisfied with the shape of both, trace multiple petals and leaves onto your felt pieces.

    Using a pair of sharp scissors (seriously, you don't want to mess around and pull the edges of your felt with a dull pair), cut out all your shapes. For each petal you cut, you're also going to want to cut a long thin strip of felt to go onto the back.

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    Add the Wire Backing

    diy felt poinsettias - add backing
    Caylin Harris

    For each petal, cut a piece of wire that's about 12 inches long. Using your hot glue gun, glue your wire to the back of each of your flower petals and cover it with the strip of felt. Repeat until all of your petals and leaves have a strip of wire.

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    Assemble the Flowers

    diy felt poinsettias - assemble the flowers
    Caylin Harris

    Once the glue cools, gather a bunch of petals—both small and large—and holding them at their base by their wires, twist until they're secure. Keep twisting the wires all the way down to the bottom of each wire. This will form your stem.

    Go back to the top where the petals are and move them around so that they form the flower. The wire gives them a lot of flexibility and it makes them look especially pretty and a touch more realistic.

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    Add the Center and Leaves

    diy felt poinsettias - add leaves to flower stem
    Caylin Harris

    Place a few dabs of hot glue in the center of your petals once you're satisfied with the shape of your poinsettia. Glue mini yellow pom poms inside to form the middle of the flower. Repeat for each flower you make.

    Add your leaves, using the same wire method as the petals, making sure to place them in a natural looking place. Now you'll want to cover the wire stem you've created. Using your floral tape, wrap it around the wire, pulling the tape as you twist to expose the adhesive. Repeat until all of your flowers are finished.

    Now the only thing to do is to find a festive vesel to place all of these holiday blooms inside. Or, if you want to get really creative, you can tuck the poinsettias in a grapevine wreath!