30 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

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    Homemade Gifts for Dad

    Make your dad feel extra-special this year with a homemade gift to celebrate Father's Day! These unique ideas range from kid-made cards to DIYs fit for any dad–from grill masters or wannabe mixologists. Pick your favorite and start crafting in time for the holiday! And don't forget to finish the gift with a personalized gift tag!

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    Father's Day Cupcake Topper

    Celebrate your dad this Father's Day by baking a batch of cupcakes and decorating each one with a handmade "dad glasses" cupcake topper, complete with tissue paper lenses.  

    DIY Father's Day Cupcake Topper from The Party Girl

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    Father's Day Gift Tags

    Molly, a graphic artist, and blogger at Almost Makes Perfect provides a printable template for modern Father's Day gift tags. Available in black, gray, and green, these tags dress up any package for your husband, father, or grandfather.

    DIY Father's Day Gift Tags from Almost Makes Perfect

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    Orange Bitters

    Homemade orange bitters make the perfect gift for any backyard mixologist. This Father's Day gift keeps dad's bar cart stocked, so he can whip up a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned on the fly.

    DIY Orange Bitters from Momtastic

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    Tool Storage Crate

    Allison at Dream a Little Bigger shows us how to transform a small wooden storage crate into a tool bin for Dad. Customize it with stained wooden letters that spell the word "Dad," and then fill the crate with jars to help him organize his handheld tools, nails, and screws.

    DIY Dad Tool Storage Crate from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Photo Stand

    Make your dad or grandpa a modern photo stand using affordable and easy-to-work-with balsa wood. Once the frame is complete, stage it with several family Polaroids for a gift he's sure to cherish.

    DIY Photo Stand for Dad from Harri Wren

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    Cookie Gift Bag

    Does your dad have a sweet tooth? If so, bake him some delicious cookies and package them in a quick and easy handmade gift bag that showcases your homemade sweets. Tell Love and Party shows us how. 

    DIY Father's Day Cookie Gift Bag from Tell Love and Party

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    Personalized Woodgrain Flask

    Impress any modern or stylish dad with this personalized woodgrain flask from Almost Makes Perfect. Woodgrained contact paper and a paint pen are all you need to add a personalized element to this Father's Day gift.

    DIY Personalized Wood Grain Flask from Almost Makes Perfect

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    Stout and Coffee Soap

    Waking up in the morning for work can be tough for dad. But this delicious-smelling soap combines two of his favorite scents—coffee and stout beer—making his mornings much more pleasant.

    DIY Stout Coffee Soap from Make Scout

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    Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix

    This sweet and spicy snack mix from Sarah Hearts is housed in a reusable canning jar and decorated with printable labels and gift tags. This personalized treat makes a perfect gift for fathers who like to snack while watching their favorite Netflix series.

    DIY Dad's Snack Mix from Sarah Hearts

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    Super Rad T-shirt

    Surprise your husband this Father's Day by making cute t-shirts for your kids that say: "My Dad is Super Rad." Just trace the provided template onto transfer paper and iron it onto a plain t-shirt or onesie. 

    DIY My Dad Is Super Rad Tee from Small + Friendly

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    DIY Painted Leather Keychain

    The Homemade Banana gets crafty with this stylish gift idea for dad. Just break out your anvil (if you have one) for this super quick craft—a leather keychain with painted metallic detailing.

    DIY Painted Leather Keychain from Homemade Banana

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    Rustic Tie Rack

    Help keep dad organized by giving him plenty of room to store his growing tie collection. This DIY rustic tie rack by Craftaholics Anonymous can be whipped up in an hour and made to look like an authentic antique if you use the right stain.  

    DIY Tie Rack from Craftaholics Anonymous

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    Father's Day Coasters

    Grab a few squares of slate at your local tile shop to make these masculine drink coasters. A copper-colored Sharpie and stencil add personalized detailing. Then, tie them together with inexpensive twine and package them up with copper drinking mugs. 

    DIY Father's Day Coasters from Beckham and Belle

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    DIY Travel Dop Kit

    House dad's toiletries in this seamstress-made dop kit from The Crafty Gentleman. With this Father's Day gift, dad will pack a reminder of you with him when he travels for work.

    DIY Travel Toiletries Bag from The Crafty Gentleman

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    Father's Day Drink Labels

    Hosting a Father's Day party? This easy decor idea from Elli customizes the theme with Father's Day drink and snack labels. Just print them out on craft-weight or label paper and wrap them around bottled beverages and snack containers. 

    DIY Father's Day Treat and Drink Labels from Elli

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    DIY Earphone Organizer

    Help dad keep his electronic cables organized with these leather cord organizers from Delia Creates. He can say "goodbye" to tangled headset and charger cords with this useful gift. 

    DIY Earphone Organizer from Delia Creates

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    Printable Father's Day Cards

    Finding the perfect card for dad can be tricky. So why not make one instead, Minted Strawberry's printable designs offer you a way forego the card aisle and make a handmade and heartwarming note yourself. 

    DIY Printable Father's Day Cards from Minted Strawberry

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    Leather Wallet

    Make your dad a minimalist wallet this Father's Day as a replacement to his old worn out one. This thoughtful handmade gift only requires a few scraps of leather, scissors, and a sewing machine to get the job done. 

    DIY Leather Wallet from The Merrythought

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    Wood-Grilling Planks

    Does your father love to BBQ? If so, make him custom wooden=grilling planks with father-themed designs. This craft requires the use of a Versa-Tool, which can be purchased at most craft stores, and is not recommended for use by young children. 

    DIY Father's Day Wood Grilling Planks from The Girl Inspired

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    Bow Tie

    Avid seamstresses can make dad look fashionable with this handmade bow tie. To make a bow tie, you'll need 1/4 yard of fabric, 1/4 yard of interfacing, and matching thread. He may even love his bow tie so much that he asks for another one, come Christmas time.

    DIY Bow Tie for Dad from Sew Like My Mom

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    Father's Day Coupon Book

    Elementary-aged kids might find it difficult to think up the perfect gift for their father. So help them make their own coupon book instead. The printable coupons from Make Life Lovely offer blank spaces for children to offer things like a free hug or one-time lawn mow.

    DIY Printable Father's Day Coupon Book from Make Life Lovely

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    Father's Day Book for Dad or Grandpa

    Young children can easily make a heartwarming gift for their father or grandfather out of this printable handmade book by Eighteen25. The printable templates offer a way for children to fill in personalized information and messages for Dad or Grandpa. 

    DIY Father's Day Book from Eighteen25

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    Pop Art Painting

    Create a bright and bold pop art-inspired painting for your father to hang in his office. Trace tools like scissors, screwdrivers, and pliers for a basic design that can be painted with flat colors in acrylic paint.

    DIY Father's Day Pop Art from Paper & Stitch

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    Personalized Tie Pin

    Use a Shrinky Dink kit and a photo of your child to create a customized tie pin for dad to wear to work. This creative DIY project can also be used to make key chains that house a photo of each child on its ring.  

    DIY Personalized Tie Pin from Oh Happy Day

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    Button Cufflinks

    Spoil your dad by making him stylish custom cufflinks with instructions from Creme de la Craft. Choose buttons that match Dad's style so he can wear them either to work or out on the town.

    DIY Button Cufflinks from Creme de la Craft

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    Etched Tumbler Galsses

    Does your dad enjoy sipping a glass of whiskey to unwind after a long day of work? Then create glass tumblers that mimic the expensive etched ones sold in specialty stores. He'll be surprised you mad them yourself. 

    DIY Mustache Etched Tumbler from Number 2 Pencil

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    Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

    Help your dad smell great, while also keeping his skin healthy, soft, and blemish-free with this moisturizing shave cream. Rosemary and mint provide a masculine pick-me-up to his morning shave routine. 

    DIY Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream from Food for My Family

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    Bacon Jam, Bacon Salt, and Bacon Candy

    Doesn't your dad love bacon? If so, Snixy Kitchen's recipes for bacon salt, bacon jam, and bacon candy makes the perfect gift set for any bacon-obsessed foodie. 

    DIY Bacon Jam and Salt Gift Set from Snixy Kitchen

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    Flannel Blanket

    This soft flannel throw is so easy to make that you may want to bang one out for every member of your family. Try out It's Always Autumn's instructions on dad, first, as a cozy accessory for television night.

    DIY Flannel Blanket from It's Always Autumn

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    Engraved Mousepad

    This engraved wooden mousepad makes the perfect gift for any dad who works in an office. Just cut out a wooden circle, create your message with a wood-burning tool, add stain, and you're done.

    DIY Engraved Wood Mouse Pad for Dad from A Bubbly Life